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  1. Hi mate, it's been great to interact with you. I understand taking a back seat, I'm in the same boat as you. Take care
  2. Transfermarkt has it as Yaya Toure tbf: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/yaya-toure/profil/spieler/746836
  3. Alright, it just sounded like you implied her being born elsewhere makes her less British Also sounded patronising when you say 'oh women's tennis has a downgrade but hey well done'. But hey, it's difficult to gauge tone on the internet.
  4. I don't see why the Canada bit is relevant
  5. This game.... sigh. Does not seem like SM World is ending based on interactions with Steven, but you never know. I'm done with SM if the old UI ever goes tbh. Always said this. I don't have the energy or interest to get used to the new UI. And I agree with Kieran. Want a single-player football manager game, play FM. Spend the money on that, it's the best and will never be bettered. SM focus on what you do have.... but I get where the money comes from.
  6. The 72 rated one has the wrong birth date so I'll retire that one.
  7. Updated this. Still so many high rated guys available on a free irl...
  8. Poland Czech more so than the other ones, leagues with regular CL/EL participation will always be prioritised in the review
  9. In fairness Mendes is a loan to buy, that 40mil will come on to next year. They know their way around 'FFP'. Exciting! Ronaldo should be there too Dunno about the game but for SM generally, it's this thread.
  10. Find this a bit too aggressive/rude mate.
  11. Had a look at Soccerwiki today, calm before the storm, only two pages. They better pick up speed from tomorrow because there'll be a ton of transfer edits.
  12. While Deeney may soon be Watford’s past, Colombian 17-year-old Yaser Asprilla may be the future in the long term. The Athletic has learned that a deal has been agreed for the attacker to sign official terms from Envigado FC for a fee in the region of £2.5 million when he turns 18 in November. @Kieran_S91 something to keep an eye out for
  13. My disgust is more to do with the off-field allegations...
  14. Ah just cosmetic stuff, nothing major
  15. Carlos - needed a big move to help his rating this summer. That said - Sevilla have added quality squad depth and could be dark horses for the title. Yes, 92 is fair. Don't agree that Chiesa, Havertz etc should rise though. 91 is fine for them atm, evaluate after/during the season. Might be a delay in the change coming to SM, possible inputted a few weeks before.
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