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  1. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 3 Season 1 Barnsley Away Vs Last week Snodgrass promised Leeds would be an entirely different side by the time this match rolled around and he was correct, just not in the way everyone thought. The disgraceful performance United put in led to the game ending 4-2 in Barnsley's favor. Goals by Jan Koller, Aleksey Ionov, and a brace by Jamal Campbell allow Barnsley to walk away with three points. Claude Makelele and Julio Cruz put Leeds on the board but there effort was not enough. Brendan Snodgrass shouldered the blame for the loss. "The team played strong and I liked what I saw on the pitch, it was my tactical miscalculation that led to such a defeat and it will not happen again. I tried to force us to play a more beautiful game but I see now that beauty must take a back seat to success for the time being. I would like to apologize to all our supporters and the players themselves, I will not make this mistake twice." Snodgrass's troubles were compounded by the fact that Barnsley's manager had walked off the team days before the match.
  2. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Yea I was thinking about picking up pure risers but I decided to pick up older players for my first string so I could compete and then picking up risers to flip for cash so I could get younger stars. Problem I am having now is my 600k wages, but after the rest of the Leeds original squad gets sold that should go down.
  3. Re: The best CM Frank Lampard without a doubt. Gerrard is a great player and without him Liverpool wouldn't be where they are but he does not have to compete with as much class in his own team's midfield as Frank Lampard does. It is easy to shine when you are playing with people below your skill level (Not having a dig at Liverpool but Gerrard is just so much better then there other players he tends to stick out). Chelsea field one of the strongest midfields in the world and Lampard still shines.
  4. Re: Leeds Utd Challenge After reading this thread I decided to have my hand at Leeds, if any of you care to you can follow my progress here http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35698.
  5. Re: .Fabregas is back (REQUEST NOW) I figured it out reading her other threads, I did not know these things. Well ill revise, Gotta sign your work love/princess/miss/maam. Pick the one you prefer.
  6. Re: The best league in the world! Premier League, no contest really. Faster paced, harder hitting, more quality, more competition, pitches are nicer, camera work is cleaner. They have everything going for them.
  7. Re: Who needs Kaka? They are business men, not radical terrorists. Money and business is color blind and religion would not have effected the transfer. Do you really think they suppress the Catholics they have on there side? There team is chalked full of Brazilians and an Irishman... Sorry I am just not buying your fear mongering.
  8. Re: Who needs Kaka? First, Berbatov has been playing well but not worth the price they paid for him. Tevez puts much more effort into the game and every time he touches the ball I expect fireworks where as I expect Berbatov to Shevchenko it with his greasy hair. Now onto the guy who said Messi is worth 250m pounds. No player, not now, not ever will be worth that amount of money. He is on top of his game and is the best player in the world at the moment sure but that does not matter. For 250m pounds you can build an entire squad of world class players from scratch. That is like saying Messi is 13 x better then Robinho or Berbatov and that simply is not true. One top player will never make a club great, without support Messi is worthless just like any other player. Any club that spends that amount of money on a single player is a fool, just like man city made themselves out to be during this whole situation. As a Chelsea supporter I am delighted a club is richer then we ever were just without the talent we began with. With big money comes big mistake, Shevchenko is ours, Manchester City will end up having flops that make Chelski's pale in comparison. The high asking price for players is not ruining football. How I see it you just place your best player, that you have no intention of selling up for transfer for a stupid price. If no one buys him good, you didn't want rid of him anyway but if Manchester City decide to go in and pay for him you suddenly made double or triple the players value. Makes sense.
