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    Sir Rahul reacted to -JMH- in Which league will they review next/soon that are worthwhile to predict?   
    In my lists, the only leagues left to review are minor leagues:
    Australia Bolivia Bulgaria Cyprus Ecuador Hungary Israel Korea Paraguay  Peru Serbia Slovenia
    Everywhere else has had a review in 2017
    Id hope Serbia is soon
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    Sir Rahul reacted to arsenalrocs in Hi mate, I had a doubt. Tried linking all my predictions to the front page- but inste   
    I click "Share this post" on the top right hand corner of the post and copy the link given.
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    Sir Rahul reacted to Arthur12345 in Acha que a avaliação dá Holanda está próxima?   
    não entendi
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    Sir Rahul reacted to arsenalrocs in You're based in Singapore?   
    Yeah haha, hope to see more members post content!
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    Sir Rahul got a reaction from Arthur12345 in O que você acha sobre: TOUSART Lafont Máximo Lopez Amine Harit Blin A plea Cardinale   
    I answered on Tousart, Lafont, Harit and Cardinale on various other threads.
    Maxime Lopez- +3 to 78 for now
    Blin- +3/+5 to 83/85
    Plea- +2 to 87 hopefully
    Diop- +3/+5 to 83/85
    Kimpembe- +3/+5 to 83/85
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    Sir Rahul got a reaction from Lucas Fiorino in Hello. Please a recommendation. I need a Central Defender, my budget is 10M +/- and I   
    Some names to consider: Christensen, Riedewald, Sule, Lindelof, Caio, Maksimovic, Reyes, Schar.
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