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  1. Pearl-Harris linked closely with Brentford (as per the Athletic piece) and Livramento wants out too. Interesting to see where these three go.
  2. Real Sociedad B are in the Spanish second tier this season and so their players may be one to keep an eye out for.
  3. Callum Doyle has moved to Sunderland on loan from Man City, not on DB.
  4. (i) My point is that none of us on discord are actually deciding anything. We are not deciding positions by vote, we are not deciding ratings. The chat is a mix of people looking to see what review is next (like Kieran said), a lot of league experts who contribute to their league, and then a few who contribute overall. The voting I'm referring to is on Soccerwiki itself. I personally don't 'vote' on any changes there unless I'm reallyyyyyy bored. (vi) yes but you said 'wrath of some of us' (v) But aren't we always blind sided by position changes? The point of the Discord is really not for us to approve any of these individual position changes. Anyways it looks like there is a clear pattern right now (Ligue 1). There is no way of knowing how many of these changes are loaded in the database.
  5. Terem Moffi +20 I feel +10s will get less frequent now given SM stagger rises, so it'll only be for the more obscure players. 1. I have no issue with the position changes, especially the ones now, mainly 85-87 rated players and some of them are actually getting positions added too. So if it isn't bothering me, I'm not being 'taken for a fool'. 2. This discord is specifically for Soccerwiki and to have a more centralised way of having accurate data, with league experts. Now this feeds into improving the game. After all these mass-scale changes go through I don't expect it to happen again. All this is to correct years of neglect. 3. Slip-up? 4. Exert pressure for what? These changes are being inputed to the database but they still need approval. And clearly people are approving. Those of us on the Discord have no special power, SW is a community site and there are loads of people outside of the chat who input changes too, and we have no way of contacting them. Steven and co know this. KDB is one such example, and someone will surely reverse this soon. 5. This isn't a job, it's part of the game experience for me and a hobby. The day it stops getting fun for me, I'll stop. And please, Steven is no boss of mine, just a more direct line to the people that run the game. 6. I don't know what wrath you're referring to, because it's largely only you and tbh I don't really bother anyways. Ultimately it's just a game. And the Discord chat has been portrayed as some elite secret club when in really anybody with a mind to help out can join. Not you but generally people seem to want change overnight. On Brazil: plenty of European leagues to be done first. Brazil may only get done in Oct or something.
  6. I think Turkey is the next review tbh, after they make a move on from Portugal
  7. If anyone's interested in this sort of thing. Not a lot of top-tier players who've retired this summer.
  8. Position/status of club + minutes played generally, but as we go higher up the rating scale minutes become less important than performances, certainly gets more subjective. Int matches don't matter as much. Clubs/leagues have an unspoken rating cap though this has been more relaxed off-late if smaller clubs have world-class players - see Grealish, De Paul, also Aspas at Celta.
  9. 64 and a half pages today of updates, largely transfer changes, I'm going through it slowly.
  10. Cristante was a sub in all the game. Spinazzola perhaps but Roma haven't been great, he's injured now and got 90 in Jan. Chiellini just dropped and 91 seems fair?
  11. Who can I talk to in charge of the forum that can get rid of this (see below) on my profile? Bothered me for a long time. @Kev Also, finally changed my username, that's a relief core_pfieldgroups_99
  12. I don't think any of the Italians should necessarily rise
  13. I think he is fine at 85 given he played almost nothing at Olympiacos last season and Famalicao were towards bottom half of the table.
  14. See, I also think it would be better for all changes to happen in one go. As we know, the database has limitations in how much data is ported over each day. And I still don't understand whether the data that gets updated daily is random or not. I don't think anybody on the chat was responsible for a KDB F(C) (for example). People have been submitting changes on the wiki long before me so I don't see the connection. I suppose SW/SM will look closely into who's submitting these changes. I understand your perspective though. I hope this is just a rough initial period before things smooth over long term.
  15. It's a joke, I agree. Should be reversed eventually. Do you think I'll have added F(C) to KdB? Lol. Some of the recent, more outrageous changes have nothing to do with me.
  16. Reviews would be in more detail and a bit slower if I was in charge! But also I have no interest to do it beyond big teams
  17. Moved to Fenerbahce. Should get a rise to 84 at least imo.
  18. Nothing wrong with that. He's one of the best centre-backs in the league. Yes that's fair. With Rudiger he could have well dropped in Jan so giving him 92 would be premature? Yes Every review is the worst until the next one comes along Good point about Zinchenko. I agree with your point just not your earlier reasoning.
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