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  1. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! If it's not too much trouble would you mind making me a Chelsea sig. John terry and the Chelsea logo, other then that I don't have much in mind. If you could make it to match my avatar that would be great.
  2. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? I don't know who will win but I can bet money Barcelona and Real Madrid won't play against each other until (if they make it) the final. Chelsea will draw Liverpool and Manchester United will draw Arsenal as a way to knock out two English teams. Besides that, Barcelona will get an easy route to the final but won't win. Real Madrid or Chelsea to take it.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Liverpool played for the draw. They had parked the bus from kick off and never really looked liked they wanted to win. Torres and Gerrard did nothing but neither did Lampard. Either way, great game, great win. Its on to Villa Park for another 3 points.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Hull City AFC Hull City 1 - 1 Aston Villa Michael Turner (2) Carlos Cuellar (55) Lee Haris's Aston Villa ventured into KC Stadium expecting an easy three points. Opting for a free flowing attacking formation using the prowess of James Milner and Ashley Young to bring the ball forward down the flanks. With Hulls current tactics getting them nowhere fast Brendan set his side up in a 4-5-1 formation relying on Ian Ashbee's experience to hold the midfield down. Two minutes after kick off Hull City's star defender Michael Turner had put them in the lead with a beautiful header. Falling back and playing tough defensive football Hull managed to hold off the Villains attack for fifty three minutes before a mistake by the defense allowed Carlos Cuellar to level the sides. With neither side able to break the others defense the game ended 1-1 with Brendan picking up his first point as manager. In an interview after the match Brendan seemed pleased with the result
  5. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Hull City AFC American Brendan Snodgrass has taken control of Hull City AFC. Currently sitting bottom of the table with 11 points from 14 games Brendan looks to bring the team back to form after a 6 - 0 defeat at Stamford Bridge. With Aston Villa coming to KC Stadium this Saturday the new manager has little time to prepare. In transfer news Brendan has managed to sign a number of new players including Cardiff City right back Miguel Comminges, Spanish left midfielder Santamaría Nacho Perez, and Brazilian forward Martins Afonso Alves. He is also reported to be have placed bids eight undisclosed youngsters. Rumored to have spent nearly 15 million pounds within his first 24 hours as manager Hulls loyal supporters will expect results.
  6. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. If there are any teams left count me in
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Quite a dull match but at least we got the result.
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Lets be honest... we deserved to lose that game. Our defense was terrible and our passing non-existent. That was the poorest we have played since good ol Scolari was at the helm. Now Liverpool is coming off an amazing 6-1 victory and we are going to be without Petr Cech. I don't see next week going much better. Congratulations to Wigan for finally beating a top four side, they deserve the three points.
  9. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che I am not going to lie, Liverpool outplayed Chelsea the entire game and did deserve the win. With that said a draw could have been very possible had Anfield's 12th man not stepped in. The tackle was clean and that idiot ref was standing two feet away looking right at it. Ever single game I have seen him in (The Ref) he has made horrible calls. Best part of the game is right after the card he is running around smiling. Gerrard made some pretty dirt challenges that game, if memory serves me correctly, mind you I watch things through blue tinted glasses but he had made a challenge similar to Lampards right before Frank did, didn't touch the ball at all, and still didn't even get talked to. After a horrible card like that the least the ref could have done was give some non-sense offside call on one of the goals or something. Complete trash, **** Mike Riley, but we all know Benitez signs his second check. I won't take anything away from Liverpool though, they played excellent and with a man up and the ref's in your pocket it would have been sad if you didn't pull it off. Do us all a favor now and win the league so the army of United fans can **** off.
  10. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 5 Season 1 Tranmere Rovers at Home Vs This week first place Tranmere Rovers set out for Elland Road to try and maintain there season long unbeaten streak. The first half of the competition was evenly matched with each side finding the back of the net once, but come second half it was a different match altogether. Within two minutes Landon Donovan blistered a stunning strike into the top corner, his second of the night and the goals started pouring in from there. Nicolas Rodriguez, Ryan Giggs, Marco Materazzi, and Ricardo Dodo all followed Donovan's example. When the final whistle blew the score was a whopping 6 - 1 with Ricardo Dodo racking up his second Man of The Match award in two appearances. The woes of Prenton Park were compounded by the fact that shortly after the match Rovers manager Phil Hagerty resigned. The stunning victory put Leeds at the top of Division Three. Excerpts from Snodgrass's post match interview illustrate the confidence he has in his men. "The team trained very hard for this match and a decisive victory was expected. During the first half I noticed that Hagerty had neglected his flanks both in the back and in the midfield. Both positions were filled with players who were naturally center backs and midfielders, after adjusting our tactics during half time the great talent we have on the outside began to shine and well... I think the results speak for themselves. This is just the beginning, as we begin to gel matchs like this will occur more and more. But for now the only thing on my mind is next weeks fixture against Swindon Town" Transfer Update Since Brendan Snodgrass has taken over as manager of Leeds he has pursued a policy of selling off all the original players except the youngsters. He followed through with that selling the last remaining player this week. His exploits in the transfer market have brought £34 million to the club, not including the part exchange deals that saw Luciano Becchio and Enoch Showunmi going the other way. Always on the look out for young, cheap talent Snodgrass has signed Manchester United up and comer Fabio Da Silva for £450,000. The eighteen year old Brazilian left back was recently signed to Manchester United along with his brother who was also sold this week to Wigan. The acquisition of young players has been very successful thus far with eight signings dramatically increasing there skill and doubling there value in the transfer market. Under Snodgrass's watchful eye Fabio is sure to blossom into a quality defender in the near future. Leeds latest signing, Fabio Da Silva
  11. Re: Berbatov Putting in that extra effort is what makes a great player. And lets call a spade a spade, that greasy ******* doesn't exactly have perfect features.
