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  1. Re: Mid-80s Risers?

    Sergio Sanchez will not rise.

    But others will rise..they are regular for their respective teams and are doing pretty good.

    Lucas Piazon is no where near the first team so saying he is doing good as a regular is quite a stretch. He is young, talented, and promising but he won't ever be as good as Mata, Hazard or Oscar and even then he still has to compete with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Josh McEachran, and Marko Marin for a place on the bench. I doubt he'll see much playing time at Chelsea, more then likely he'll be loaned a few times before he is sold off a few seasons from now much like De Bruyne and McEachran.

  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: Hachim Mastour

    I don't think so...the match was Milan - Albinoleffe' date=' an important team that play in 3rd italian division, last year 2nd division.. and it's an important youth team..[/quote']

    Important youth team does not mean the players on the field are good. Can you honestly watch that video and tell me that they are good? I don't follow Italian youth teams but that little spin shouldn't work more then once and come on he step overs the keeper who just ends up laying flat. The kid looks talented but the talent on the pitch looked mismatched.

  3. Re: So many better than Neymar

    Well think about this. Oscar in Chelsea has got the same kind of build as Neymar. Some labelled him the next Kaka 'of Milan' whilst others said he'd get murdered. Turns out he's a pretty good replacement for old Frank.

    As a Chelsea supporter I can honestly say although Oscar is promising you are jumping the gun by saying is a good replacement for anyone especially Frank Lampard. Saying that he can replacement a 20 goal a season midfielder after a few good performances is silly as much as I want Oscar to succeed it's important to not get carried away.

    On topic Neymar is good, Neymar is over-hyped. Both can and are true. Do I think he will walk in an be an instant success in any league? No. Can he be an important player in Spain? Yes. Neymar will never be a forward in a physical league, he may never be overly successful in the Champions league but he would do well in La Liga (Out of the top European leagues)

  4. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Match/Transfer Report Thread★


    Blackburn 1 - 1 Hull City

    N.GOMES 5


    A THIAGO 81 (Red Card)

    Man Of The Match

    N. Gomes

    A promising away match turned into near catastrophe as Hull City came away from Ewood Park with 1 point and a suspension for star midfielder Alcantara Thiago. From the outset The Tigers were outclassed, giving up a goal in the 5th minute and trailing in all positive statistics throughout the game. Second string striker Fabian Castillo was able to bring the score level but Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson stuffed the feeble attack for the remainder of the game. Adding insult to the dropped points Thiago will be forced to sit out the upcoming cup game against Leicester City.

    Leicester City 2(4) - 2(5) Hull City

    N.DANNS 26

    D.WARD 42, 74

    A.KING 88

    Man Of The Match

    T. Krul

    Faced with a non-existent reserve squad Hull's manager made the difficult decision to field a sub par team hoping that the reduced number of games would keep the starting 11 fresh throughout the season, the youngsters had other intentions though. After going a man down due to a blatant elbow from Hideto Takahashi and giving up a goal 20 year old forward Danny Ward netted a brace against a Leicester squad featuring all but two of their top players. The momentum held throughout the match with new keeper Tim Krul putting in a heroic performance to force the game to kicks. The victory could hardly be called definitive but the new found depth will help the manager throughout the increasingly long fixture list.

    Season Goals

    1) Challenge for promotion

    2) Finish higher then Leeds United

    3) Sign 1 talented (85+) player in each area (goalx/defx/midx/fwdx)

    4) Sign 3 youth players widely regarded as "talent"

  5. Re: Ramos for David Silva

    I have 38m.

    The thing is' date=' there are plenty of good AM/wingers, but it's pretty hard to find a good young defender. My other defenders are Hummels, Badstuber, Yanga Mbiwa, Smalling and Vidal if you will.

    My Wingers are Kagawa, Ozil, Blaszczycowsky, Marchisio (as a LM)

    The thing is, there are plenty of other wingers in the market, unlike defenders, cause every defender is either old, untalented or the manager made his transfer unavailable. (Talking bout Pique, Kompany, Silva, Chiellini...)[/quote']

    Looks like you are going to have to pay the extra 10 million. It's not exactly a square deal but there isn't much you can do about it.

