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  1. Max Aarons - 86/87 Jamal Lewis - 86/87 Angelino - 88 Reguilon - 88 Reece James - 86
  2. Lars Dendoncker added on the database (Brighton). @thorgan lesar any good? I know he is Leander's brother.
  3. I think he deserves 90 88 73-75 Don't know enough to rank them Pau should get 88 - worth following as big clubs are tracking him (maybe City will get him) I think big leagues EDIT: I see a lot of changes on Soccerwiki for the promoted sides from 2 Bundesliga. Germany next I suppose. Shaw's frustrating when he goes forward but he's been alright overall recently. I believe he's a better form of Phil Jones - won't fulfil the potential he had when he joined but will be around for most of his 20s. That double leg break he had was really sad to see. Don't think Brandon is the future at LB either. He's right footed and might be a good squad player but maybe not more. Happy to be proven wrong. United have too many right footed full-backs atm (AWB, Dalot, Brandon, Laird, even TFM). Yeah Rodri I think he's good, one to follow next season I would, I see White getting 86/87 by end of next season Can't help sorry
  4. Ndidi and Brandt I like White but yes Would be deserved - another versatile player
  5. Just had a look. In the promotion playoffs, they're playing Nurnberg today and on 11th. Another fallen Bundesliga side. Chiellini will likely drop to 92, same as Silva. Both turn 36 in a few months. I'm not sure who to go for. Chiellini's been injured and will likely be phased out slowly at Juventus, like how Barzagli was. But Silva's out of a contract, and it's unlikely he moves to a club where he will keep his 92. I guess I'd go for Chiellini as his club situation is known. No clue mate
  6. Lahm was the GOAT. LB, RB, DM, CM at 94/95 rating. Old so his price was quite low too. Full-backs tend to be the most versatile in SM. Saka got a position change today too.
  7. Heidenheim missed out on promotion by away goals. Big shame for them. Their manager has managed them since 2007. Has taken them from fourth tier to second tier to a whisker of first tier since. Heidenheim were in the fifth tier in 2003. Oh well. Should help Werder's review at any rate.
  8. Worth holding, stay for now The duo long term, Griezmann may drop Hopefully after Brazil, mid/end July May not be that order - thought I'd clarify I'd take the duo Maybe only 87 Would be unfair, he has returned post injury now Alaba I'd be fine with it either way Left field but I have Bezerra Patrick who is quite versatile Davies for me though it's a fair deal Bentancur and Barella
  9. Agreed, MLS is pending In fairness to Godin, he dropped last review to 93 (for Inter). He has declined now and I expect him to drop to 92 again, no longer a starter. He had a strong case for 95, Atletico's CL loss in 15/16 ended those chances though. Shame. I wouldn't. All three are 29-31. Walker will be 91/92 for a few more years at least. Auba is class and will keep his 94 for years to come. Thiago is linked to Liverpool - would be an interesting move given his injury problems and age. He could drop after a year there (or am I just being biased here?). 94 is his peak anyway. Nice work mate, as always. Noticed Atletico's Riquelme is predicted 75 - he is 78 rn though.
  10. haha, makes doing predictions tougher Oliver Tousart is at Hertha now, seems like a step-down from Lyon imo. May be capped at 89 for a while if Hertha don't challenge for top four.
  11. Matic -1 to 90 in January seemed a bit premature to me given his injury issues - he's now key to the United midfield. Unlikely he'll get his 91 back though.
  12. Some minor updates from SM HQ. After Brazil it's likely to go back to Germany, England, Spain, Italy. Hopefully the case. Soccerwiki is undergoing a revamp, apparently. Hopefully, there will be a better version of the wiki soon. And with that, maybe there will be more clarity on the league reviews.
  13. Martial Yep, if they go down he should get more game time next season
  14. ah alright. I'm not Gold so I leave it in the hands of the trusty assistant manager
  15. Don't think Sule can be 93 as Bayern have a lot of competition at CB. Tanguy Kouassi just joined them too. Sterling, Havertz I'd sell Hazard for those two Mallorca are going back down, so 86 for me meaning? Akanji Wirtz is the big one. Musa Juwara scored vs Inter yesterday for Bologna. no clue haha Muriel - he's used as a sub at Atalanta, but 17 goals in 1342 minutes all season is quite something. 90 is deserved. Ings - got +2 to 89 last review, so he may not get 90. Soton are lower mid table too. But if he gets Golden Boot... Schuurs - Dutch review is done. Riquelme - plays for Atletico B, so I can't really say, probably stay. Rose to 78 in Jan.
  16. Looks like Villa will go down, along with Bournemouth and Norwich. Villa will need a big rebuild once again as most of those players seem unlikely to want to hang around in the Champ. Bournemouth have a Champ level squad mostly but again do Wilson, King, Ake, Lerma stay? They're lucky Brooks got injured in a way because he should stay in the Champ. Norwich meanwhile seem well placed to make a soft landing in the Champ - probably cash in on Cantwell, Aarons/Lewis and reinvest well. Shame, was hoping West Ham would go down but think they've just about pulled away. Let's see in three weeks.
  17. Kostic will stay, I'm pretty sure. -- On another note, McGinn dropped to 81 in 2015 and I thought he wasn't any good. Turns out he actually is haha.
  18. Mandzukic leaving Al Duhail by mutual consent. Wonder if he will drop to 90 now. Stay Oh yeah, I forgot about that
  19. Hmm. I might go for Sow. Montes has to move away from Mexico, no guarantee he does. Bissouma is limited in potential at Brighton. Don't think Sambia is anything special. Morata - has 15 goals all season so I think he is safe Pezzella - Fiorentina have not done well but he is captain and has played most games this season, stay Yes, been a regular On Pukki: 9 of his 11 goals this season came before he got 87. Since he rose, he scored a goal in the first two games since. Hasn't scored in the last nine. 87 is his level. I have predicted rises for the Bundesliga players. I would swap with Kamada, personally.
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