  9. Re: Would You accept this I would accept it.
  10. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 2 Season 1 Transfer Update Manager Brendan Snodgrass was busy strengthening his defenses in the transfer market this week with center backs Marco Materazzi joining the club along with right back Max Tenetto and midfielders Marc Crosas and Niko Kovac. The funds for such signings were acquired through the sale of Ben Parker, Lubomir Michalik, Johnathan Douglas, Carl Dickinson, Neil Kilkenny, and Jonathan Howson with a total of 13.2 million pounds being brought in. With the signatures of such class acts Leeds was sure to shake things up in sleepy division three, but all that was before Mr. Snodgrass revealed his star signing of the week. Manchester United's living legend Ryan Giggs was brought to Elland Road for £5 million, the left footed midfielder made an astounding 783 appearances for the English giants before being sold off by Manchester United's new manager Jamie Davies. Snodgrass was quoted in a press conference saying "Ryan Giggs brings the tactical awareness and the veteran understanding of the game that we have been missing. There is not a doubt in my mind that he will dynamically change the way we operate on the pitch. With these latest transfers the first string of Leeds is complete, expect dozens of young up and comers to be brought in next. The key to our success will be our youth program and by seasons end we will have every future star in Europe in our ranks. " Ryan Giggs - Leeds new Captain
  11. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Thanks bro, do post your Leeds progress and any good deals you might have found, I wouldn't mind stealing some of your good ideas
  12. Re: xxArsenalxx's Avatar Shop It means the last post in this thread was over a month ago, I would assume she stopped doing them and because of your post she is going to pick up where she left off. But hell I could be wrong so meh.
  13. Re: Chelsea missing Essien? Yea, when Essien is on the pitch Chelsea is just a different side. Mikel has tried his best to fill Essien's shoes and he has done well, but to be fair he is no were near as skilled as Essien is.
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread The celebration was special, and you could see the emotion on everyone's face but emotion does not win games, goals do. I am hoping that this could change the season but really the only thing that could help us is if Ronaldo decides to crash a Ferrari right into Stephen Gerrard.
  15. Re: Needhelp Urgently I am not a great tactician but when I go on a losing steak I just switch to a defensive formation and it normally works out for me. If I was you I would try 4-5-1 defensive with Hard tackling, Defensive mentality, mixed passing, mixed attacking, normal tempo, own half pressing, Counter attack, Men behind ball, tight marking, with a target man. Like I said, I am not a master tactician but it has worked for me in the past, it might work for you.
  16. Re: Need tactical help! You should use the same tactics your using, your wining who cares by how much. 3 points is 3 points.
  17. Re: Xabi Alonso No I don't think he deserves 94, he has been class and has helped Liverpool reach the top but I think other players are playing better then him and have lower ratings.
  18. Re: Robin Van Persie. 93? Yea I think he should hit 93, he has been playing some great football.
  19. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 2 Season 1 Milton Keynes Dons at Home Vs New manager Brendan Snodgrass was tested for the first time today against MK Dons. The less then impressive match was a success for Snodgrass despite Lubomir Michalik being sent off in the 75 minute for pushing the referee. Ricardo Dodo scored the only goal after a perfect cross allowed the Brazilian to head it in, winning himself player of the match. When asked about the victory after the match Snodgrass seemed less then impressed, "Our squad is much stronger then this and although victorious today we will be unable to compete at the level we rightfully should with our current form. The massive transfers last week have destabilized the club but by the time we head to Oakwell you will see an entirely different side."
  20. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Leeds United Week 1 Season 1 New Manager Appointed New manager Brendan Snodgrass just arrived at Elland Road yesterday, in a move that shocked supporters Simon Grayson was replaced with the largely inexperienced American. His popularity was further decreased when he put the entire Leeds squad on the transfer market, bar young stars Aidian White, Tom Elliot, and Fabian Delph. Mr. Snodgrass is rumored to have placed bids on 59 players from around the world, this total revamping of Leeds was not taken well by die hard supporters and his tenure at Ellland Road might be short lived. Transfer Update Many United favorites left the club this week with Frazer Richardson being the most prominent, going to FC Thun for 3.4 million pounds. But news what not all bad, with an influx of cash Snodgrass was able to sign 58 of the 59 players he had set out for only missing out on David Beckham of Milan due to Wigan manager Robert Haney's 5 million pound bid. Key players and future stars were picked up including Inter Milan's Fracsesco Toldo, Free Agents Marcos Cafu and Ricardo Dodo, Paris Saint-Germaine's Claude Makelele, and American Attacking Midfielder Landon Donovan. Using the great scouting reports at his disposal Brendan began to build a youth program the likes of which Leeds had never seen. Shortly after signing all youth members were loan listed, with Sergio Keko being loaned to Division 2 Preston North End and Fabian Delph going to Division 4 Luton Town. There are reports that another 32 youth might be brought in but Snodgrass declined to comment stating the competitiveness of the transfer market required him to remain silent. But with Dan Eagle's Milton Keynes Dons on Saturday this new squad will be put to it's first test.
