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  1. They rarely work and on ipad just sit there stopping watching of game. On pc they usually come up as an error. Pretty pointless tbh and an annoyance too far.
  2. Kinda agree re some of the ads; I get stuff advertised that Ibve never searched for and get ads even if I have ad block on.... also why do gold members now get ads coming up in the view screen when about to get the game? kinda defeats the idea of being a gold member if you dont get any preferential treatment re this. Been a gold member for a long time but am thinking.....
  3. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Just joined the forum, but have been a manager for some time. I would have to say that if this is the new SM as far as the way the engine decides the winners of games then it must have picked up a few short circuits. I understand that you may want to entice and encourage players to take poorer teams etc, and I would too as I have myself and built them up to be winners, but the way that it lets poor sides win when tbh they shouldnt have a chance is becoming predictable, and thus making the game pointless. If it is to remain this way then I am af
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