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  1. yeah, my inbox was full. Haven't use PMs in almost two years now lol. I cleared some so that you can message me now Thorgan
  2. updated. btw, I think de Ligt could get +3 and de Jong +5/+6
  3. yes, quite strange. +6 considering Groningen's position in the table.
  4. Wijnaldum and Acuna for Thauvin? That is quite tempting
  5. thought the same, thanks Cam and thanks all on the Thauvin offer, I am debating it
  6. Milivojevic, Vardy/Giroud and Evans for Ben Yedder Thoughts?
  7. Calhanoglu and Ocampos or Thauvin? Current frontline is 89, 91, 88
  8. I'm an Indian born and brought up in Singapore so in my mind I'm Indian and Singaporean XD HAHAH
  9. I need to update with some more teams asap
  10. I could do a league in the two days But oweing for inaccuracy, I could do three teams properly per day.
  11. They're making a fool of us. Eventually we will all walk away.
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