  12. Re: Drogba or Torres Even though I support Chelsea I am going to have to say Torres. Drobga just isn't the same man on the pitch anymore.
  13. Re: wozza's Graphics Gallery I love it, cheers.
  14. Re: Berbatov When Berbatov plays well he does score great goals but there are a lot of games that I forget he is on the field. Being a Chelsea supporter when I watch a Man U game I want them to lose, every time Berbatov comes on and Tevez comes off I get happy. With Tevez every time he touches the ball I expect fireworks, Berbatov on the other hand gives the ball away far to easily sometimes and overall was not worth the money united paid for him. I don't think he should rise unless he can be more consistant.
  15. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United There are only one or two unmanaged sides in my division. I have been using a 4-5-1 at away games (Using an attacking midfielder if my squad is stronger or if they play a weak defensive formation, or Claude Makelele in defensive midfield if I think they are going to try and attack or if they overpower me in midfield) and a 3-5-2 at home. My loss was because I clicked tight marking on accident. Normally I research the team I am going to play for 4 games prior to our match to get a gauge on there tactics and try to get a feel for what is working against them, were they are weak, and how there players have been preforming. But when that doesn't work I use 4-5-1 and 3-5-2 as a fallback.
  16. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Nice side, you will be seeing a few of those players on my Leeds team once I raise funds and pick up the players I already have short listed. Post your progress now and then, I want to see how I stack up against you and De Caelo come end of the season. Love the signature by the way, class.
  17. Re: Where Have All The Man City Fans Come From? I live in Southern California, since Manchester City got taken over I have seen six different people walking around in Man City gear. Now compare that to the zero I have seen in last ten years. All the plastic Man U fans decided City would end up a bigger club, hide there Ronaldo shirts and started practicing there Arabic. It is just how it works, people are shallow. I saw a guy walking around with a Yankees hat, Manchester United shirt, carrying a Dallas Cowboys bag. So much for loyalty to local sports teams. Same thing is happening here.
  18. Re: who to buy with 156 million HELP !!!!!!!!! Sporting, your threads are pointless and to be honest your annoying, but I will try and help you out. If you showed who was in your team right now and said what kind of set up you were in, including the season and what turn it is I might be able to help you. Do that and I will get back to you.
  19. Re: how to make money fast without selling You don't.
  20. Re: wozza's Graphics Gallery Nice work. If it isn't to much trouble could you make me one. Some cool blue and black background with a Chelsea logo and a picture of Frank Lampard. Also a small Created By : Wozza or whatnot would be cool.
  21. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 4 Season 1 Southampton Away Vs Coming off of a humbling defeat to unmanaged Barnsley last week Leeds looked to redeem themselves against a Southampton side that had not won all season. Snodgrass had promised that the tactical mistakes of last week would not be repeated and he followed through on his word. The division 3 match ended 1-0 with Leeds new signing and starting front man Julio Cruz finding the back of the net two minutes after kick off. Leeds played 37 minutes short handed after starting right back Macus Cafu was sent off for a strong challenge. The win against Southampton puts Snodgrass's men one point from the top and out of the negative goal differential they obtained last match. Snodgrass had this to say, "Although we played well today and walked away with all three points we were lucky. Southampton was without starting center back Wayne Thomas and Jan-Paul Saeijs played most of the match injured, there was no need for Cafu to be so aggressive and his mistake will cost us in the coming weeks but that is a problem for the future. The important thing is that we take the momentum gained in today's match and translate it into another victory when first place Tranmere Rovers come to Elland Road."
  22. Re: Who is hotter (completely random!) This was one was tough but I am going to have to go with Lucy Pinder. I looked around to and there wasn't a picture I could find that could be posted here.
  23. Re: Who is hotter (completely random!) Olga Kurylenko easily. Watch Hitman and you will make your mind up real fast. I would rather be with those dyke Williams sisters then that blonde tennis player, she isn't attractive at all. Jennifer Lopez but that one is pretty close. The two blondes arn't very attractive but I will pick the top one. Jessica Alba without a doubt.
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