  6. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★

    Chelsea 1 V 4 Tottenham Hotspur (ADEBAYOR)

    Sevilla 0 V 1 Espanyol

    Borussia Monchengladbach 0 V 0 FC Schalke 04

    Internazionale 0 V 2 Lazio

    Santos 1 V 0 Corinthians

    Montpellier HSC 0 V 3 P$G

    Lokomotiv Movska 2 V 1 Rubin

    PSV 2 V 0 Vitesse

    Benfica 2 V 1 Sporting CP

    Rangers 1 V 0 Celtic

    AEK Athens 3 V 1 Olympiakos

    Shakthar 3 V 2 Metalist

    Standard Liege 1 V 0 KSC Lokeren

  7. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★

    wow meet cheers big thanks for this' date=' i would rep but i gotta spread:D If possible could you do the fixtures for turn 4 I'm really struggling for time on SM atm and I might quit a few teams (not this one thoe)[/quote']

    Yeah I can do turn 4 but I am strapped for time during the week, I'll try to keep it running while you are busy though.

  8. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★

    Since LegendaryLemon hasn't been active the last few days I went ahead and calculated the results from Turn 1. It's too late to put out fixtures for Turn 3 so if Lemon hasn't returned in a day or two I'll come up with the matches for Turn 4. Not sure what format he was going to post these in so this is going to have to do for now.

    Position) Name - Total points (Points this week)

    1) LegendaryLemon - 16pts (+16)

    2) Cormac MC G - 11pts (+11)

    3) Gonzodan - 6pts (+6)

    4) Brendan - 3pts (+3)

    4) Preppens - 3pts (+3)

    5) Mental Mackem - 2pts (+2)

    Legendary pulling far ahead the first week from being the only manager to tip two results while Comac was the sole manager to tip one.

  9. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Match/Transfer Report Thread★


    Hull City 4 - 1 Brentford

    N.PROSCHWITZ 7, 78


    R.KOREN 55

    F.MONTERO 57

    Man Of The Match

    F. Montero

    Hull City drew Brentford in the first round of the English Shield, with the competition being a league lower and coach-less the fixture looked to be one sided even before kick off. The Tigers took full advantage and managed 30 shots on goal, 14 on target, and converted 4 of them in a domineering performance. The fantastic result puts Hull through to the 2nd round were they will face a struggling Leicester City at their own King Power Stadium.

    Charlton Athletic 1 - 3 Hull City

    P.MCSHANE 35


    R.FULLER 71

    A.THIAGO 74

    Man Of The MatchP. McShane

    The fixture schedule restricted celebration as The Tigers faced Charlton Athletic in their second league fixture after only a days rest as such the squad featured many fringe players as the starting 11 was given some much needed rest. Hull dominated the game from start to finish controlling the ball an impressive 61% of the game and were able to score 3 times despite only having 3 shots on target. The lack of finishing had been the biggest concern at KC Stadium coming into the season but with the 100% conversion rate achieved in this game those doubts may be put to rest. With momentum building Hull City are looking forward to the away match against Blackburn this Saturday.

    Season Goals

    1) Challenge for promotion

    2) Finish higher then Leeds United

    3) Sign 1 talented (85+) player in each area (goal/def/mid/fwd)

  10. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Match/Transfer Report Thread★


    Hull City 2 - 3 Middlebrough

    F.Montero 3,87

    C.Wilhelmsson 11

    F.Meira 37

    T.Henry 79

    Man Of The Match


    Hull opened the season with a difficult match against a Middlesbrough side totting the newly acquired strike partnership of Didier Drogba and Thierry Henry. The game couldn't have started better for the Tigers with star striker Freddy Montero scoring in the 3rd minute. Such clinical finishing wouldn't be repeated though with Hull only converting two of their 12 shots on target while Middlebrough netted 3 of their 5 shots on target. Hull City will need to replicate their outfield play and improve their finishing if they hope to contend for promotion this campaign.

  11. Re: Rooney

    Yesss. far better infact. the only thing rooney has/had that suarez didnt is good supply from a great man united side. He is even poor for England no? Suarez is good for Uruguay actually he is immense for them. and when he has the supply he has the quality to score goals. he can take on a defender unlike rooney. he has pace unlike rooney and he is a harder worker for the ball than rooney.

    Rooney's career: goal to game ratio in League football is 0.44 cup is 0.46

    Suarez's career: goal to game ratio in league football is 0.56 cup is 0.88

    and just in the EPL suarez is 0.56 where as rooney is 0.44

    i dont think we even want to know the international goals to game do we? lol

    had to do some research to back this. haha but as i said rooney is not great he is good but not great.

    Being English you should know England is poor period. Interesting statistics.

  12. Re: Rooney

    should be behind the likes of RVP' date=' Suarez, [b']Aguero[/b], Falcao and Benzema.

    Aguero maybe, Benezema sure. But you don't honestly believe Suarez is a better striker then Rooney do you?

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