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  1. He was done, just a few days after Ajax
  2. Western as they started with Sporting Kansas today. yeah this one is tricky, I would give him a +2 now and a +3 in summer, but let's see.
  3. MLS has begun with Sporting Kansas
  4. early predictions for top 6 PL teams
  5. Given MLS has just started, they should do the review soon.
  6. Pathetic way of getting rid of users that have gotten SM to where they were. It's quite disgraceful. First they sacked off the forum, then ignored the game. You're right, they want us to grow impatient and leave. I guess we'll be here until Crypto takes off. Sticky 100k users - wow.
  7. Norwich should get one more day, A-League has started
  8. any idea who will be reviewed after Championship?
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