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  1. Hi, couldn't send you private message as it seems you disabled the option. For my feedback on these: 1. Free football manager game - Jeu gratuit d’entraîneur de football. 2. Lead your favorite football team to glory! - Menez votre équipe favorite vers la gloire! 3. Join and play now! - Rejoignez-nous et jouez dès maintenant! Here it is: 1. The message is understandable; but normally in French, the word "entraîneur" means "coach" in English. I guess the word "Manager" can be used here since it exists in French as well. The word "manager de football" will suit the French community. But no
  2. Re: Cancel player concerns when a team's manager is changed Well maybe you are talking about below average players, when you will have to clear concern of big players with money then only you will understand. Clearing concern with money ALSO include a huge increase in their salaries. Thus, causing the team to be bankrupted. You need to play a lot to understand this.
  3. Hi, I would like to suggest that whenever a new manager take control of a new team, the players concern should be removed. This is because whenever someone take control of a team, you can find almost 3/4 of the squad have concerns, thus making it extremely difficult for the new manager to clear all these concerns. Hope my suggestion will be taken into consideration. Thank you.
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