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  1. Smarter AI Chairmans would be a brilliant addition to the over-all game-play aspect, not too sure if it would sort the squad size issue though (or have much of an impact, I say that as someone with regular 250 man squads) It would make signing players more expensive possibly sure but that's not going to have much of an impact on me with my 900mil bank balance. I take it you're not suggesting the AI will offer more, realistic sums for our listed players as that's only going to benefit every manager regardless of their squad size... No longer paying off concerns would hit me (slightly) not that I need to do so too often as I like to think I'm smart enough at rotating my players at the right time, i.e. start of the season seems to be the peak opportunity to lower concerns, later in the season seems harder and I learnt that a while ago, so work with it. I would say that's a small help to the perceived problem of squad sizes. It's going to hit the less intelligent, less active managers most. I've previously had problems where the sizes and valuations of my squad have prevented me buying players so you could say that's a positive thing to reduce squad sizes so not sure where you're going with that.... Although there's a fine line as sometimes it can just benefit one individual massively over another as it's likely only to become an issue when two or more people are in the same game-world with the same approach. For example two of us would bid on hot prospects when added to the game. As such we both had 200+ man squads (due to this approach) but his team value/rating was lower so he would always beat me. Extremely frustrating and hard to take seen his approach was the same as mine and had an equally massive squad. I let him buy Messi when he came unmanaged however and then I had the upper-hand again when it came to prospects. My point is again it's a minor issue which only becomes a factor versus smart managers, especially as the system currently stands. By removing it that isn't going help to reduce squad sizes but would makes things fairer (like the very old SM where it was open season bidding) Depends on your priorities though which may be different to mine. Not a fan of the rating drop idea as you're basically proposing a whole new game and with that you could end up isolating an awful amount of your current customers. From a business point of view that should only be considered if you're confident of recruiting enough new people to your game in order to negate the lost customers (of which I'd be one) (some quote about human's reluctance towards change would be pertinent here if I knew one) I can play football manager for what you propose at my own leisure. In SM I could focus on playing a few top players and make my team even stronger as they rose and forget about the rest of the squad? Seems a very simplistic game and makes the rating review system somewhat redundant. Arguably I would become even more dominant. All in all I think there's bigger problems than squad sizes (i.e. thousands of empty game-worlds which are created far too often) but I appreciate others want it looked into. All I'm concerned about is that the scouting element isn't taken out of it. I'm all for limiting top rated players if that would make some people happy but I spend an awful lot of time on soccerway scouting players to sign on soccermanager so I hope any limit would be flexible in particular with the youth squad certainly as without that I lose the game I've been playing for... (see my name) I hope that came across as objective as I'm anything but, ha.
  2. I hope SM aren't basing their reviews on Soccerway LOL. I would hope their decisions are ever evolving as they watch the leagues and real life performances, so they should already know what the changes are well in advance; emphasis on the 'hope'.
  3. Wolfsburg aren't finished! The German changes aren't finished!
  4. If you're offering CV yes. I'd only do that if you're confident they'll be no competition, if there is, add a few mill to cover the increase in value.
  5. Re. Yaya, I would agree, certainly warranted. In reality a 60%ish chance of happening I'd say to be conservative. Re, Manquillo, impossible to answer, struggled in a struggling team. If he doesn't make a bigger impact in the second year of his loan he may end up back in Atletico which might be a good thing going back their developed more with such an experience. Atletico's RBs are aging as good as Juanfran is in particular so who knows what opportunities may be around the corner back in Spain. Liverpool may sign him regardless however as I doubt they'll have many options in the market if next season is just bad and I'm not convinced that will be good for him. If they get someone like Clynne expect him to return to Spain also Id say. I would monitor how his second season in England goes. If it looks like materialising into a permanent move ironically that may prove bad overall for his career. I'd personally be more interested in him if I hear he's heading back to Spain then I might take a punt on him. 88/89 won't be too difficult in 2/3 years (being conservative) it's always that next step which proves hardest and we won't know more until we're closer to that time.
  6. No problem. At a club like Bayern which he has hit the ground running at (with more minutes than nearly everyone) I would rate him the considerably best option. 89-90/91 (likely to rise tomorrow or next day to warn) He's going to give Alba a run for his money with Spain also. Definitely Bernat.
  7. Just a tip when reporting, wait until the selling team's manager quits. SM seem much more likely to reverse a deal when this has happened so this may mean biding your time in future. The 'best' cheats stay in control of multiple teams forever and they're the worst to deal with so be happy if he's quitting the teams after he's used them, that gives you a chance! Also make sure a support ticket gets populated (check the help centre right after and look for a ticket of the correct date and time) I've found that tickets don't always get created because I've reported cheating that many times I seem blocked from doing so anymore (I get a thank you message but no 'we will look into this') I quite frankly don't know what SM are playing at by lying to paying customers like that with the suggestion they will help when they don't. My way around this is creating multiple accounts myself and using these until these too cannot report cheating anymore. Not ideal having more than one team in a game-world but SM's ignorance has made me desperate. This is my biggest problem in dealing with cheating. The ignorant lack of populated across support tickets. Make sure you check if you never used to! Make yourself familiar with the support section if you haven't already too.
  8. Bravo certainly. Ter Stegen I doubt due to lack of league games which is pretty much a bread and butter requirement for a rise. Surely (successful) Cup runs won't be enough? I did think at the time hope no-one takes my comment to be reflective of the entire Barca squad. I just couldn't be bothered to go into anymore depth as I suspected most had already been mentioned... I'm sure there's plenty of rises for the youngsters too and some changes for the back-up/rotational defenders.
  9. Probably missed the most obvious one because of how obvious it is.... Coquelin 86-88 and 90 next season if he continues the way he's playing. Reminds me so much of Makelele this season (don't usually like to use hyperbole but it's been warranted this season)
  10. There's still time. Since SM messed about with how reviews are done I've learned anything's possible and it's not over until a new league has clearly been started (and even then SM may make a random change out of nowhere)
  11. I can only repeat my first comment
  12. Bit more like it. Scuffet's stock has stalled this season with less opportunities afforded. Of the new crop of goalkeepers he's still arguably one of the best (with the likes of Wellenreuther and Hassen) but I'd personally offer that for Sterling although there's never any guarantees and it wouldn't necessarily surprise me if Calhanoglu remained just as highly rated. I don't think it's controversial to say however at the moment Sterling's future rating bracket appears to be higher.
  13. That's a big offer for Sterling with a ton of future potential, despite Sterling's obvious potential himself. Vietto and Calhanoglu aren't far off his level at all. It would be difficult to refuse such an offer for me.
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