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  1. Re: Mid-80s Risers? Lucas Piazon is no where near the first team so saying he is doing good as a regular is quite a stretch. He is young, talented, and promising but he won't ever be as good as Mata, Hazard or Oscar and even then he still has to compete with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Josh McEachran, and Marko Marin for a place on the bench. I doubt he'll see much playing time at Chelsea, more then likely he'll be loaned a few times before he is sold off a few seasons from now much like De Bruyne and McEachran.
  2. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Another shocking loss to an unmanaged team sees Hull drop points in the league but my reserves with 4 players >80 manage to get me to the round of 16... Maybe I should just play my reserves in the league.
  3. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Sorry about not doing the tipping comp I got caught up at work this week.
  4. Re: Riferimento: Re: Hachim Mastour
  5. Re: Hachim Mastour I think the kids he was playing against are horrible.
  6. Re: So many better than Neymar As a Chelsea supporter I can honestly say although Oscar is promising you are jumping the gun by saying is a good replacement for anyone especially Frank Lampard. Saying that he can replacement a 20 goal a season midfielder after a few good performances is silly as much as I want Oscar to succeed it's important to not get carried away. On topic Neymar is good, Neymar is over-hyped. Both can and are true. Do I think he will walk in an be an instant success in any league? No. Can he be an important player in Spain? Yes. Neymar will never be a forward in a physi
  7. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Match/Transfer Report Thread★ Blackburn 1 - 1 Hull City N.GOMES 5 F.CASTILLO 26 A THIAGO 81 (Red Card) Man Of The Match N. Gomes A promising away match turned into near catastrophe as Hull City came away from Ewood Park with 1 point and a suspension for star midfielder Alcantara Thiago. From the outset The Tigers were outclassed, giving up a goal in the 5th minute and trailing in all positive statistics throughout the game. Second string striker Fabian Castillo was able to bring the score level but Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson stuffed th
  8. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★ Chelsea 1 V 4 Tottenham Hotspur (ADEBAYOR) Sevilla 0 V 1 Espanyol Borussia Monchengladbach 0 V 0 FC Schalke 04 Internazionale 0 V 2 Lazio Santos 1 V 0 Corinthians Montpellier HSC 0 V 3 P$G Lokomotiv Movska 2 V 1 Rubin PSV 2 V 0 Vitesse Benfica 2 V 1 Sporting CP Rangers 1 V 0 Celtic AEK Athens 3 V 1 Olympiakos Shakthar 3 V 2 Metalist Standard Liege 1 V 0 KSC Lokeren
  9. Re: Big leagues high rating risers Not quite a 90 but Tim Krul is a definite +1 possible +2
  10. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★ No problem I understand.
  11. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Looks like I am going to be taking over the tipping competition for a week or so while LegendaryLemon is busy so to anyone who is interested I'll be putting up the fixture list for Turn 4 (round 2 of the competition) tomorrow.
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