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  1. one more day of Gladbach, Leverkusen, Leipzig two days of Dortmund and Bayern
  2. cheers mate for SM I prefer computer. I do use the phone though.
  3. they don't care about the game anymore. honestly, I'm losing interest steadily. Earlier I could deal with the lack of development if the old UI worked fine. Now my search button on old UI has not worked for about 1.5 - 2 months. No response on bugs. Laggy site now too. New UI is too flashy and not for me either. I can see myself off the game by September if this continues. Sadly, that'll be the end of the preds too. Let's see.
  4. classic SM and their incompetency
  5. Paderborn got some good rises. Koln a couple of droppers (Hector finally).
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