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  1. why do you have Under for only +4? I would assume +6 the least since he is a starter for the second best club in the league.
  2. I thought the next league was the Swedish league since they have already started with the bottom teams from the Allvenskan League.
  3. Also there are two clubs available. The league currently has 112 managers, and the 5th season just finished.
  4. BREAKING: Bristol Rovers win the SMFA Shield for the second consecutive time, becoming the first English club to do so. It's their second Cup this season having beaten Arsenal by 3-1 to lift the FA Cup at the Wembley Stadium 2 months ago. The club also announced a 100M pounds profit this season, which is their highest ever profit. The club's manager, DC, reveled that winning the league is their main target next season, and that they will be working hard during the break to build a side capable of doing so. The Pirates finished 2nd this season, 5 points below champions Arsenal.
  5. with Turkish league most likely to be next, what do you think of Bruma, Carole, and Under?
  6. the results are just lottery. everyone will have their turn of fortune. I have gone 6 straight match dominating every single stats and yet lose. most of the time with 10+ shots on target against 1-3 shots on target. and dominating possession. Again, the results are just lottery, but I play this game just to keep track of players so no much complaint.
  7. Crewe Alexandra available. The only team out of 116 teams available
  8. what do you think of William Pottker? Not sure if you have him on your Brazil league review. Couldn't find him. He is the top scorer of Brazilian league. Rated 78 and 22 years old. Play for Ponte Preta and Ricardo Sassa also one of the top scorers. but he is already 80. not sure if this thread is only for players under 80.
  9. Torquay United available. The only team out of 116 teams available taken now
  10. Gillingham available. The only team out of 116 teams available Gone!
  11. Northampton Town available. The only team out of 116 teams available Gone!
  12. this is freaking pathetic. Happened to me lot of times in this past weeks. Don't know if it is just a bug or a glitch some managers have discovered and are taking opportunity of it. The sad part is that in game reports and tickets will be ignored. They will see your post and just ignore it
  13. Mansfield Town available. The only team out of 116 teams available Gone!
  14. I rather have Modric than Iniesta since both are 95 and don't see them going any higher, and Modric play both DM, CM, and AM, and Iniesta doesnt play DM which is a position every team should have a top player for. Pogba is useless on SM, barely score or Assist. Actually I sold him in one of my GW just to get Kroos. And also dont see Pogba going up this season or any time in the future, so I would rather change Modric for Kroos than for Pogba. Koke and Kroos are the best options, IMO. Both young and with room for improvement. you should go for the one you really need. get them based on the position you need the most. Iniesta is on decline, and Pogba is a average.
  15. The Pirates are delighted to add another youngster to their raking, with 16 yr old Boubacar Kamara signing a 5 seasons deal with the Bristol side. Bristol Rovers lost on 16 yr old Moise Kean, but are convinced Boubacar will be come the better choice since their forward line are packed. Kamara will join his compatriot Sarr on the loan list.
  16. Lazaros Lamprous with a +1 today, not what I was expecting but also not bad considering his team poor performance and being bottom of the table.
  17. Coman or Leroy Sane, who would rather keep? I must sale one of them to take the club out of negative. Never seem Sane playing since I never followed Bundesliga, and only seen Coman couple times when he was at juve.
  18. few players got updated today, so i would like to think tomorrow or this coming week.
  19. cheers, mate. I always rotate players at the beginning of the season, or when I play cup matches and my players aee never NMF. Best of luck.
  20. says on Wikipedia that he refused to sign a contract with Panathinakos and instead chose to move to Iraklis signing a two years contract.
  21. cheers mate. Just bit for him for a team I am building, but kind worried about the deal since his team is doing terrible. But anyway, i have seen players getting +5 albeit their team were fighting relegation. Let's hope it is the same here cheers mate. I watched a youtube video and he looks like he could become a star one day. Let's just hope he doesnt become another Charis Mavrias, the Greece CR7, so was he to become.
  22. Marco ASENSIO scores on his Division 1 debut writing his name in the history book: becoming the first player to score and play in all of the 5 divisions. His goal saved Bristol Rovers from a defeat in their Premiership debut. Asensio was assisted by Gotze in the 77 minutes to rescue his team, and tie the game 1-1. Gotze was awarded man of the match for his brilliant performance. MacGoreth said on the post match conference that he is "happy with the result, and i could have been worst. Now all the focus is onto the next match. The Pirates travel to Old Trafford next, to face Manchester United who didn't have the start they were expecting, losing 2-1 to Tottenham.
  23. what do you think of Lazaros Lamprous? 18, and 5 appearance and a goal in Greece league? but his team is in the last place. he has played all the matches so far this season. Do you think he might reach 80, since he is highly rated there? and thanks in advance.
  24. Bristol Rovers were unlucky to not take the SMFA Super Cup as they lose 2-0 against Bayern. The Pirates were the better side, but unfortunately Dybala wasn't clinical in front of goal and wasted a lot of chances, which costed his team the victory. MacGoreth takes all the blame for not playing Gotze upfront, who he believes is more suitable for the position. Nevertheless, Bristol should be happy with the 8M prize money. The Pirates host Div 1 newcomer Southampton tomorrow, in the opening match of the season.
  25. Marco Asensio with the chance of becoming the most decorated player in the game world, if Bristol Rovers win the SMFA Super Cup today. The player has won Division 3 and 2 tittle, Division 5 play-off, EC cup and EC Shield, and SMFA Shield. The Bristol prodigy is also the only player to have played and scored in all of the 5 division "A legend in the making," as his manager describes him, and "our future captain."
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