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  1. Did you sign Balerdi? Signed for Dortmund today
  2. Took VVD 6 months to go from 91 to 93. Took Koulibaly 2 years to do the same.
  3. He's been out injured all season. Nagelsmann is easing him back in. He was a starter at 19 for a very good Hoffenheim team last season. One of the biggest midfield talents Germany has. People are too quick to sell, maybe they aren't in very competitive game worlds.
  4. I'm pleasantly surprised, thought they'd review noone today.
  5. River rotated heavily in the league to try and win the Libertadores (SA CL) which they did. He started all games. Been scouted by Valencia and Barca. +5 is the least he deserves.
  6. Don't like giving out too many tips on here really.. I prefer to use the thread to complain about my players not rising. 🙂
  7. Montiel is a safe bet. If he doesn't move now or in the summer then at least you've made good money. I wouldn't sign Jara. Other youngsters from Boca and River that are safe bets include Exequiel Palacios, Agustin Almendra and Leonardo Balerdi to name a few.
  8. Pickford got 90? He's a complete liability 🤣
  9. Serie A review was a fooking joke. Well done whoever did it, you're an idiot.
  10. They aren't done with Milan. They can't be. Romagnoli is 2 ratings behind Manolas and Skriniar? No. Suso not rising, what are you kidding me? They can't be done. Especially after the summer review where Milan were robbed in the first place, now they're going to do it again when they are in 4th?
  11. He might be a natural RB but he's played more at LB for Dortmund. You can put him there for sure. Tierney is another shout.
  12. Someone tell soccerwiki Kimpembe's height/weight is from when he was like 15. Also give Nkunku RWB and Bruno Mendez CB. Cheerio.
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