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  1. Re: Loan Market Addition I don't see it helping anyone other then huge clubs that horde players.
  2. Re: Loan Market Addition This would only help big clubs. You cannot allow teams to make money from loaning players out or clubs will horde and loan more so then they do now.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread We will see what he can do, Arsenal is a bit soft so he shouldn't have to much trouble compared to some of the fixtures. It'll be interesting to see how well he fits in.
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread With United losing our draw is almost tolerable (almost). Still three points clear at the top with two of the "top 4" already out of contention as long as our results match or beat United I am a happy man. On a side note Villa is on fire this season taking out Chelsea, United, and Liverpool. I hope they keep up there fine form, they deserve a top four spot at Liverpool's expense. Looking at the Liverpool Arsenal match it is looking more and more likely to be a draw, with only two teams winning this week I can't see Liverpool making it three.
  5. Re: Landon Donovan I don't think he is big enough or strong enough to handle the physical English game. The "weaker" sides in England are big and strong and the better sides are out of his league. I don't think he can make it, but this is coming from an American that dislikes Landon Donovan. He would be better off in Italy or France.
  6. Re: The future is bright Credit to you anyway.
  7. Re: Viggo Mortensen disses Ronaldo and Drogba New respect for Aragorn, he seems to have his head on his shoulders. I like him a lot more after reading that.
  8. Re: The future is bright That was a good read, keep it up.
  9. Re: Premiership Take a guess
  10. Re: Fuuniset Celebration Ive Seen. Not the best video but you get the idea.
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread This Arsenal match had me worried... Man United is not the same without Ronaldo and Liverpool are having a horrible season but Arsenal is on form and scoring goals as freely as Chelsea are. Going into it I would have been disappointed with a draw but would have excepted it as I see Arsenal as the only real title contenders. But that was all before kick off. Although Arsenal had the vast majority of possession they never did anything with the ball. Chelsea played excellent in there own third and never allowed Arsenal to build up there attack and get clear cut chances. I was very impressed with Anelka as he usually doesn't show up for big games but his pace and ability to hold the ball was outstanding today. After today it is very clear that is a large gap between Chelsea and the other big four, due to injury, loss of talent, or lack of skill they just cannot compete. It is quite clear that bar an injury crisis Chelsea will easily run away with the league title this year.
  12. Re: Arsenal vs chelsea Vermaelen deserves man of the match. He was key in Chelsea's attack and his goal had more quality then both of Drogba's combined. Without a doubt he was the best Chelsea player on the pitch.
  13. Re: Adin Dzafic Yes he is. Adin DZAFIC and the team is FK Velez
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread The ACON won't effect us at all. We have weak opposition and our ban has been suspended for January. As for Arsenal, Essien will shut down there midfield and your "great strikers" don't have a chance against the mighty John Terry. Your defense is weak and you have not won a big game this year, brag about scoring 4 goals a game against weak opposition all you want but when it comes down to it your just not ready.
  15. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Captain, Leader, Legend.
  16. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Clear cut and well deserved. We are looking excellent in Europe so far and it's only going to get better. All and all it was a boring game but we did enough and its best to save the team for Sunday. Champions league final here we come.
  17. Re: Should Free Agents Be Free? I agree with you, I did not word my post correctly. Chairman should cap your purchase price much lower if you have a bigger squad, it would be good for everyone if smaller clubs had the advantage when signing free agents. What I was trying to say is that if the cap was lowered for everyone then bigger clubs would just bid the max and small clubs would not be able to compete.
  18. Re: Should Free Agents Be Free? For playability I think that it is necessary. Bidding wars on managed players are never as involved and as intense as good free agents. Lowering the cap you could pay for said players would limit that bidding and stifle the transfer market. In more advanced setups buying a managed player is quite expensive and normally involves trading off one of your players. If you are a smaller squad trying to build up sometimes that is not an option, but when a good free agent comes up you can empty your transfer budget into him and there is a good possibility you will sign him over some of the bigger clubs. I know it works both ways and bigger clubs with more financial muscle can outbid you but if you lowered the amount it wouldn't change a thing. At least now there is a reason to save money up as a smaller club.
  19. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Not much I can think to say about today other then perfect. A beautiful four goals that could have been eight on any other day. Lampard back in form and tearing it up and poor ol scouse getting taken apart by Fulham. I am a happy man.
  20. Re: Your Premiership XI Yeah.. looks like a solid mid table side. I'd almost guarantee Europa League qualification.
  21. Re: Your Premiership XI Reina Johnson-- Terry -- Vidic -- Cole Essien Lampard -- Fabergas Gerrard Torres -- Drogba On the bench... Given, Rooney, Arshavin, Bent, Bosingwa
  22. Re: What football team do u support ? Manchester City, Real Madrid, The Yankees and Cowboys. Obviously.
  23. Re: DROGBA and JOHN TERRY plus Clarindo ANDRÉ SANTOS Drogba had very poor form under Scolari but has found his form since his departure. Should his form continue (and it will) then yes he does deserve his 96. John Terry definitely needs a rise. If Terry doesn't get a +1 then Ferdinand should get a -2, there is no way you can rate Rio Ferdinand higher then John Terry. No comment on Clarindo Andre Santos
  24. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread He was subbed on against Aston Villa I believe. With the squad being rotated how it is Joe Cole will be getting time soon.
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