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  1. Captain is irrelevant whilst age is still debated amongst these forums. But, the bigger issue is he's had a poor 12 months (if not longer) based on his own standards. The -1 is the right call but I'm sure he could get his 94 back if he gets back to the level he was at previously
  2. Just a quick comment Metaphysical: might want to edit the Hazard/Suarez/Neymar comparison comment. Regarding their PSG comparison you state Hazard scored a penalty but you attribute him 0 goals. Do you not count penalties?
  3. Alba for sure, for me, should get 93. Busquets, in my eyes, deserves a 96 but the % chance he gets it you never know. Pique, on the other hand, I'd rather see stay 94 for another 6 months or so. He was rightfully taken down to 94 a while back and while I do agree he's on track to get his 95 back, I'd rather he backed this up with another 6 months or so of performances.
  4. I do agree that RB is more sparce than that of the LB position (based on the U23 and 90+or so rating). Just how important is the U23 to you? Darmian at 90 is only 25 and has just signed for United so likely rises soon AND has a wide range of diversity positionally. I'm not too sure of his age but Mustafi from Valencia would be a good pick up. Just recently hit 90 and I think he's capable of upping that further. Also, Jose Gimenez of Atletico might be one to consider. With Miranda at Inter, it'll likely be him and Godin starting (unless Atletico follow through with their speculation and sign Sa
  5. http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum...uis-gaya-86 Also, I very much hope that Gaya (86, LB at Valencia) gets a boost. In my eyes, he deserves a (+2). Thoughts? I recently argued this rise in another thread so please check out the link above and tell me what you think.
  6. Would like to reiterate the sentiments of vitor_mfc. Miranda has just recently been sold to Inter Milan so, unless Atletico plan on bringing in central defensive cover, expect Godin to partner Jose Gimenez next season. Gimenez's ceiling, in my eyes, is greater than that of John Stones. That's not to say I don't feel John Stones is a player and a talent because I do. I just believe Gimenez is a real rising star at the position. Another young central defender to keep an eye on is Ruben Vezo (Valencia) especially if Otamendi follows through with his comments about leaving.
  7. Just stumbled across this thread and immediately subscribed. Huge NFL and Steeler Nation fan so very much look forward to discussing such with you all. Has anyone been keeping up to date with the 'NFL Top 100 Players of 2015'? I'm anything but impartial but they, year upon year, undervalue Big Ben. Although, I'm very happy to see Antonio Brown get the recognition he deserves. #84, in my eyes, is the best wide - receiver not named Calvin. Also, anyone want to put forward any predictions for Defensive Rookie of the Year (DROY) or Offensive Rookie of the Year (OROY)? Predicted dark horse to mak
  8. I question whether the signings aren't being processed asap with the lingering switch from Nike to Adidas due to happen August 1st. Adidas won't want players revealed in their competitors kit from the previous year. It makes sense if Adidas are pushing for signings to be completed closer to the August 1st date. I'm not saying that's 100% the case but I offer it here, to the forum, for you to at least consider.
  9. Also, thoughts on Azpilicueta? For me, he deserves a (+1) from 91 to 92. Whether he gets said rise, I very much doubt. Like Hazard, I anticipate the rise happening on the next update and not this forthcoming one. Care to weigh in guys?
  10. Thoughts on Hazard guys? I don't have the same feel a few of you long - term players may have with regards to the database, but, if I was taking a stab I'd say he'll likely stay a 94 for perhaps 6 months until next season where (if his form is largely like his last season) he'll get his bump (+1) to 95.
  11. I agree metaphysical, Busquets should get the 96. Alba should also be 93 for me (+1), Suarez 96 (+1) and Neymar 95 (+1). They'll be more but it's 4:30 am here and I'm far too tired to think of any I may have missed. For me though, those are the stone wallers.
  12. For me, Neuer 96, Courtois 94 and De Gea 93. If David can sustain his level, in next 6-12 months bump him up to a 94 (in line with Courtois). And that's coming from a United fan. Courtois, for me, stays 94. Buffon is 94 and Courtois should hold 94 also imo
  13. Find myself agreeing once again with Cam. Just stumbled upon this but just made the case in another thread for a Suarez rise to (96) haha. Credit to FootballNotSoccer for having a go with a full leagues worth of ratings. Whilst it's likely disagreements will happen over ratings you've obviously gone to a lot of trouble with your predictions so kudos. Also, Gimenez deserves a decent rise too but it'll be interesting to see just how many ratings he climbs. It'll be intriguing, much like it will with Gaya (86) - Left Back of Valencia who, for me, deserves an 88 asap.
