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  1. Busquets Carvajal Rashford with SM can never guarantee but both probably will don't understand but Maguire should not get 90 see tomorrow World Cup see tomorrow see tomorrow see tomorrow
  2. yeah don't think so stick with duo (or change Varane for someone else) Argentina agreed good point maybe sell Miranda and Pepe, yes Akanji because the review hasn't started yet...
  3. world cup bonus, not deserved otherwise see tomorrow yeah, probably they did some youths today tomorrow: Day 1 of Barca and Burnley, Cardiff, Fulham (probably); Day 2 of Sevilla, AM, RM, Alaves
  4. 50/50 both going to MLS , so no yes doesn't deserve it but decent chance he gets it anyway
  5. surprised but not undeserved clearly not tomorrow also
  6. agreed prolly won't happen Lucas Rodri Lato
  7. quite weird, no way Pogba should rise anyway tomorrow also but nothing major I guess +1 first maybe all no way except maybe Son he'll get 85 agreed no what's new Kante and Busquets Keep
  8. Jesus De Ligt Stones Kimpembe haha yeah mad if it happens Tolisso possible 87 Duo
  9. hahaha phew! possible not sure based on gametime too much who knows maybe should have dropped but nvm no nah, thank god yes lol hmm, could be decent trio do it yep, should get +1. long term can't say yes, yes Saul poor attitude Icardi no see tomorrow see tomorrow agreed see tomorrow see tomorrow yeah true, Hysaj should be 91 yes 86-88 March see my preds
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