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  1. Remains to be seen how the squad looks when they reduce the wage bill. I don't think they will tank - yet - but can Memphis take over Messi sufficiently?
  2. Squad is pretty high rated now. Keep an eye out for Ramsey and Chukwuemeka. Tuanzebe and Hause (both 84) are the back-up CBs so potential for one of them to get good minutes. Buendia potentially. Yes, pretty sure
  3. Final Italian runner was incredible!
  4. State of play re. Russian review. I think Krasnodar is the only one of the top teams to not be done properly yet. CSKA is probably done but I'll wait to see. No idea how many teams are left, not kept track as it's all over the place.
  5. 92 in December surely. But anything more is dependent on how much he plays. The competition he faces in midfield/attack: De Bruyne (96), Sterling (94), Gundogan (93), Mahrez (92), Ferran (90), Foden (90). And Bernardo (93) but he's leaving, apparently. Pep will rotate heavily, so I don't know if Grealish will get 94. But the ceiling is there now.
  6. Warholm was great! A few interesting articles online on how this track encourages speed. Something about the material of the rubber used... leading to records broken. Makes for a great watch though I don't know how it compares to other records. Haha alright guys. See if this works: Hello, For the 2021/22 Fantasy Premier League why don't you join my mini-league "The SM Forum League"? Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use the link below and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/ra9cdi League Code: ra9cdi Looking forward to playing against you this season!
  7. Hi all! Renewed the FPL league for the forum. 14 in it now, let's get it to at least 30 https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/ra9cdi Code is ra9cdi if the above link doesn't work.
  8. De Gea will almost definitely start the season as Deano is recovering from Covid
  9. Che Adams and Foulquier or Alario?
  10. For those wondering, they are tidying up some ratings in Greece now. Those big droppers you see are 80+ players I suggested on the Discord for drops. Either free agents or those playing in the low divisions and have escaped drops for years.
  11. August update, out of interest: Andi Zeqiri (22, Brighton, AM(RL),F(RLC), Switzerland) - 82 Amad Diallo (19, Manchester United, AM(RLC),F(RL), Ivory Coast) - 78 (+5, 29 Jun 2021) Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (22, Leicester City, DM,M(C), England) - 78 (+5, 28 Jan 2021) Josh Benson (21, Burnley, DM,M(C), England) - 76 (+3, 26 Jun 2021) JOINED BARNSLEY Owen Otasowie (20, Wolverhampton Wanderers, D,DM,M(C), USA) - 76 (+3, 27 Jun 2021) Alexandre Jankewitz (19, Southampton, DM,M,AM(C), Switzerland) - 73 (+3, 27 Jun 2021) JOINED YOUNG BOYS Scott Banks (19, Crystal Palace, AM(RLC), Scotland) - 73 Elliot Anderson (18, Newcastle United, M,AM(LC), Scotland) - 70 (+5, 27 Jun 2021) Ademipo Odubeko (18, West Ham United, F(C), Republic of Ireland) - 70 (+3, 28 Jun 2021) Sam Greenwood (19, Leeds United, AM,F(RLC), England) - 70 (+5, 26 Jan 2021) Louie Barry (18, Aston Villa, AM(RL),F(RLC), England) - 70 (+5, 26 Jan 2021) Dennis Cirkin (19, Tottenham Hotspur, D,DM,M(L), England) - 70 Fabio Carvalho (18, Fulham, AM(RLC), Portugal) - 70 Antwoine Hackford (17, Sheffield United, F(C), England) - 67 Catalan Cirjan (18, Arsenal, M,AM(C), Romania) - 67 Layton Stewart (18, Liverpool, F(C), England) - 67 Tino Livramento (18, Chelsea, RB, England) Tyler Onyango (19, Everton, CM, England) Luke Mbete-Tabu (17, Manchester City, CB, England) Cheikh Diaby (20, West Bromwich Albion, ST, France)
  12. Promoted Watford + relegated Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Wycombe + promoted Hull, Peterborough and Blackpool today. Looks like League One is next.
  13. Got 85 earlier in the yeah. Watkins was the same last year. If he gets going in the PL he'll be 87 in no time. I don't think the polls on SW are linked to ratings. There's no option at all to vote on ratings. Those polls seem to be for other details.
  14. All 86+ players in the Champ are now from relegated Prem sides (including Bournemouth). All but 7 85s are also relegated. Bennett dropped, Morrison, Kaminski and Kalas deemed 85 quality, Johansen transferred from Fulham to QPR, leaving Armstrong and Moore as the only ones to get 85 in the Champ (Toney too). So that's clearly the established squad cap. Interested to see how many of these guys stick around in the Champ. Surely Anguissa, Lerma, Berge, Pereira move on.
  15. QPR, Reading, Stoke, Swansea and one Watford change done today. I realised relegated teams Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Wycombe are not part of this review. Makes sense, and they might get done whenever League 1 is. So Watford to close this tomorrow.
  16. Yeah I guess. Overlooked as he returned back to Leicester. I mean, it was reviewed in Feb. I suppose there is a closer eye on Championship as it's in England. Brentford done. Nothing major, few regulars went to 84. Expect a few 86s in the PL review in winter if they do well.
  17. Luton, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Norwich, Nottingham, Preston done today. Remaining teams by order: QPR, Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Swansea, Watford, Wycombe. Some notable drops not in the above list: Stiepermann, Rupp, Sinclair.
  18. Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Huddersfield done today. Remaining teams by order: Luton, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Norwich, Nottingham, Preston, QPR, Reading, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Stoke, Swansea, Watford, Wycombe. Should be done by end of the week.
  19. If ever there was proof China is no longer the prime destination for a pay check - a result of the government levying a 100% tax on transfers and wanting to cut down expenditure - see this summer. Paulinho and Talisca to Saudi clubs, Renato Augusto to Corinthians. Alex Teixeira free agent. Arnautovic nearing a move to Bologna.
  20. I never really expected anything major. All 26 of Italy's squad were looked at in the Big 5 review. 21 of 28 in Argentina's squad are from Big 5. Two Dutch (Tagliafico, Lisandro) and Portuguese (Otamendi, Marchesin). Leaves three from Argentina - Armani, Montiel, Julian Alvarez. Suppose Montiel could get 87. They'll do South America soon, I hope.
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