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  1. Final Guardian posts, we look at 2015 (1 Sept 1998 - 31 Aug 1999): Trent Alexander-Arnold (93) - Liverpool Josh Maja (85) - Sunderland (now at Bordeaux) Marcus Edwards (85) - Tottenham (now at Vitoria) Tyler Roberts (83) - West Brom (now at Leeds) Trevoh Chalobah (82) - Chelsea Reece Oxford (80) - West Ham (now at Augsburg) Marcus McGuane (75) - Arsenal (now at Nottingham Forest) Demeaco Duhaney (75) - Manchester City (now at Huddersfield) Antony Evans (73) - Everton (now at Paderborn) Luis Silva (73) - Stoke (now at Belenenses)
  2. Continuing on from the Guardian posts, we have the Class of 2017 (1 Sept 2000 - 31 Aug 2001): Callum Hudson-Odoi (87) - Chelsea Curtis Jones (85) - Liverpool Nathan Collins (82) - Stoke City Oliver Skipp (82) - Tottenham Anthony Gordon (80) - Everton Ivan Ilic (80) - Manchester City Trae Coyle (73) - Arsenal Arnau Puigmal (73) - Manchester City Rayhaan Tulloch (70) - West Brom Brennan Camp (65) - Bournemouth Jordan Thomas (65) - Huddersfield (now at Norwich) Danny Cashman (not on db) - Brighton Michael Fowler (
  3. Here's a look at Guardian's Next Generation 2019 (for Premier League clubs): born between 1 September 2002 and 31 August 2003. Just interested to see how they're doing. From the 2020 lot, there are six on the database currently. Miguel Azeez (70) - Arsenal Aaron Ramsey (not on db) - Aston Villa Jack Wadham (not on db) - Bournemouth Antef Tsoungui (not on db) - Brighton Joe McGlynn (not on db) - Burnley Valentino Livramento (not on db) - Chelsea John Kymani-Gordon (not on db) - Crystal Palace Lewis Dobbin (not on db) - Everton Oli Ewing (not
  4. See what happens in the summer Not sure he is 'succeeding' at Nice given they are 14th given they have lost 6 of the 9 games he has played, but I suppose any gametime is good atm.
  5. Zakaria - 91/92 Diop - 90 Dodo - 89/90 Gorosabel - 88/89 Olaza - 88/89 Of course, this is just what I think atm. With Gorosabel, I do not think he is better than Odriozola was and we know how his career has gone.
  6. Auba Yes worth, I prefer Leao Don't go for Bogle, better options out there. If you want to hedge your bets that he moves to another PL club, then sure, but I think he'll stay. Take Nino.
  7. Not sure tbh Yes, but the doping charge won't help 85 max imo Did not know Roussillon has been usurped. Could drop to 88 then.
  8. Not sure Yeah I suppose so Depends on which league gets reviewed first Kimpembe Guerreiro, plays at the best club out of these guys Bastoni, 91 possibly Destanoglu? SWiki first
  9. Normally the duo, but if you want Dias then sure You could sell: Veltman, not going to rise at Brighton, peaked at 88 Diop, not playing much at West Ham Telles, definite back-up to Shaw at United, so not going to get 91+ (won't drop either though)
  10. Since this, Rises for 13 players (in bold). 4 players added. Oyen added and rose.
  11. Jankewitz, Hackford and Odubeko all got added since. Dewsbury-Hall, Benson, Otasowie, Greenwood and Barry got rises. Amad will get a rise sometime. Still waiting on Onyango, Carvalho, Mbete-Tabu and Diaby to get added - have made bench appearances this season.
  12. 93 maybe, not 94 personally Idk Not yet
  13. Vardy rose in Jan 2020 Sure, but it is a gamble because Zaniolo is recovering from a second ACL injury and we do not know how he will be. Sure
  14. It is! If you want depth AWB Lacroix easily Yes and yes First two Ah nice coincidence to see you here! I really love Sheffield, so different to where I come from but perfect for a student. Soon I think
  15. Agreed, it is nice to know! I am Indian, but born and brought up in Singapore, and hold a S'pore passport too
  16. Pogba has not had the same effect on Man Utd as Kante has had on Chelsea (and Leicester - two different Premier League winning sides). I love him, but we cannot deny United have not gone far when he was the main creator for 3.5 seasons. Whether he should have been supported better on field is a different question, but ultimately he hasn't done much for a 94. In fact, it is probably his ability that keeps him at a 93. Other players would have dropped. Bruno has come in and caused a huge improvement, virtually on his own, immediately.
  17. Duo Ramsey should be dropping. He had a grace period last season but still not a regular now, players have played more and dropped. Just seen he's completed 90 minutes once last season and thrice this.
  18. I really hope he doesn't end up at Chelsea or Man City. But I am worried Madrid/Barca cannot afford him. I don't know if he'd move to United...
  19. Agreed mate! Btw, I study in Sheffield, so have adopted the Blades as my second team Cannot compare, not the same players. Kante's level may have dropped from 2016-2017 but he's still one of the best. Pogba has not been consistent enough anyways. And Bruno plays elsewhere. A better comparison is how Kante is 94 and Henderson 92. Maybe... Lazio need to push for a title race for him to get 93.
  20. I said maybe, I've already changed my mind, definitely. Even though Dortmund have been poor, 16 goals in 17 Bundesliga games, 8 in 5 CL games. If he carries them to the semis 93 is a guarantee. His CL record astounds me, just had another look: played 13 games, scored 18 goals! Scored 2 in five games and 3 in one. And he's failed to score only once, Salzburg vs Liverpool.
  21. Llorente, Bentancur, Locatell Thanks man, do you think he will drop? Their injury luck is sad though I still enjoy their struggles. End of Henderson's 93 hopes if he is out for even a month.
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