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  1. i think greenwood can have +5 to 88 like mbappe 3 years ago
  2. I received an offer for neymar : sterling + aouar + gio reyna and oshimehn opinions ?
  3. stay with 34 goal 13 assist 45 games? it's stats are crazy.. mmh I am 500% sure he will take +1 luckily kane, aubameyang etc didn't need a played at barca bayern or liverpool to get 95
  4. no no no, neymar is much better than lewandoski, a return to the barca and we will see the great neymar. lewandowski has a great season but does not justify a rise to 97, he never won a CL ( suarez yes, and the year it went up to 97 it was 40 goal 18 assist in liga, 59 goal 24 assist all competition.. a class above lewandowski) for me the bundesliga is not as competitive as the liga or PL, also aubameyang in dortmund put 31 goals 2016/2017... when ibra put 38 goals in french league nobody said IBRA NEED TO RISE 97 lol 96 for lewandoski is good, especially at 32 years...
  5. ronaldo and messi can keep 95-96+ for 2-3 years?
  6. this manager is crazy, 2 months ago he wanted my de bruyne for halland... it's impossible to do business with him
  7. i'm in a gw and a manager want trent AA + sadio mané for his sancho.. unbelievable I didn't know sancho was messi
  8. strange henry was 96 max in 2008 without any drop when i started the game
  9. no no no, ronaldinho had 97, yes for xavi gerrard kaka iniesta 97. only messi and cr7 have had 98+ in sm.
  10. mbappe 95 !!! fantastic and I have hope for werner 93 😄
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