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  1. Some of them are transfers from my side
  2. Don't think he should rise 2019 isn't that far ago! I can only say this: am just lucky this thread became the go-to place for everyone. As much as my thread as anyone's, and Kieran does a super job at providing info, posting content, answering questions... even as I've taken a step back from that now. Let's end this debate now guys.
  3. Two sons in the Euros squad, one a teammate, one who played against him That's just crazy
  4. Any transfers that haven't been updated in game yet? @thorgan lesar, others free to answer
  5. Sancho is 92 They will take it into account but it really would depend on which team it was Messi could drop to 97, think that would be fair
  6. Inter done, Serie A done. On to 2. Bundesliga, should be quick.
  7. Could also go for Cakir - feel like he will move to a bigger club this window...
  8. I thought he should drop but hey it's not a bad thing to have him at 93 and revisit in the winter review. Don't have a major issue. And I don't think he should be compared with Sancho given different ages, club situations etc etc.
  9. Seen rumours linking Kepa to Lazio (Sarri, so makes sense). I'd go for Dragowski, I guess.
  10. Good shout! It's Hincapie though. I searched Incapie five times before googling 😂
  11. Good review today! Everyone should be pretty satisfied. Milan attackers should be done tomorrow. No way will they leave Mandzukic on 91. Reina getting 88 is proof SM are slowly getting over their age bias.
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