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  1. Raul Garcia for me due to the fact he plays a lot more. Both are fairly stable 90s atm. Remy is a pure back-up however and such little game-time may mean his rating is in trouble sooner.
  2. 91/90 prediction for me. Done well and played quite often (23 league starts, 28 appearances) in an obviously high performing team which will enable the harbouring of higher ratings (fairly obviously) I'm not as confident as the facts should maybe indicate though due to his age (SM still tend to have an element ageism) and the fact more deserving players haven't risen. So he may potentially rise in a few weeks time.I'm thinking 60% chance maybe if you want a percentage.
  3. Benzema for me, doubts the other two will ever reach his current level due to injury, league and/or age.
  4. I would personally go for the PSG trio due to the long-term benefits. Marquinhos and Verratti in particular are too of the biggest prospects around; could be huge. The City guys are only going down whilst Fernando and Demichelis are nothing really. It's just Silva and Kompany who are both nearly 30.
  5. Ummm what's changed? Where to start... there's no review schedule anymore, players can change pretty much any time although SM still do league reviews (currently coming to the end of the Bundesliga so good time to re-join with Italy, Spain and England still to go) Tactics and the match engine are still as basic and poor as ever (75 rated strikers playing at LB with 1% fitness still keep Messi in their back-pocket... Probably the most important aspect has barely changed in my 7yrs!) The squad size argument is still ongoing (and will continue to do so for the next 5 yrs) Player concerns have been introduced. There's far greater bidding restrictions, dependent on your squad's value and size (chairmen just can't help but interfere) But mainly there's far too many game-worlds meaning the number of managers in most has decreased significantly, even some golds have only 20 managers. The forum is getting quieter and quieter, this layout is less than 2 weeks old and doesn't seem to have helped the matter so you're definitely not alone in those sentiments! God I made things sound a bit depressing there didn't I? Well I'm still enjoying scouting as much as ever even if the whole riser thing is more arduous given the lack of rating schedule (I buy for prospects and not risers to sell on which helps in that respect) This has always been my main motivation and gauge of achievement though (hope that doesn't get effected too!) So welcome back but mainly hope you stick around!
  6. Would edge towards a stay, my prediction would be 87/88 so there's an outside chance of a rise. 15 starts and 15 sub appearances, 7 assists. It's hard to make a case for him to rise alongside the likes of Shelvey and Routledge who started nearly twice as much and are looking at the same rise. 87 seems about right for a back-up/rotational player.
  7. 20 league starts (5 for So'ton) could be enough for a rise. Swansea have had a really good season and the average squad rating is 88ish I would guess. So my prediction would be 87/86, edging towards the rise. Again neither would surprise me however. The likes of Routledge and Shelvey would really need to rise to 88 also to make it more in-keeping.
  8. I'm confident Fernandinho will be ok. He has the minutes and his performances weren't terrible. City came second so nothing disastrous on any front. Ramires has a stronger chance of dropping but I don't see it either tbh. SM seem reluctant to drop such players (Mikel, Lamela are two examples which immediately spring to mind who have survived worst) Ramires has been solid and before this season, has really good minutes. I think he'll stay for now but if it's more of the same next season expect a drop then - 40% chance of a drop IMO at the moment.
  9. (Was looking for a 'moan thread' like GTA online has but I guess this will have to make do...hopefully this is an appropriate outlet!) I've always come and gone from the forum due to certain individuals but I feel myself slipping again. The impatience and petulance shown at the recent reviews just gets too much. It's always the same recently. It's not even the ratings people just complain about anymore, it's any excuse. I'm mainly here for scouting, ratings info. so it's impossible to avoid. I like to try and help (used to refresh the help with deals thread back in the day due to the number of questions) but I just end up getting drawn into justifying myself over and over these days, every time. It's tedious and it's really unsurprising how quiet the forum has become and the lack of activity in the help sections/discussion threads compared to how it used to be! Don't know what I looked to achieve with that other than have a rant ha.
  10. Already mentioned and already said it's not necessarily over. Lets chill.
  11. Sterling is never going to happen, end of story.
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