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  1. Rank Firmino, Dybala, Rashford, Hazard?
  2. Oops that Barcelona review hit hard That's what happens when many of your teams are in negative money
  3. Frabotta +9 lol. That's what a full-back injury/COVID crisis at a top club can lead to. Bonucci -1?! Two points below Koulibaly?!
  4. Sweet, got Singo yesterday, today he goes +7!
  5. The scenes, Milan v Juve on one screen, Trump supporters v Democracy on the other.
  6. Well that's new Morata +1 and Dybala stay?
  7. Neuer's had quite the ride, 96 to 93 back to 95 in two years! Sold him when he was down at 94 for De Gea, which was not a great move in hindsight Though I did snap up Kimmich in that GW for 440k, so can't complain too much And Alaba finally gets his 94 lol
  8. You can check out Rahul's preds on the first page. Haaland is a lock surely. Son, Bruno, Felix are just some names off the top of my head who should all rise too.
  9. Ooh coming from a United fan too! If you don't mind me asking, why do you prefer Lautaro over Dr Marcus Rashford MBE?
  10. Some slightly dodgy behaviour in one of my GWs. I'm in a small-ish game world, locked in a tight title race with a two point lead over manager A, down to the last three games. Suddenly two new managers B and C join the game world, taking over two of the teams that I am about to face. Managers B and C proceed to hoover up the best remaining players. So what should have been a reasonably simple run-in against some unmanaged teams will now be a massive scrap
  11. Damn, I sent an Aaron Hickey bid yesterday, and he goes gets a rise today before my deal is completed
  12. Rank the 23 y/o 91 rated CMs: Bentancur, Barella, Pellegrini, Neves?
  13. Rank Sancho, Dybala, Rashford? How do each compare with Goretzka (my mid and attack are similar quality)?
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