  14. Read up the feed and was shocked to see someone even debating Matic vs. Busquets. Yes, he is incredibly bad for his simulation but how many were before him and how many will after? Why do you think Barca let go of Toure back in the day? Busquets is (95) and justified as the best DM in the world. Think about the (4-2-3-1) formation...Chelsea play it and play someone next to Matic. Whilst, Barcelona, do they do the same? No. Do you see Rakitic/Iniesta tracking back? I think not. He's an absolute monster. Now, that's not to say Matic isn't a classy player and one that deserves a rise from (92) be
  15. Hmmm it's a toughy. I'd argue for a (+1) from (94) to a new rating of (95). Look at what him, Neymar and Messi did this season. Was sensational. Whether he gets that boost, is another thing completely. Best striker in the world and this is coming from a Man United fan and rightfully deserves the increase but shall see. He'd be the 1st striker I'd be targetting like. I couldn't pick him up so I had to settle for Aguero (94) which isn't a bad runners-up award. Good luck in getting Suarez though!
  16. Keep Oscar. Mourinho loves him + look at the game time he gets. Look at him when playing for Brazil too. He gets so much more freedom. Top draw talent + not too sure whether Barkley will sort himself out and develop. Take the safe bet with Oscar as you've got Pogba and Verratti who are both class and will likely rise. I'd reinvest the Barkley money into someone like Firmino who is moving to L'pool. Also consider Tielemans but he's more of a project/long term thought. Good luck!
  17. No, follow through on Vidal. Even under Alves his rating is NOT going to fall/suffer. Vidal's rating is very much on the up and I'd look for a (+1) or (+2) in the not too distant future. De Sciglio has a ceiling and Vidal's ceiling is much higher so follow through, buy Vidal. Might be also worthwhile picking up Gaya (86) from Valencia. He's a LB but was voted in TOTS for La Liga and is very much due a rise too. They're also playing Champs League next year so he'll get a chance to shine. Good luck!
  18. De Gea surely gets a raise after the season he's had. Is preferred now for Spain national side and has had a worldie of a season with United. No matter if he moves or not, definitely deserves a boost. Argument could be made for (+1) or (+2) depending but is the jump from Neuer to Courtois/Buffon/De Gea etc that steep? In my opinion, no. Courtois doesn't deserve a rise but I also wouldn't drop him. I'm a United fan so my opinion regarding De Gea is hardly impartial but I'd give him a (+1) for now and then if he does it on a continuous level next season, he should then get the (+1) half a season
  19. Pirlo has recently agreed to move to MLS so expect a rating change of at least -1, perhaps even -2 to either (93) or (94). Yaya I think they'll give the benefit of the doubt to for at least 6 months of next season but, I'm not sure if he'll again reach the level he hit so may be worth cashing in. Pep is under pressure at Bayern to sort his midfield out defensively so Alonso may see his appearances dropping next season in favour of a Rode kinda player. I'd go out and get Busquets (95) WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Pogba might also be a shrewed investment if you can pick him up? He's only (92) so yo
  20. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Jack Grealish (80) - Aston Villa Hector Bellerin (82) - Arsenal Joshua Brenet (83) - PSV Wouldn't say they're criminally underrated (with the exception of Brenet) but I'd agree they're underrated. Would be interesting to hear others thoughts. Issue with Grealish and Bellerin for me is that they're only recent forays into the first team and haven't shown the level for long enough. I watch a lot of Dutch football though and I'm very strong on Brenet being underrated.
  21. Re: Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86) I think (and hope) I've sorted it. Thanks
  22. Re: Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86) I'm in process of updating my profile as we speak however I'm unsure of how to turn on visitor/private messages. What tab/heading is it under mate?
  23. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Appreciate the heads up Cam. Only joined yesterday so still learning the ins/ours of posting/threads etc. Shall have a think on more obscure players and get back to the thread at a later time. Cheers dude
  24. Re: Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86) Really appreciate the feedback Cam and also for the heads up on the discussion within the thread. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks again
  25. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Jose Luis Gaya (86) - Valencia Toby Alderweireld (89) - Atletico Madrid (recently on loan to Southampton)
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