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  1. I would go for Lacazette. Sturridge spends most of his time in a wheelchair. Surprised that his rating hasn't gone down yet. As for Johannes, he is a pretty solid buy. Had him when he was been hyped. But if you are going to buy him as a potential raiser, a recommend that you look else where.
  2. Bristol Rovers are delighted to announce the signing of Jonathan Tah from Bayer Leverkusen. The promising centre back will join the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Renato Sanches, and Lafont in the youth team.The Pirates turned their attention to the German centre back after their bid for Chelsea's Christensen went two days without a response. Bristol Rovers will hope that at the end they made the best choice. The Pirates are keen on bringing another two youth to their ranks before the season start.
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    I don't know. Have no idea why they can't just have it as "Player concern" with a an option to have it "on" or "off." It is really confusing as they have it now.
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    If you want player to develop concern, select "NO." And if you do not want players to develop concern, select "YES."
  5. pretty decent team. One that can cement it's place in division one for a long time. My team lacks depth as well, but will be playing the youth players in less important/competitive match to give the starters a break
  6. Oh yah? How are you guys going to deal with already existing multiple accounts? in EC 33333, srdjan ignjatovic and big sam are one in the same. In-game report seems to be broken, or maybe you guys are actually just not bothered anymore with them. I have reported few multiple accounts months ago, and they are still pending to be revised. There is no need anymore since the managers end up quitting. And to top it all, srdjan ignjatovic (forum account) is blatantly disgusting: completely unacceptable. He has been racist and discriminating in more than 5 occasions. just disgusting. Called this Muslim member terrorist, because of his Arabic name. Discriminated this Swedish member, calling him Swedish C***. Also racist remarks against this Nigerian member and few other English managers. Take a look at the few screenshots bellow, these are the only I could get because the rest of the conversation got lost in the news feed.
  7. Decent signings for a small side. Will have couple of player for loan once the new season starts. Keep an eye out, you might be interested in one of them.
  8. Bristol Rovers here. Waiting for the new season to start before I make one last big signing. All my bench players are 88 and less, so need a big player to step up in case of injury. Once the new season starts, I will start reporting more about the mighty Rovers. Best of luck to all
  9. K... Weren't you the one throwing personal attack in the news feed in EC 33333
  10. I have a suggestion for the INBOX and NEWS FEED section, and I hope you guys, at least, take my feedback into consideration. The INBOX and NEWS FEED messages take an enormous amount of space, and it looks so amateur. Instead of having all the messages displayed all the way down the page, and taking a lot of space; why don’t you guys have all the messages being displayed just inside a box, with the option to scroll up and down just inside the box without having the entire page going up and down when you scroll? This would really make things more user friendly, and more beautiful looking. Not a big thing, but really could help. Hope you guys take this into consideration.
  11. lol so a better prospect is priced a lot more than someone who is currently a better player, in better form, and in a consistent form. I am sure he is a better prospect than Depay, and has been in a finer form for Man U, so by your logic, can you answer me why isn't he valued more than Depay? Also, didn't he cost more than Depay costed, in real life?
  12. Steve, how can Dybala cost 16M when Martial cost 24M? Any logic behind this?
  13. you can press all over, and not play off side. Dortmund under Klopp pressed all over, and the defenders never played pff side
  14. this one is simply a bug, and a whole different story.
  15. if you play your players in their respectively position, they will not have any orange dots. You can't honestly expect an AM (RL) to play as M (RL) without being penalized. Do you see any real life clubs using attacking wingers as wing back? I said kuddos for SM for these new changes, and amateur managers who don't understand formation and players position must be harshly penalized until they learn how formation and tactics work in the real world. There are many serious problems worth offering feed backs, and yet many of you amateurs keep whining about changes that were necessary, and deserved. P.s. I have no problems playing 3-5-2 with my team. See for yourself, not a single orange dots.
