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  1. I was about to say that they are in big trouble, but as I write Marcelo pulls one back. Again though, Madrid's forwards aren't stepping up: CR7's old best bud has shouldered the scoring burden in recent games. EDIT: whelp Madrid got screwed
  2. @Sir Rahul damn scrolled for ages through your la liga preds wondering where Real Madrid were... Let's see how they do in the Clasico today.
  3. How is Pietro Pellegri doing? Considering moving him on to snap up Jaden Sancho.
  4. Unless you're strapped for cash/want to offload some dead wood/hit with concerns, these are all keepers. Depends on your squad too -- do you have adequate cover if you sell, say, Zielinski? Ascacibar is getting hype, so maybe. (the guy got a friggin BBC article about him a little while back, so rare for a young foreign talent). Bentancur will be getting a lot more game time now with Can and Khedira out injured. If he continues to step up as he did vs Man U, he'll rise for sure. Hysaj yes, SMS no. Unless you're stacked at full-back, I'd sell SMS for Jorginho. Don't you mean Xavi?
  5. Aubameyang, Muller, Bale - who to sell?
  6. Ousmane or Rashford? Hysaj or Cancelo? Piatek rise?
  7. Rank David Silva, Casemiro, Rakitic, Pjanic, Pogba, Kante?
  8. Rank the 94 rated CBs? (Godin, Pique, Boateng, Hummels, Bonucci, Chiellini)
  9. Rank Saul, Dele, Rabiot, Tolisso and Bernardo Silva?
  10. Pulisic worth holding onto? Thinking of offloading him for money. Lemar/Thauvin/Goretzka all available?
  11. Hey @Sir Rahul, will you be doing preds for World Cup?
  12. De Gea +1, fosu-mensah +2, Mata -1 according to soccerwiki. No Lingard rise apparently?
  13. Odriozola, Mario Rui and Andy Robertson, though they're 87.
  14. Luis Suarez -1? Not that he has been bad this season, but I don't think he deserves to be rated 97, third best in the game...
  15. So Umtiti > Manolas > Varane > Marquinhos and Kovacic > Rabiot > Tolisso?
  16. Casemiro or Kante? Rank Umtiti, Manolas, Varane, Marquinhos? Rank Kovacic, Rabiot and Tolisso?
  17. Is new Real Madrid signing Rodrigo Rodrigues even on the game yet?
  18. Rank Wijnaldum, Luis Alberto, Lingard, Rodri Hernandez and van de Beek?
  19. Honestly, I don't think tactics are that important, much less important than the players at your disposal. If you have a fit, highly-rated XI, you'll probably win games so long as you don't do anything stupid tactically (e.g. play your striker at left back, play 3-3-4, never rotate so your players have 50% fitness etc). The word fit is important there: if you want to do well in the league, cup and shield, you'll need around 20 good players that you rotate through. Rotation I think is underrated: even if you don't have the best squad, a 2016/17 Zidane-esque rotation policy can win you trophies. With that disclaimer, these are the tactics that I use: 4-3-3 B Attacking mentality, normal tackling, mixed/direct passing (depending on relative rating of midfielders/forwards), mixed attack (down both flanks if you have v. good wingers), fast tempo and all over pressing generally ensures you beat teams that are worse than you. Against roughly equally-rated opponents, use hard tackling. Against stronger opposition, defensive mentality, hard tackling, mixed passing, mixed/down both flanks attack (depending on relative strength of their full backs/your wingers), normal tempo and own half pressing works well. As for formation, 4-3-3 B is still good, although if the opponent is significantly stronger, you might like to consider 5 at the back. Of course, use substitutions effectively. I tend to make changes at 60 mins. If I'm losing, I switch to aggressive tackling and direct passing. If I'm winning against weaker opposition, I change to a more defensive mentality and sub players off to give them rest (if necessary).
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