  21. Having seen the success others have had with Leeds, I have decided to have a go at it myself. I am not very good at this, so don't expect wonders but I will try my best. My first season will focus on revamping the side and promotion with the cup and shield ignored unless the draw favors me. Season two will feature a strong cup run while trying to remain in the top half of the table. (If your going to read this can you let me know so I don't feel like I am writing to myself. Also if anyone has any suggestions on how I should change the format or content feel free to let me know.)
  22. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread First, Neller is correct. Right when Clarke left Chelsea just imploded, maybe cutting the last tie to the Mourinho era wasn't the best of ideas. I heard a few people mumbling about Clarke while watching the match today and the more I think about it the more sense it makes. As for today's match... lack-luster, dreadful, woeful, that about sums it up. Playing at the Bridge against a Stoke that have not won an away match in there 36 attempts should have been simple, but no. Rory Delap has massive throw in's sure, but there is no way he should be able to beat Chelsea's defence even without John Terry. The only way one of his balls should ever get by Petr is if he throws it, not only did he beat two defenders and Cech but he did it slow motion. Pathetic. Chelsea put quite a bit of pressure on Stoke but many easy chances were shanked and a lot of quality strikes missed by inches. The choice of sub's was expected with the exception of Stoch who did quite well. DiSanto on the other hand was unimpressive and without Frank Lampard the day would have ended in disaster. With all that said, the last 20 minutes of the game were suspenseful and very entertaining and 3 points is 3 points no matter how you get them.
  23. Re: Torres on Kaka's potential move to City Much respect for the man, he speaks the truth.
  24. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I agree with both of you. At the start of the season I was amazed at how well we were doing. At the time there was not a team in England that was playing at the caliber we were. As much as I would like to think that Scolari is a great manager I just don't think he is fit to steer a top flight English side. His plans are not working and he seems so reluctant to change them, and some of his adjustments just seem foolish. It was not to long ago that Joe Cole was complaining about not getting to play a full 90, the very next game he was pulled in the second half. As a manager you can't allow a player to control what you do but Joe Cole is pure class and one of the best in his position in the world, it makes no sense not to let him have a full 90. Starting Maluda every time he is fit seems to be a mistake as well, the man has not put in a solid performance all season yet he still finds his way into the starting 11 when there are much better choices riding the bench. The same can be said about Deco, who has been trash since the third game of the season. I am willing to give Scolari time to adjust to the league and familiarize himself with the side, but he should start sending his resume out to other clubs. I can't seem him keeping his job with the current form the squad is having.
  25. Re: .Fabregas is back (REQUEST NOW) Hello there we have not had the chance to meet yet so Hi I am Brendan. I have been on many forums and have seen a lot of sig makers, but your work is some of the best I have seen. True class. If it is not to much to ask could you throw me at the end of your queue. Player: Frank Lampard Colors: Your Choice Images: Your Choice Other: Your Choice Text: Frank Lampard and CFC. Also I would like a small "Created By .Fabergas" somewhere in there. Gotta sign your work bro. You seem to be far more creative then I am, and you have far more style so I left most of it up to you. Keep it Chelsea related and ill love it.
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