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  1. Lodi is currently 82 (!!) and as far as I'm aware hasn't had a rating change. As Atletico's starting LB, and with the way he's been playing, I'm expecting high-80s in the next review?
  2. Thiago or Pogba? Big rise for Lodi of Atletico?
  3. Allison or MATS? Rank Pogba, Bernardo Silva and Coutinho?
  4. Rank Klostermann, Zinchenko, Calabria, Elvedi?
  5. Andy Robertson or Jordi Alba? (aka best LB?)
  6. Aouar is available, but a touch out of my budget, Southampton are poor Ceballos a good shout, how does he compare to Lo Celso?
  7. Good central midfielder that I could get in a swap for Under? I'm quite stacked in attack but a little light in midfield, so I'm willing to let Under go for a good midfield prospect.
  8. Elvedi or Klostermann? Rank Koke, Pogba, Thiago, Pjanic?
  9. Kouli or Hummels + Cancelo? Cancelo is my third choice full-back (Varane/Kimmich on right and Alaba/Alba on left), but these five are the only players I have at D(RL).
  10. Rank Lo Celso, Aouar and Havertz?
  11. Who has a higher ceiling Pogba or Dybala?
  12. Rank Koke, Pogba, BSilva and Verratti?
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