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  1. Busquets safe? Lucas Hernandez +1? Is he a better purchase than Luke Shaw?
  2. Rank Sule, Pavard, Mukiele, Kounde, Militao? Looking at D(RC) players.
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded! I wrapped up a 3-2 win, sealing the title on GD! No thanks btw to my keeper De Gea, who conceded 2 goals from 2 shots on target. Rather timely though given his performance in the shootout yesterday...
  4. Is there any reporting mechanism on SM? Some suspicious activity in one of my GWs. Locked into a title race with another team, level on points but I'm ahead on GD. I had a string of unmanaged teams to close the season, which should be manageable to get maximum points. A new manager comes in to take over the team I'm facing on Matchday 37. Fortunately, I beat this team to keep my edge in the title race. This manager then quits this team, and takes over the team I'm facing on Matchday 38! Surely that can't be a coincidence...
  5. Rank Firmino, Dybala, Rashford, Hazard?
  6. Oops that Barcelona review hit hard That's what happens when many of your teams are in negative money
  7. Frabotta +9 lol. That's what a full-back injury/COVID crisis at a top club can lead to. Bonucci -1?! Two points below Koulibaly?!
  8. Sweet, got Singo yesterday, today he goes +7!
  9. The scenes, Milan v Juve on one screen, Trump supporters v Democracy on the other.
  10. Well that's new Morata +1 and Dybala stay?
  11. Neuer's had quite the ride, 96 to 93 back to 95 in two years! Sold him when he was down at 94 for De Gea, which was not a great move in hindsight Though I did snap up Kimmich in that GW for 440k, so can't complain too much And Alaba finally gets his 94 lol
  12. Hazard, Griezmann, Auba, Dybala ranked?
  13. You can check out Rahul's preds on the first page. Haaland is a lock surely. Son, Bruno, Felix are just some names off the top of my head who should all rise too.
  14. Ooh coming from a United fan too! If you don't mind me asking, why do you prefer Lautaro over Dr Marcus Rashford MBE?
  15. Some slightly dodgy behaviour in one of my GWs. I'm in a small-ish game world, locked in a tight title race with a two point lead over manager A, down to the last three games. Suddenly two new managers B and C join the game world, taking over two of the teams that I am about to face. Managers B and C proceed to hoover up the best remaining players. So what should have been a reasonably simple run-in against some unmanaged teams will now be a massive scrap
  16. Damn, I sent an Aaron Hickey bid yesterday, and he goes gets a rise today before my deal is completed
  17. Rank the 23 y/o 91 rated CMs: Bentancur, Barella, Pellegrini, Neves?
  18. Rank Sancho, Dybala, Rashford? How do each compare with Goretzka (my mid and attack are similar quality)?
  19. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but Gianluca Frabotta (rating 73, age 21) of Juventus is worth snapping up. He started at LWB for Juve in their first league game, over Luca Pellegrini and De Sciglio (Alex Sandro injured). Pellegrini is likely to go out on loan, and it is only a matter of time before De Sciglio once again injures himself. This leaves Frabotta as the deputy LWB to Sandro. He could see quite a few minutes, and a nice rise.
  20. Bernardo Silva or Goretzka for CM? Silva is currently highly rated, but with the way Bayern is steamrolling all in its path...
  21. Just in case you want another 2 cents on this: I'd keep Mane. Salah, Sterling, Mane is an elite attack, and all three should remain 94+ for the next few years at the least. Mane is not old by any means: at 28, he is at the peak of his powers. Everyone is different of course, but I expect he should remain top class into his 30s. Furthermore, as long as Klopp is at Liverpool, Mane (and Salah too) is playing in the perfect system that maximises his strengths and minimises his weaknesses. You don't really need Coman. You already have Sancho and Pulisic, who are younger and IMO better. Sterling isn't that much older than Coman either. Dembele is younger than Coman, and probably has more upside. Valverde is, acknowledged, a real talent. However, it will be years (if ever) until he hits 94+. Same as with Coman. It is highly uncertain whether either will ever hit Mane's 95.
  22. Rank Bruno, Keita, Wijnaldum, Donny Van de Beek?
  23. De Ligt, unless depth is a real issue. Quality CBs like him are a rare breed.
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