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  1. seems like sweden is next. What do you think of Sead Hakšabanović? 27 appearance, 8 goals and 7 assist this season. only 17 and rated 72. his club got relegated last season, and he had 2 goals and 2 assist while in the 1st div. He is been monitored by Man U.
  2. nice, cheers. Oh, and you also have few good youngsters already in the team. Previous manager wasnt that terriblr after all ahah
  3. you will surely do, you have been doing an amazing job at Bury in EC 33333 buying lots of raisers and it is only matter of time for you to do the same at Fleetwood town.
  4. I was having the same problem: lots shot and few on targets. I also play with a lonely striker, Higuain, in my favorite 4-3-3B formation. Since the lonely striker seemed to be the problem, I decided to test 2 strikers instead in a very similar formation, and kept the same instruction. I tried 5-3-2A with Higuain and Reus up front and deployed Reus as playmaker and my problem was solved, with 8 goals in the last 3 matches. I moved Alaba to CB since my third CB is weak, and played Bale out of position on the flank as a DM(L) and he has been doing great so far, with 2 assist and a goal in the last 3 games. Maybe your problem is the lonely striker, and partnering him up with a second striker could be the solution. But the only formation similar to the 4-3-2-1 that uses 2 strikers is 4-1-3-2 and the lonely DM might cause problems in the midfield. Another solution you might try is using the lonely striker as a target man which will allow him to see more balls, and a good playmaker behind him to feed him balls.
  5. was happy the previous manager did couple good signings. There was another one who quit 3 days ago and had spend all his money on oldies. Do not understand why they do that and quit before they even manage their first game. Hope Wolves are in good hand. And best of luck to you mate
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers available. ID: 237109 GONE!!! been taken by Kev
  7. You said that you in the 5th decision, and have already played 6 matches so far. That is is 6 games in 10 days, since teams from English 2nd to 5th division play 3 league matches per week in the beginning of the season. If you played the same players in all of those 6 matches, than their poor match fitness is more than justified. I would actually be sending an in-game bug if none of your players were match fatigued or injured. If you had rested your players you wouldn't be in this situation. What you are facing is not an error, but poor management from your side. The reason why every team must have 21 players, is so you can rest your starting 11 so they not be match fatigued.
  8. Bristol Rovers prepare life without Pogba, as the Frenchman is on his way to Stoke City in a 44M deal. The Pirates are currently in the market looking for his replacement with Busquet, Kroos, and Pjanic as a potential replacement.
  9. both Awesome players, but Griezmann would be my choice. Younger, and play in more posistions.
  10. both great players and having an amazing season with Tottenham. I predict them to finish second this season, and the two mentioned players should increase if that end up being the case
  11. I do go for Laporte as he is highly regarded, and has the potential to become world class. Same with Rugani, but he is currently injured and wont see a lot of game time at Juve so it will take him lots time to develop into a world beater, but nevertheless i do pick him over any of the other mentioned with the exception of Laporte.
  12. Bristol Rovers have their stadium capacity increased by only 2,033 seats. It was expected it would be more since they won back to back promotion 4 time, won SMFA Shield while while being on the 2nd division, and won a champions cup and shield as well. The club is expected to struggle financially this season, and is expecting a loss of 14M by the end of the season, because of high salary. But fortunately for The Pirates, they have some players who they can sale to balance their pocket. Bristol Rovers first competitive game of the season will be against Bayern Munich in the SMFA Super Cup this Thursday. Bristol Rovers are hoping to keep their monument going.
  13. As of now we do not have the option to store a tactic or load a stored tactic on the mobile app, and it would be great if we mobile users could have this option. Hope you guys take this into consideration. Cheers!!!
  14. get booked, yet still manages to get a rating of 9 and get man of the match while Messidoro who scored a goal and made an assist doesn't. goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet, while the other one who conceded 3 goals get a rating of 9. and one wonders if these results arent pure lottery sometimes.
  15. The goalkeeper rating is a complete joke. IT IS FREAKING NONSENSE. I once beat a team by 5-0 and his goalkeeper was man of the match with a rating of 10. Every single match my opponent goalkeepers get a better rating, while mine who kept a clean sheet get a ridiculous low rating Hell, I even had a player been redcarded and yet took a rating of 10. After the new update, match report became a joke.
  16. I was thinking a t least 84. But only a plus 1 would be a complete joke from SM, given his stas are better than any othe LB in europe top 5.
  17. hope those people who update players rating on the soccerwiki knows about him, or else he will not get a deserving rating. He is really being under looked by the media and "football experts" so high chance SM/soccerwiki will end up following them
  18. Bristol Rovers are delighted to announce their last 2 signings of the concluded season. Neto Zeca arrives from Santos for 5M, and the Argentinian prospect Ezequiel Barco arrives from Independiente for 1.6M. Zeca is expected to serve as cover for Alaba/Aurier/Hysaj in case of injury or fatigue. And Barco is expected to go out on loan to get more playing time. MacGoreth is pleased with the signings and the position the club is heading towards, and believes Bristol Rovers is all set for at least 4-5 years.
  19. What do you think of Lucas Lima (82) of Nantes? 22 chances created (third best in French League), 43 tackles (the most in French league), and 4 man of the match in just 9 league games, for the 16/17 season. Played every single minutes for his club. And cheers for the awesome work
  20. Surely they will do nothing. Just last week this manager spent 15 pounds to create a game world, so they will do their best to keep him playing the game so they can keep getting his money which is what seems to only matter to them. This kind of behavior would have earned him instant ban in any decent online community.
  21. MacGoreth


    I have won every single bids in which i was the first one bidding. But no one knows for sure how it is decided. Another possibility is that the club where he has the chance of playing more games gets him. But not sure.
  22. welcome aborad. Looking forward to negotiate a deal for Donnarumma in the future
  23. nope. Don't see him go higher than a 90. and he will be stock at 89 for a long time
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