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  1. yeah, takes into account last season too so....maybe +4
  2. done already ah I see, will try two wrongs don't make a right KDB few changes a day, tough to miss out hmm HAHAHA wait and see if Denis goes to Arsenal keep keep
  3. argentinian review - i can do specific teams, but not whole league. throw me with suggestions.
  4. today also for Spurs keep Champ done in April keep Romagnoli get Gimenez
  5. Kane strange afraid not Iwobi Kante
  6. Reading*, yes yes maybe tomorrow He has plenty of competition unlike Pickford yep interesting
  7. yes yeah, not too bad a deal yes Wilson to 84/85 by end of season considering he will be reviewed thrice (twice with Liverpool, once with Derby)
  8. can only assume there are on holiday rn, as the pace has slowed once again good drops for Mkhi, Ozil and Welbeck
  9. Happy New Year all! 510 pages for this thread is quite crazy; I had just started it casually in October 2016. We're now in 2019.
  10. agreed on all, including McNeil who also scored post review for Burnley I'd say Shaqiri now, yeah who knows yes Pjanic maybe Argentina Tbh, you are right. Will add Shaqiri to the preds now. Appreciate the support. Pjanic Kante I wish! exactly
  11. that too, joke incredible shall give them one day to rectify it not even Martial who has better stats, but Lingard. incredible.
  12. early preds for top 2 + three relegated teams + Villa
  13. appreciate the concern was on holiday with limited wifi connectivity since 26th, so decided to forego forum for a while been like 9 pages of posts since I was last year so not gonna reply to anyone epl preds don't seem that great so far, tho what's new? let's see what happens today enjoy new years eve all!
  14. agreed should stay tho for now, maybe 91 in summer would be undeserved better rise tomorrow... not sure haha oh wait, saw that you found a solution. too lazy to delete hahaha hahaha
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