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  1. Decent review for the bottom 5 EPL teams today
  2. Certainly possible Interested to see how he shares gametime with Daka next season... I think he's one who's fine at 89 or 90 atm, went from 87 to 89 last season so maybe they want to wait and see Don't think AWB will get 91 If the Dortmund materialises I think it'll strengthen his case, could be one to rise post Euros too, two assists in one start and one sub appearance so far
  3. Good shouts, I think Phillips can get 88 and will too after his England involvement.
  4. Indeed Agreed on Pique. MATS dropping is fine, 94 is a better level.
  5. La Liga done today. Quite a few high-profile droppers...
  6. Nah mate, just two Sevilla GKs and defense done. Follows a pattern of theirs... we will see them completed tomorrow.
  7. Not fair to compare a full-back to an attacker. Wan-Bissaka is not good enough to justify the 91 just yet. Solid fullback, still needs to improve. Martial, people wanted 92 last season, dropping to 90 would be unfair now. He's been injured since April too. Give him next season to see. Agreed
  8. Transfers: 71 CB Afiq Yunos D(C) 30yo - Hougang to Geylang 72 CB Abdil Qayyim 31yo D(C) - Lion City Sailors to Geylang 74 DM Zulfahmi Arifin 29yo DM,M(C) - end of loan, back to Hougang 70 GK Joey Sim Wei Zhi 33yo - Tanjong to free agent 72 FW Matheus Moresche 22yo - Riga to Geylang
  9. It's the Norwegian second tier lol
  10. 4 clubs and one Granada change done today.
  11. Valencia started; Levante, Getafe, Alaves, Elche, Huesca, Valladolid done; Eibar finished. Fast progress.
  12. Agreed. 90 to 92 in one season is fine, he can get 93 next season.
  13. Some of them are transfers from my side
  14. Don't think he should rise 2019 isn't that far ago! I can only say this: am just lucky this thread became the go-to place for everyone. As much as my thread as anyone's, and Kieran does a super job at providing info, posting content, answering questions... even as I've taken a step back from that now. Let's end this debate now guys.
  15. Two sons in the Euros squad, one a teammate, one who played against him That's just crazy
  16. Any transfers that haven't been updated in game yet? @thorgan lesar, others free to answer
  17. Sancho is 92 They will take it into account but it really would depend on which team it was Messi could drop to 97, think that would be fair
  18. Inter done, Serie A done. On to 2. Bundesliga, should be quick.
  19. Could also go for Cakir - feel like he will move to a bigger club this window...
  20. I thought he should drop but hey it's not a bad thing to have him at 93 and revisit in the winter review. Don't have a major issue. And I don't think he should be compared with Sancho given different ages, club situations etc etc.
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