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  1. already done is it too soon though? hmm hmm
  2. 89 is excessive but oh well SM buy into hype always
  3. okay, soon which teams apart from D Zagreb?
  4. yeah but surely they won't wait for so long strange if tomorrow because Ajax's two days are done.
  5. PSV and De Jong/De Ligt/Neres to be done tmr
  6. I'll only do top 6. When it comes to Belgium @thorgan lesar 's preds are much better.
  7. yeah, my inbox was full. Haven't use PMs in almost two years now lol. I cleared some so that you can message me now Thorgan
  8. updated. btw, I think de Ligt could get +3 and de Jong +5/+6
  9. yes, quite strange. +6 considering Groningen's position in the table.
  10. Wijnaldum and Acuna for Thauvin? That is quite tempting
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