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  1. Costa, Lewandowski, Muller or Benzema?
  2. Bale (27.3 mil) or di Maria (26.8 mil)?
  3. I have received a bid for Zlatan of 22 million which I am likely to accept; I already have 15 million. I am stuck, however, on his replacement. Here are the potential options I have drawn up: Buy Luis Suarez : This would take a mega bid. Barcelona are my main title rivals, and I would need to submit a bid worth around 40 million. I could do this by using Gotze in a part-exchange deal. Gotze has had limited appearances this season, coming on mainly as a substitute (2 starts, 5 off the bench in 11 games of the season so far) and in cup games, where I always rest main striker CR7. Despite the obvious regrets of selling a young player, Gotze has progressed slowly at Bayern (irl), where he is struggling to be a regular starter. Buy Muller/Costa/Lewandowski/Benzema (descending price order): All players would cost between 25-27 million and are direct replacements for Zlatan. Buy Bale/di Maria: Although neither can play at striker, they could play on the wing and Robben can be shifted to CF if necessary. Bale will cost about 27.3 million and di Maria 26.8 million. I would appreciate any advice. ​
  4. Do you guys think Chiellini will receive a rating rise to 95 soon? I am unsure whether to buy him, and a potential rating rise would swing my decision.
  5. Do you think Mathieu will rise in rating any time soon? I am thinking of selling him, but am unsure whether to do it now or wait for a potential rating change.
  6. Dammit Xabi's rating went down before any one had bid :mad: Now he's only worth 13 mil!!!
  7. How about sell Zlatan for James? If James is going to rise, then...
  8. Suarez would be the ideal replacement for Zlatan, but it would take a mega-deal from Barça, who are my main title rivals. Also, I tend to play Xabi in defence, since I have a strong midfield. Apart from Sergio Busquets (who I won't prize away from Barça), there are no other 95-rated CBs. Who do you reckon could become a top-quality CB? I already have Godin, but I don't see him rising to 95 any time soon...
  9. Thanks for your advice. Due to the Barça manager recently resigning, I have three more additions to transfer shortlist (all robbed from Bayern before I was manager ): Robben (26.1 mil) Neuer (29 mil) Muller (22.5 mil) This is subject to no manager joining Barça in the transitional period. Rakitic is also available from external club for 11.5 mil. Any new thoughts?
  10. See my squad below. I only have 14 mil, and James costs 24 mil, so who should I sell? Or should I just wait and hope to win league/cup and use the prize money to get James?
  11. Attachment doesn't seem to be opening on my computer either. Here it is below though.
  12. Please give me advice on who to buy, keep or sell from my Bayern squad. I currently have 40 million, and my current transfer targets are: Lloris (14.1 million) Gaya (6 million) Danilo (14.2 million) Zlatan (23.4 million) Thiago Silva (30 million) Modric (19.4 million, subject to in active manager leaving, no replacement within 7 days) Ronaldo (40 million, subject to inactive manager leaving, no replacement within 7 days) [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5096048[/ATTACH]
  13. Right now, I could potentially make one of two deals: Get David Silva for Isco + 8 million. Get James Rodriguez for Isco + 12 million. I have a gut feeling that James is going to rise in rating soon, which is why this is a decision at all.
  14. Re: Tactical help for underachieving Bayern team How about my other (underachieving ) Bayern team? ------------------Valdes-------------------- Lahm--Kompany--Mascherano--Boateng ------------------X. Alonso---------------- Di Maria--Schweinsteiger--Pirlo--Ribery -----------Lewandowski----------------- Bench: Bravo, Benatia, Jordi Alba, Rafinha, Javi Martinez, James, Aubameyang Captain: Lahm Pens: Schweinsteiger Free Kicks: Pirlo Corners: Ribery Playmaker: Alonso Target Man: Lewandowski Team instructions the same as my other team. On my radar: Lloris, Modric, CR7. To buy CR7, I would need to sell Lewandowski, my star performer so far this season (9 goals, 18 assists from 23 apps). Is it worth it? Should I sell Pirlo for Modric?
  15. Re: Tactical help for underachieving Bayern team Thanks for the replies! MarkM, CR7 cannot play at CAM, and I would probably like to include the highest rated players, but thanks for your advice anyway. I have achieved some success with a 4-4-1-1, playing CR7 as the false 9, with an arrow going forward and to the right, somewhat imitating his real-life movements. Is this the way forward?
  16. Re: Tactical help for underachieving Bayern team Added Xabi Alonso to the team. Hence would usually go 3-5-2: --------------Neuer (96)------------------- -----Ramos (95)-----Alonso (95)-----Silva (95) --------------Lahm (95)-------------------- Robben (96)--Kroos (94)--Schweinsteiger (95)--Ribery (96) --------------Zlatan (95)---CR7 (99)---------------- Bench: Oblak (87), Varane (90), Godin (93), Boateng (93), Bernat (89), Isco (91), Gotze (93) This is adaptable to 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 3-4-1-2 etc. Captain: Lahm Pens: CR7 Free Kicks: CR7 Corners: Robben Playmaker: Xabi Target: CR7 Tackling: Hard/ Normal Mentality: Normal Passing: Mixed Attack: Mixed Tempo: Normal Pressing: own half Playmaker, Men behind ball, Target man Any ideas for tactics? Are my current ones good? Zlatan down from 96.
  17. I have a really good Bayern team, probably the best in the game world, but I'm not getting consistently good results. I usually line up in a 4-4-2: ------------------Neuer----------------- Lahm---Ramos---Thiago Silva---Boateng Robben---Kroos---Schweinsteiger---Ribery -------------Ronaldo---Ibra---------------- Bench: Oblak, Varane, Godin, Bernat, Hojberg, Isco, Gotze. This is adaptable to a 4-4-1-1, 4-5-1, 3-5-2 (by moving Lahm to DM) etc. Any tactical help would be appreciated to improve my results.
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