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  1. So I'm playing in a very competitive custom gameworld with all my Uni friends, I have been playing SM for about 4 years, and I'm finishing 2/3rd every season with this restricted league (funds wise) So any advice on how to get the most out of the following players, or if I should reshape, any advice would do especially how to get goals out of neymar, wing or striker? Many Thanks Ter Stegan --- Bender 91 Alonso 94 Caceres 89 --- Pogba 92 Walcott 91 Cazorla 92 Ox 89 Sterling 90 --- Kane 90 Neymar 95 Bench: Morata, Cresswell, Berahino
  2. How about switching to a 352 seeing as you have the best CBs you could have? I'd try: -----------Courtois - Ramos--Kompany--Boateng -------------Matic Bale -- Verratti -- Hazard -- Sanchez ---------Messi -- Aguero
  3. Re: Need Help from Experienced Players Thanks for the advice, I think that's a good idea, I can get Phil Jones for £8m, any other players I should look for?
  4. I have been playing Soccer Manager for 3 years, I currently have an Oxford United team with many good players, as I bought and sell to build the squad over the years. I am having trouble getting the best out of my players as I currently have a -2 goal difference. Below is my regular formation (3-5-2 was the dominant formation a year ago and It just isn't working) Ter Stegan (89 Alderweireld (89) Marquinhos (90) Gibbs (90) Pogba (92) Lucas (90) Xavi (93) Ramsey (91) Sterling (90) Neymar (94) Costa (94) Bench: Ox (89), Wilshere (91), Welbeck (90), Shaw (88), Draxler (90) +5/6 players I also have £28m to spend, so any suggestions would be great
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