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  1. Vlachodimos vai ser titular com certeza. Varela é lixo, e o Svilar ainda é jovem, e a oportunidade dele vai chegar.
  2. Don't know if someone has already answered this, but anyways the reason he is retiring is because he was added twice to SM; under the names: Toni Moya and Antonio Moya. They retiring/removing Toni Moya and keeping his duplicated profile: Antonio Moya.
  3. I know some of these predictions were too early into the season, but anyways what are the chances of Lozano and Davinson Sanchez getting a +2? Cheers!
  4. He has been 10x the player Yeray ever was, and not even a 120% fit Yeray is going to bench him. He has been our best defebder this season, and like another forumer pointed out "he has outperformed Laporte this season."
  5. Why predict +2 for Kimpembe and only +1 for Davinson S. who is a better player and getting more minutes? Playing in a better and tougher league? Asking because I barely follow premiership, and wants to know how sanchez is doing despite getting regular football.
  6. they will not show only if they are retiring, or if they were just added to SM and you havent updated the "data pack." which player are you having heard time finding. Tell me and let me see if there is anything wrong. and sorry for the long wait, didnt got the notification this time.
  7. you prolly getting the name wrong. Type either just the first name or the last name a check if it works.
  8. true, but if you follow the worldwide thread and Rahul's player rating thread, you will be able to find some good you players who can serve you good in the future, and also players who you can buy fro cheap and sell for lots of proft.
  9. The players will get game time, which means they stay happy. If i keep them in my squad and they don't play, they will develop concern and end up submitting a transfer request. ANd it sucks because they will end up leaving for way less than what i paid for them.
  10. cheers, mate. I will also be bringing some 87+ youth, and I will gladly let them join you on loans. Will let you know once I get them.
  11. Glad o have you with us, welcome!!! Yes, you have plenty of work to do haha And not better way to return back to the game by joining one of the most competitive championship in the game. Hope you enjoy your stay, and best of luck ahead of the new season.
  12. Bristol Rovers' Strongest Starting XI During the Sextuple Season:
  13. Bristol Rovers: Season 6 Review Major Transfers: INS: Thiago Alcantara, Oblak, Carvajal, Delle Ali, Marquinhos, Cancelo, Gerhardt, Theo Hernandez, Havertz. OUT: Koke, Ter Stegen, Aurier, Asensio, Laporte, Di Sciglio, Weigl, Grimaldo, Tah. SILVERWARE EPL TITLE: The Pirates won their first ever EPL tittle, in their only second season in the English top flight. Bristol Rovers finished the season with the best defense: only 33 goals conceded; and the best offense: 91 goals scored. Neymar, Lewandowski, and Bale finished the league season with a total of 50 goals, and 50 assists between them. The best attack trio in the league. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TITTLE (SMFA CUP): Bristol Rovers won their first CL tittle by defeating Bayern Leverkusen in the final in the penalty kicks. The game ended 2-2, and the tittle winner was decided in the penalty kicks. This was Bristol Rovers 3rd consecutive European trophies, having previously won two consecutive Europa League tittles (SMFA Shield). Neymar, Lewandowski, and Bale finished the Champions League season with a total of 18 goals, and 20 assists between them. The best attack trio in the competition. FA CUP (ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP CUP): The Gas won their 3rd FA CUP tittles, 2nd in a row, by defeating Blackburn Rovers 2-1 in the finals. The star of the competition was Gabriel Jesus, who finished the competition with 7 goals and 4 assists. LEAGUE CUP (ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD): Bristol Rovers won their second League Cup by defeating Rotherham United 2-0 in the finals. Goals from O. Dembele and Verratti saw the Gas lifting their second League Cup in history. FA COMMUNITY SHIELD (CHARITY SHIELD): The Pirates won their first Community Shield by defeating Arsenal 4-2 in what was a shocking match. The Pirates came into the game as an underdog, and ended up hammering the EPL title holder by 4-2. There was nothing Messi and Ronaldo could have done to stop the Rovers' boys. UEFA SUPER CUP (SMFA SUPER CUP): Bristol defeated the Champions League winner, Zenit, by 3-0 to lift their first ever UEFA Super Cup. The Star of the match was newcomer Lewandowski who picked himself up 2 assists, a goal, and MOTM award. SILVERWARE SUMMARY: Bristol Rovers became the first ever team in the League to win 6 out of 6 trophies in a single season. It is a milestone MacGoreth Barrows believes no other team will ever reach, "as the league is becoming tougher and tougher each new season." "To accomplish such a thing in a league with over 100 managers, is just a feeling indescribable. Let's just say we accomplished what many, include myself, deemed as impossible," said the manager after winning Champions League. "This is a side that has cemented themselves in the history of the league, and will forever be remembered," concluded the Gibraltarian manager.
  14. Koke or Thiago Alcantara? Both are available in my gameworld. I know very little about them both because I neither watch Atletico nor Bayern. I know this is not the place for such a question question, but since the rest of the forum is pretty much dead I figure I will be able to get more and better opinions in here. Sorry @arsenalrocs if you get annoyed by these questions. If you do, let me know and I will refrain from asking them in the future. Thanks in advance!
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