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  1. Re: Urgent - how do I report a cheat? Top left, little "globe/earth" icon. Click that and select "Club list" At the top is report "multiple account" thing
  2. Re: ABUSE - Abusive manager - SM rules Thankyou for your prompt response. Its just that i recall someone on here helping with a similar issue. The abuse came via the live text - which does not appear to have a ticket complaint linked to it. So I do not know how to raise a ticket
  3. Are these the same player please? JL Hernandez is wanted by Man Utd....a 17 yo left sided player at the same club?
  4. Hello, My first post and I am sorry it is a negative one. I am after some help please and I note that a similar issue was reported before on the SM Forum. Today I received without any provocation an abusive message from another manager. The manager was the manager of Arsenal in English Championship Game World 70 - I wont publish his name at the moment. In response to a genuine transfer bid, he responded with a stream of abuse, which included the word "******" I am not disabled but I agree with other people before that many users of Soccer Manager may well suffer from serious illnesses. I
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