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  1. Re: How good do you think my squad is, who to keep, sell ? If you really need to ask if this is a good squad, you shouldn't be playing this game .
  2. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 Do you have any stats on Mangala, I'm struggling to find any, from what I've seen he's no longer a first team starter for Standard? Any idea why? Also, do you not agree Bolat should get a small rise, he is first team GK for Standard, and they're not doing too badly.
  3. Re: How long can "player hogging" last for? World Championship 391. So do any of guys have any idea how long it will take before Real Madrid begin to get into debt and have to start selling up?
  4. I'm in a World Championship game world & Real Madrid have 36 players in their first team & 148 in their youth team! Okay, admittedly Real Madrid have a huge stadium so that will generate a lot of income, but the total wage budget is £2.7M. How long can they go on like this before they get into debt and have to start selling some player, surely not forever? It's also worth noting the manager of Real Madrid doesn't use these players as "money spinners", they simply just hog them all. Answers/opinions greatly appreciated!
  5. Re: A question on attacking style..
  6. Re: A question on attacking style..
  7. Okay, here's my midfield: W - Ronaldo (98), Iniesta (97) CM - Fabregas (95), Sniejder (95) DM - Busquets (93) I was just wondering which pre-match instruction to use in the "attacking style" option, currently I simply play "mixed" because, as you can see, I have an extremely strong midfield (all round). However, following Iniesta's rise last week (96 -> 97), I just wondered whether it would be to my advantage to change my attacking style to "down both flanks" as obviously a 98 & 97 rated duo is stronger than that of two 95's? Moreover, after thinking about it, would all this depend
  8. Re: Messi getting rating of 4! It might seem silly but, is he match fit? A lot of managers wonder why their wonder team which has an average rating of 95 can never win the league, and it's usually because they're playing a starting 11 throughout the whole bloody season and they all have fitness levels of 13%.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: Respuesta: Re: Messi 98-99 - and heres why.. That is simply hilarious, man. Quality , I think putting John in capitals really did it for me!
  10. Hi, I play in a World Championship setup and I've noticed that SMFA Champions Cup 1st round (after the group stage) is scheduled to be played 9 games before the end of the season. Is this right, I feel this does not give enough time for the QF, SF and Final to be played before the end of the season? Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. Re: De Rossi I've read a few posts saying that he might drop here! I personally think he'll stay, but I would like to hear a few other opinions to be sure.
  12. Re: The big players dropped but there is still a balance. You guys think De Rossi will drop? If so, this has been a bad week for my first team.
  13. Any chance of a rise to 90?
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