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  1. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Had some more transfers go through so maybe it'll let you take a player or two. Try Rosicky (88 Wing/AM), Chamakh (88 CF), Bojan (88 Fwd), or Mendes (84 Wing/Fwd). If the deal goes through you can have any of them on loan.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 You can take Rosicky (88 Wing/AM) and Chamakh (88 CF). I was going to sell them for cash that I don't really need at the moment so I can hold off till next season if need be.
  3. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Thank you, anything helps.
  4. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ I decided last minute to switch from Villa and take charge of Hull City. Gonna be challenging since I'm late to the loan game but if anyone still has mid 80's rated players they wouldn't mind loaning out I could use the help.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Was going to place a cheeky bid on Neymar then I saw the that Tottenhams bid had already been accepted. I would have paid much more then that, good deal on your part Meel. Ended up landing Wayne Rooney instead so I suppose it worked out for the both of us.
  6. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 In as Arsenal. Everyone can go.
  7. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Nearly 1 million people showed up to watch a game that never happened. In other news I did sign Matz Sels for 971,000 from Lierse SK
  8. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Shakhtar has been impressive, you've worked out some fine deals Will. Still pretty quite at Villa, brought in some youth and a little depth. Nothing worth talking about.
  9. Re: Does anyone know any big droppers lol Stiliyan Petrov of Aston Villa was diagnosed with acute leukemia, he "suspended" his career for treatment.
  10. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Tipping Comp. Thread★ Yeah I'm in
  11. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Got Aston Villa. Everyone can go.
  12. Re: ★The Official Forum GC★ Count me in.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 202 Thread Hull City 4 - 0 Hyde Man Of The Match Nick Proschwitz Goals N. Proschwitz (43, 62, 74) C. Stewart (69) Hyde looked impressive against a Hull that featured only 1 player from their starting 11, managing two shots on target and keeping out the feeble Hull attack until a Nick Proschwitz header gave Hull a one goal lead going into the half. Ultimately that goal would prove to be all the motivation Nick Proschwitz needed, the final 45 minutes of the game would see him add two to tally completing his first hat trick as a Tiger. Young winger Cameron Stewart would net his first goal of the season helping Hull City to convert 4 of their 20 shots on target. As impressive as today's victory may be The Tigers will find themselves true underdogs Monday when they face Newcastle away in the second round of the English Shield. Shortly after the match Hull received, and accepted a record breaking £4.7m bid for Nick Proschwitz from German side Dusseldorf. Proschwitz had previously made clear his desire to leave England and return home, sensing possible moral issues and a fair transfer fee the Hull manger quickly accepted.
  14. Re: Negative balance, minimum squad size I don't know this for a fact but it would seem that eventually the club would make enough money to take it out of debt assuming it's wage bill is lower then its income.
  15. Re: Official MLS thread I agree that the stature of the league is growing but I don't see it moving in the direction of a suitable league from players in their prime, more as a stepping stone between the Americas and Europe as well as the retirement home that it's seen as now. I don't follow German football so I don't understand the the comparison. Care to elaborate?
  16. Re: Official MLS thread I've always wondered if the MLS wage cap rule and American style trades/drafts put off European fans. I'm not aware of anywhere else that has such an emphasis on College, has a league with so much control, and has silly things like designated players and wage caps. As an American it doesn't bother me, although it just feels awkward when applied to soccer. Thoughts?
  17. Re: Gold Championship 202 Thread Hull has had a productive preseason with 26 players coming to KC Stadium. Although a good majority of these signings could be seen as inconsequential Hull did manage to bring in MLS stars Tim Cahill (88), Brek Shea (85), Fredy Montero (86) and Osvaldo Alonso (84) as well as free agent Craig Gordon (88). Hull's activity in the transfer market paid immediate dividends with winger Brek Shea putting in a man of the match performance and star midfielder Tim Cahill scoring the only two goals in the season opener away at Burnley. The season looks bright for the Tigers as they look to build on their success as they entertain Hyde in the first round of the English Shield Monday.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 202 Thread Hull City here, will be shopping around for solid loans if anyone is feeling generous
  19. Re: Chelsea vs birmingham/analysis Ill admit Hart is amazing. Both teams had solid chances, Alex's free kick was amazing (as our most of his few strikes) but the most shocking part of the game was just how horrible Sturridge is. You replace him with anyone else (why didn't Kalou start?) and we win that game. I won't take anything away from Birmingham though, they played well and are a very strong side. Joe Hart has been great this year, I remember reading somewhere that Birmingham were going to try to sign him permenantly, I really hope they do as I think he fits in really well there. Even as a Chelsea supporter going into this game I had Joe Hart as the tender on my fantasy team and it's one of the few positives I can take from today. Congratulations for the well earned point and I hope you make Europe. But can one of you die hard Birmingham supporters do me a favor and tell Chucho to cut his hair... He is a hard man to look at at 4:30 in the morning. If its that big of a deal ill even pay to have that stupid design shaved off.
  20. Re: Official Birmingham City FC Thread I've been very impressed with Birmingham this season. Its safe to say that no one could have guessed that come December you would be level with Liverpool. I hope you keep it up, bar boxing day of course
  21. Re: Free Agents transferring for excessive sums And whats the problem with that? So in the future you have stiffer competition, your game world will be more challenging, and it won't die out. Sounds like a good situation to me.
  22. Re: Best Fans in the football league? Amazing support, very impressive.
  23. Re: Loan Market Addition I dont get this... Lets take for example Team A is a big wealthy club, they buy dozens of players are good enough to get first team experience and then turn around and loan them out for profit. Now not only do they not have to worry about other teams picking these players up but now they get to make money off of them for no other reason then they had the money to bid first. The player won't leave as he will be loaned out constantly, making Team A more money and allowing him to horde more players and loan them out. All and all its a bad idea.
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