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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Was hoping no one would notice that. Guess it is hard to hide in a three page thread . At the time Anelka was pure trash, he Shevchenko'd every shot and Kalou was looking far more promising. Although Anelka is the top goal scorer if you take a look at his goals none of them are true strikes, they are all scored within 10 yards and most are just sprints and taping it past the keeper. I love the numbers he puts up but I am still not convinced the guy is class. Now, since your on. Chip your 2 cents in, I got a few hours before I have to go watch the match and I have nothing better to do then read threads on here, I want to hear what you have to say.
  2. Re: The money issue. I don't see this influx of money as bad for football. I will admit, Man City spending 100m in January is disturbing and will probably, eventually allow them to break the top 4. But most people are looking at this from there club or the Premier League's standpoint, the problem is this is a global issue and needs to be examined as such. With an endless reserve of money, City will end up over paying for every good player that is willing to leave. This will give 100s of millions of pounds to poorer clubs in South America and else where and help stimulate the Football economy. If for example City were to purchase a player from a smaller Brazilian club for, lets say 20, 30, 40, even 50 million pounds that club would then be able to revamp there entire side and spread that multitude of cash around. In this current situation, if City does manage to pick up Kaka, they will end up benefiting less then all other parties involved. Kaka will get his outstanding wage, his agent will instantly become wealthy, Milan will have 100 million to overhaul there aging side and all City get out of this is a single player. Mind you that single player is amazing, but one great player does not make a great side. If anything City's spending spree will help football more then hurt it in the long run.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread This thread does not seem to be to active, being a dedicated forum troll and a Chelsea supporter I will change all that. To start things off, what do you think are the main reason's for Chelsea's slump in form recently and what do you think was the turning point of the season? (Mind you I know the season isn't over yet but things have changed quite a bit and I am curious to know what you guys think the cause was) I will start it off, I think having Drogba on the field and in some respects the team is counter productive. The man is an amazing player and has done great things for Chelsea in the past but this season he just isn't there. The few times he has been healthy enough to play this season he just doesn't seem to have the heart or determination he has had in the past, he just does not want to be there. Also, Scolari's inability to rotate the squad and his reluctance to make tactical changes is hurting the side. When we are on we are on, but when plan A does not work everything just falls apart, we have no back up. I think the turning point of the season was losing at home to Liverpool, we have not played the same since. There we go, stuff to read/criticize/respond to. There have to be more Chelsea supporters on this forum, lets get this thread going.
  4. Re: Who will win in Premiership As much as I would love for Chelsea to win the Premiership it just isn't going to happen this year. A multitude of factors have insured that (Injury's, Drogba, Scolari's inability to rotate the squad). Since my two favorite teams are Chelsea and whoever is playing against Manchester United I would be quite pleased if Liverpool could pull it off, but it won't happen.... Prediction, as much as I hate to say it.... 1) Manchester United 2) Liverpool 3) Chelsea 4) Aston Villa
  5. Re: Leeds United - Path To Premier League Glory/Success Will be following this, good luck.
  6. Re: Luke McCormick kills 2 children I am not familiar with English law being an American but I must say in my country that man would get 25 to life and that is what he deserves. Those kids are innocent and his guilt will not bring any relief to the family of the deceased. If he is out in three your legal system is terribly unfair, where will that poor mother be in three years? Her life was ruined as well except there is no time limit on her suffering.
  7. Re: Manchester United vs Chelsea Does Ronaldo ever lose the ball and not dive? All and all a decent game but if Kalou had started instead of Anelka Chelsea would have came away with a full 3 points.
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I am a bit curious, why does Scolari keep starting Anelka. They guy is utter **** and in the mean time Kalou rides the bench.
  9. Re: Help Please!!! I am pretty sure the manager of the team that owns Benzema is making all offers public. Nothing you can do except outbid them.
  10. Brendan


    I have a quick question. I just joined a new WC as Juventus. How can Juventus compete with other first division teams with such a small stadium. Keeping a squad with wages low enough to avoid a negative balance will end in relagation. Can anyone with a Juventus squad please advise me on what to do?
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    I was looking around Google for some Football games and came across this beauty of a website. Just thought I would drop in and say hello. Does anyone have any suggestions besides the obvious read the faq/rules/use the search function?
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