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  1. Should, yes, but depends on how Dortmund finish the season
  2. No idea about Bella Kotchap Between Fein and Gueye I'd keep Gueye 89 88 89 Joaquin Probably 83 Of course mate, but no point doing them now. I will do them eventually before the review. Bundesliga I'll do in a few weeks closer to the final game week. Prem I already jumped the gun and did all preds haha. They're all good, I would sell Estupinan and Tomiyasu once they rise
  3. Hendo, unless you need the short-term quality. Bale - out of favour at Madrid, seems to be more or less indifferent to football now. Seems like the guy who will move to MLS soon enough, somewhere where he can be out of the limelight and enjoy his golf. Miami under Beckham makes so much sense. Rakitic - already 32, good player but Barca want to move him on, so whether he keeps his 92 is dependent on destination. I prefer Werner, Rice and Guerreiro.
  4. Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages. I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would have thought of a better name otherwise!) Glad to have this as a space for all managers to come. Although I didn't know it at the time, the forum had regressed too much to have multiple threads, individual league threads. At a certain point the quality got spread out, coupled with the forum interface update a lot of the big guys left. I think this has helped keep the forum alive, and I'm happy to have helped as it is nice to have somewhere to discuss the game and football.
  5. Partey, Wijnaldum or Henderson. Probably Henderson. Duo
  6. Mendy, easy choice, three injury-hit years at City so far. Angelino didn't impress at City and Zinchenko still feels like a stop-gap, so I feel City might go out and get a proper left-back (maybe Chilwell). Mendy is 25 now, 26 in July, it's a transfer that hasn't worked out due to injury. Shame as he was exciting in the first few weeks when he arrived. Ironically it is the other Mendy that has proven to be a hit (Ferland).
  7. They are good players I just don't see them rising. F. Ruiz - got his 91 in December, Napoli aren't doing as well, 91 is his level for now anyway Van de Beek - has to move to a bigger team to hit anything more than 91 Ndidi - peaked at 91 for Leicester G.Jesus - isn't a regular enough player to get 93 (as long as Aguero is there I can't see him getting anymore either). Coman - Got 91 in December, needs more regular play to show he can get 92. With Coman the fear is one more bad injury and that's the end of his career. Guerreiro, playing for a better team
  8. Hopefully United aren't in for him! Don't need another injury-prone player. The only one I think is Salzburg's Daniel Antosch. On loan to their feeder club Liefering and has played regularly in the UEFA Youth League for Salzburg. I don't know if he's starting material for RBS but worth a punt. I would keep the duo, Mukiele should rise All 5 should stay Lucas spent a sizeable part of the season injured, which allowed Davies to seize the LB position. So now he's a back-up at LB and a back-up to Alaba and Boateng at CB (along with Sule). If Bayern look to get a RB then Pavard gets in the mix too. However Lucas is safe due to that big transfer fee. As Kieran said, he might be the successor to Boateng (although I'm not sure - I think both Alaba and Hernandez are naturally left-footed). Tl;dr: Hernandez is worth it long-term potentially but if there are better options I would not go for him. Duo Icardi + money
  9. Ankle injury. I'm not sure if Tolisso can be a consistent starter. When Bayern play a midfield two it's Kimmich and Thiago. Then they have Goretzka, Tolisso, Javi Martinez, Cuisance. If you see a lot of Tolisso's minutes this season have been in the CL/Pokal. He has been unlucky, especially with the ACL injury last season. Injured in September 2018 and then out for the entire season. I think he might move elsewhere, maybe to Italy. His 91 should be safe for now but if he moves elsewhere and doesn't play as much, he might drop. Pellegrini is at Roma and 91 is probably his peak while he's there. So I'd still take a punt on Tolisso.
  10. Basham as mentioned previously is an excellent shout. Deserves 87, he's a major part of Sheff Utd's defence. I don't think he should drop, but as he's 34 always possible he drops.
  11. Indeed, Scouted are class. Rice is overhyped but that trio still looks better for me He can
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