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  1. Kante is a must keep. The correct move & he is potentially a 92/93 in the waiting
  2. For me easily Bellerin. Top talent alot more rare at RB & plays for a better team with an obvious looking future route to Barcelona. If adding a 92 to the first team short term is important I would. Dont see him playing too much under Mourinho though.
  3. Atletico Madrid (Gold 400) (Game World ID 217773) 74 players & includes all top Atletico stars from when gameworld opened. Koke, Costa, Godin, Gimenez, Saul, Xhaka, Ramsey, Koscielny, Luis, Mane, Alderweireld, Juanfran ect
  4. Would take a chance on Umtiti with the rumored Barce move.
  5. Keep getting free agents bids being rejected. No idea how that makes sense, why it has been implemented or who is turning it down... Not like its there wages but a random payment to nobody.
  6. Sounds like 5 million per turn & of course its two turns per week.
  7. For me the Seville changes are fine if its a result of winning it three times (even if some not there for all of it). But teams that win it once should not see such an extreme bounce in the future. I was surprised but atleast he has achieved something.The other two are on fair ratings & their clubs have done nothing of note... It would be a Mustafi type rise.
  8. Its kind of already there with the message service. Personally always just use the blank rejection & send a message unless its a really stupid bid. Find alot of managers (usually 100+ rep) will message before a bid & try to find a deal. You can also block people which sometimes is useful but if it was ingame text could complicate this aspect & add conflict.
  9. In my experience its just random. Have won and lost bids when I have placed it 1st, 2nd or 3rd & when I have had then better or worse squad.
  10. Is it just the paper talk that got Mustafi 91? Seems an odd decision off a awful season for Valencia & him personally regressing on the previous year.
  11. Agree 100% about Luan but Malcom got +6 late 2015 & has done little since. 83 is high for a 19yo & pretty much only the good young players reach it so early.
  12. Looks to me like the chairman value factor has been removed but the amount a club can offer is effected by how much money you have.
  13. Seems to be one of the most rushed reviews in a while with 4 teams changed each day compared to 1/2 a day in France & Italy. Just a mess... You have to give bigger rises to the players performing if your not dropping the 92+ players at United & Chelsea. Guess if they drop too much teams dont sell.
  14. For me its Douglas Costa by a mile. Rashford has it all to prove... maybe harder now with the new manager & big budget to spend. Alli not going to catch Costas rating any time soon at Spurs.
  15. Some odd decisions but thought they made the correct calls on De Gea, Martial, Rashford & Liverpool.
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