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  1. seems like they have begun with Championship today. There were some random rises from a bunch of leagues too: Turkey (Adebayor), MLS (Baird), Finland (Lappalainen), Austria (Haland, Klauss), Uruguay (Caceres), Spain (Puig), France (Lahne), Argentina (Perez), Portugal (Plata), Colombia (Tolosa) and Italy (Zaniolo). Zaniolo set up for another +3 in the summer then. These bunch up together on the database, so they aren't the usual bunch of minor rises. SM gotta SM.
  2. they always do this! they think we are fools... now to be fair, Adarabioyo, Barnes, Da Silva, Wilson, Tomori, Tuanzebe were reviewed with their PL side. Usual practice. Mepham got his on back of the Bournemouth move. Agreed on the rest though.
  3. Turan has dropped from 92 to 85 in less than two years. Mad decline.
  4. more specifically my thread, hahaha all good though
  5. There is some sense now at least. They are doing the league from bottom. Let's just ignore that they did Gala, Besiktas and Fener first...
  6. think he wasn't added when I did the top teams. I added now cheers. Anyway, I'll look into the top teams again once they actually start the review.
  7. Sancho? nope. i'd give 88/89. Havertz, maybe.
  8. at least they are doing the rest of the turkish league now
  9. there you go through twitter and when I do the predictions. One of the main reasons I do predictions. yeah
  10. No 90 for Felipe and Telles A bizarre Portuguese review
  11. The Turkish review: an annihilation. Counted about 30+ droppers. Seems like they skipped six teams to get to Fenerbahce, and another eight to Besiktas. Usually they go by league table from the bottom. Guess they were itching to drop all those high rated guys.
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