  16. I understand that many of the team instruction where already being covered twice, for instance "playing behind ball" is the same as "playing defensive," and "pressing on own area." But how was "target man" and "play off side" being covered twice? If one would like to use a "target man", how could that be deployed now? Also, if one would like to have the defenders to be instructed to "play off side," how can that be done now? I don't think there are any possible way with these new options. Also I see no reason why they had to be removed. Another question/comment: On the tactic section in the old version, when clicking to see your opponent last fixture a window would open within the tactic section, displaying both your team information and your opponent information, which was very useful and easy to do your own tactics, while evaluation your opponent last match tactics and formation. On the new version, when clicking to see your opponent last fixture the entire tactic section just became a whole new page, so users now have to keep going back and forth when doing tactics and evaluating their next opponent, when it was done quick and much easier in the old interface. So how exactly is this a new improvement? Can you guys please, at least, take this into consideration? It would be great to display your opponent last fixture information, without having to leave the tactic section. Apart from this, everything looks fantastic, and I am loving the new interface, and about every other feature.
  17. Alright! It looks terrible, confusing, and ridiculous. Why not display it fully just as in the single player? Don't know why you guys see no problem with the design of it. Hopefully we will always have the option to choose whether we want the old or the new interface, cause of now how the tactic section is displayed with only a half field, totally sucks. Again, it looks terrible, not user friendly, confusing, and gets any one eyes sore. Just make a poll, and ask people if they prefer half field or full field being displayed. It is so poorly designed. And it is the only part of the new interface that looks so terrible. Apart from this, I am on board with every other single changes.
  18. Can the tactic section please be fixed? As of now it looks really terrible. I don't know if it is just me, or everyone else; but, the field image is too large. As of now you see the forwards positioned over the center circle. You only see half of the field image. You have all the defenders and midfielders behind the half-way line, and the strikers positioned just above the center circle. It looks really terrible, and not enjoyable. I have to go back to the old version all the time, to set up my team. As you can see from the image bellow' date=' it has a terrible looking. It is also distracting when selecting players or change formation. It confuses people because you have players showing up in a incorrect position on the field. For example, forwards on midfield. Just a horrific looking.[/size'] http://s1.postimg.org/89utscjfz/Screen_Shot_2015_11_13_at_8_40_38_AM.png
  19. I can't offer more than 10M for Carlos Vela who is rated 91, but i can offer 13M for Granero who is 89, and much older? why is this, Steve? This seems so ridiculous. Also, can the tactic section please be fixed? As of now it looks really terrible. I don't know if it is just me, or everyone else; but, the field image is too large. As of now you see the forwards positioned over the center circle. You only see half of the field image. You have all the defenders and midfielders behind the half-way line, and the strikers positioned just above the center circle. It looks really terrible, and not enjoyable. I have to go back to the old version all the time, to set up my team.
  20. aslo, we can't post on news feed, or delete messages on our inbox. and can we please be offered the opportunity to turn off SMFA for offering us clubs? It is so freaking annoying rejecting it every time i log in
  21. I absolutely loved the new tactics section's interface it is looking amazing with the player pictures. My only question, is that field image going to get minimized? as of now it seems to be too large.
  22. What about counter attack? I am a fan of counter attack football, and cant see any possible way to deploy it now as things are. I assume "Own Area" and Mentality "Defensive" and passing style "direct" and "fast tempo" is the closest thing to play counter attack... but we do not have the option for a target man which defeats the whole purpose of laying back and play counter attack..
  23. are you guys going to introduce the youth section on the squad section again? Because having all the players in just one section offers no good to the user experience, and makes it hard to keep track of all your players, having all 40 of them displayed in just one section.
  24. I think it would have been better if we could see players condition from the "field image", so it will not be a headache having to scroll up all the time to make sure which players are completely fit, when selecting players for the upcoming match. There are still a lot of space available to display that. That is something that would facilitate a lot of managers time, when picking players. Also, the field image is too large as displayed on the attached picture. We have the forwards shown out on the middle of the field.
  25. Thanks Mohamed! I will contact him to see if the club is still available, and if he will let me get it back. Thanks a lot, for proving his name.
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