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  1. Hello everyone I just want to quickly advertise a GameWorld that I've been a part of since 2014 and it's still going strong. I'll post a few positive facts about the GameWorld and if you think that you'd enjoy being a part of this league, then please do join. The league is active and every manager usually logs in every 1 - 3 days. (There's currently 14/20 clubs managed) The league is definitely competitive and the league history is proof of that (3 different managers have won in the past 3 seasons) The league has a lot of the managers communicating with each other whether it's regarding negotiating, replying to posts or just simply posting a match review in the news feed. Most of the managers are unselfish and willing to negotiate the sales of players. (Including myself) The league is now into it's 22nd season and still quite activate considering it's a custom GameWorld (14 matches have already been played) So if anyone is interested in joining this league, the GameWorld ID is 6062
  2. The season has just ended and a few managers have decided to leave the league because they weren't very successful in the league The new season has begun but we're only in pre season, so there's definitely some time to build a strong team before you fall too far behind. If anyone would like to join this league and attempt winning it, the game world ID is 6062
  3. I've created my own custom game world and obviously I invited my friends into it first, but now I need some active managers to fill in the remaining slots. The game world ID is 242891. come and join us (managers must log in once every 10 days or they'll be kicked)
  4. What kind of things do we need to do to keep our manager activity up?
  5. Why has Yaya Toure's value dropped so much if he's only gone down 1 rating to 94? He's now only worth 14.1m
  6. A new season has started and we're currently on match day 5. Chelsea has just become unmanaged because their manager was sacked for being inactive for 30 days. A new manager is now needed but we'd prefer it if he/she was active daily and didn't hog their players. If that sounds like you, then feel free to join this league. the Game World ID is 6062.
  7. Does increasing my players salary put their morale up? And if not, then what can I do to raise my players morale?
  8. I would just like to know whether or not this is true, does playing my players in friendlies lower their concerns level? And also, how long does it take for a players concern level to go up?
  9. How long does it take for a players concern level to go up? seems slow.
  10. There are managers in the same custom game world as me that only log in every 3 - 4 weeks. Why can't custom game worlds manager activity be lowered to 14 as well?
  11. Erm by the way guys, I'm talking about managers who buy all thhe best players from unmanaged clubs and hog them for themselves. so it was an idea to help reduce how much they can do it. I don't mind about squad sizes unless i see someone with a squad size of 159. (saw it recently)
  12. Can someone tell me if the league table is refreshed for the new season on the day that new fixtures are announced or the same day as the first fixture of the new season. Which one is it?
  13. Some player hog in the same league as me managed to get him for just 3m.
  14. I think that the best manager rankings should be ordered by how succssful a manager has been while competiting in the league instead of how many points they've earned (success = trophies). An example of this would be that a manager competing in the same league as me is ranked the 9th best manager of all time just because he's earned 290 points in 141 matches, but he's never won a trophy in the league. Whereas I'm ranked the 11th best manager of all time just because I've earned less point then him (263 points in 130 matches) But i've earned 4 trophies in 4 seasons. Wouldn't that make me the more successful manager? I'd also like to suggest that the points a manager has earned should be split into two seperate sections. One should be called "most points earned by a manager" which will put the managers in order of how manager points they've earned since they've started competiting in the league and the other should be called "most points earned by a manager with a single club" This will rank the top managers in order of most points earned with a single club instead of various clubs. These suggstions will allow the current Hall of fame/Leaderboard to remain and also display the specific achievements of a manager instead of falsley earning their right to be named the "best manager of all time."
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