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  1. I think what Alfon means is - can a player who doesn't have DM still play in the holding role... for instance Isco or Coutinho could play in the holding role without flagging up, but would their performance be affected? I'd be interested to know! I usually always play DM players in DM positions just in case. The Savic example used is interesting though, I always play him in DM! I wonder if I shouldn't... (thanks for the help on Ndombele / Savic and Havertz / Auoar btw everyone )
  2. oh also.... I have Havertz and Aouar, I think i may need to get rid of one because of playing time... could maybe keep both at a push but who do you think is better to keep?
  3. What do you reckon Ndombele or Savic? Cheers!
  4. Hi fellas! Lucas Torreira or Rodri Hernandez?
  5. Not sure how big a rise you can get in Scottish League One, but Dunfermline's Faissal El Bakhtaoui has 26 goals & 8 assists in 38 games in his first season as a starting player, including 3 goals in the cups against Scottish Premier opponents. He's currently on 67. Pretty interesting story for this guy, until 2012 he'd never played 11-a-side football, only futsal. He got his first start in 2014 and scored on his debut, took him a while to settle into first team football but he'd been on fire this season. Linked to a lot of Scottish Prem teams, although it looks like Dunfermline will be going up to the Championship next season so he might hang around yet.
  6. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread How's Moreno Rodrigo doing at Valencia? Just got offered £20 mill for him.
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