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  1. There is a squad cap so not like the bigger teams can get 100 players. With regards to the age would prefer it to be 23 as well !
  2. Count me in would like my beloved Liverpool !
  3. Division 2 sounds good like to build the club from the ground up and some easy pickings in there Rahul,Cam,Huddo lol some easy fish to fry. Cam would be great if you update ineligible clubs list for the first season on the opening page, Also when is this launching so we can be trigger happy ?
  4. Check with Buymeout v2 people Rahul, and the new EC3 being created I'm sure people there are looking to join a new custom and like cam's I'm sure this will be awesome because of the the longevity and commitment of most managers on the list
  5. should reach out to beddows and some people of top 100, i reckon ! Rahul could broad cast it as it has a separate blog so people not coming on the forum which has really died down !
  6. Count me in Cam, being a pool fan would be great if you could include Liverpool as there is no difference in the stadium size if not would like the Ironic option and enjoy taking Everton but if there are fans of the club on board you can give it to them. My 3rd choice would be Sevilla. I don't feel all other AFC etc should be included as its gets hard to keep a track of those and its to much effort winners of all leagues is great.
  7. Barcelona B is camper although on loan won't be eligible is 85 so you can't play him
  8. Would like Real Madrid Castilla have messaged Smut about the same. Manager Crystal palace in EC 2-Max rated player 80 and Stadium size 6512
  9. Count me in, just to clarify highest rated player in a stadium size of below 20000 has to be 84, but you can bid on 3 players of any rating correct?
  10. An opening has appeared in the Set-up drop me a message if interested in taking up the role. Looking for committed managers as have a very solid group of managers who are very active on the news feed because of the forum dying down.
  11. lets get this party started
  12. Hahaha , can't stop laughing on that
  13. Yup exactly that, so make it mandatory to have 3 players or something playing all the time in Europe !
  14. I reckon even they can't access the page lol so its quite a screw up lol !! Let's go Sm pulls up their socks
  15. Not to much quality there, but maybe keeping it to 3-4 players who play in asia rather than are asian is a better proposition as would keep a research on the leagues rather than just typing the country and finding the player. So you put the countries where players are playing from where you can recruit and you are supposed to sell when they leave playing for a team that is in asia.
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