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  1. 2 and a half million. Unless you mean 20m kroner!!
  2. If France wins the world cup in the summer, entirely possible. A decent run in the champions league would help but Barca in the next round won't help
  3. Don't think playing the next 15 games will turn his concerns round.level 4 is too late in the game for that i feel. Get rid
  4. I've said it before but it still cracks me up. Cancelo playing for at the time a really bad, relegation threatened Valencia and picked up an 89 just on a transfer rumour involving Barca. Ends up at Inter and the rest is comedy gold
  5. Fair enough. I'd be more inclined to think his level is on par with the other left backs at the two other top clubs, Alaba and Marcelo. Certainly with Alaba anyway
  6. If Alba doesn't get a 93, my new year resolution will be to ditch this game!
  7. Depends if the people in charge of ratings actually watch football
  8. This forum would be pretty dead without ratings discussion. The cynic in me would say they intentionally rubbish up some ratings and drop the odd controversial grenade here and there to increase discussion and site traffic. ''The only thing worse than being talked about....is not being talked about''
  9. Did you just say Jordi Alba to rise to 93?! You know better than to expect Alba to get a 93! ;-D
  10. Been waiting for him since the start of season.And here we are, 7 games into the season, 630 minutes and highly visible in one of the worlds top leagues and still isn't added. It's fine though, we have 26yr olds playing for Ebbsfleet utd being added.
  11. Semedo's move to Barca heaps even more embarrassment on Cancelo's 89 rating
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