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  1. Tnx! I read in one topic that someone is calculating % of rise based on minutes on pitch. Pure mathematics.
  2. How value is calculated? What does it depend on? Age, position....
  3. Can someone tell me more about the valuation formula or where can I read about it? Thank you!
  4. Hy guys. Is there any way to be sure get player when there is multiple bid? Im in GW where every day we fight for new players added to database. Sometimes there are over 10 bids for single player (mbappe, havertz etc.). I wounder if I can have somehave better odds. In old SM I remember that clubs with lower total value of players got them in 99%. Now its not happening anymore. I wrote massage to SM few months ago with question what algorithm do they use to determin where players will transfer and they responded its complitely random. But there must be something. Hidden or open transfer bid? First or last transfer bid? Club value? Division? Logging frequency? I dont know! Whats your expirience? Sorry for bad english and grammar, Im from Balkans
  5. Hy, I have offer to get de bruyne for my kovacic. Yes, deal sounds like what are you waiting for but: 1. De bruyne wont be my starter. I play 424, two in the middle are Modric, Vidal, Alcantara, Iniesta and 4 up front Neymar Messi Ronaldo Griezzman, Bale, Hazard, Aguero, Muller. I double playera in every position. Is he 95, 95 material in City? He is one of best players but without trophies it wont happen. And I not interested if he will get +1 with 30 years old 2. Kovacic is in Real. He is playing better and better in every game. Zidane is giving him more oprotunities and he is 3 years younger than de bruyne. So potential is big. He can get even more minutes because Modric is not getting any younger.
  6. I know, too bad. Modric is to old to get 96 anytime, kroos could in next years if real keep dominating...
  7. Its such a joy to watch kroos and modric. Modric should have 3 assists tonight. I hope they will win CL and primera and both get +1!
  8. But I dont mind, I have kimmich weigl and brandt
  9. Heheheh evolved, just buying new players for their soccer manager. Imagine if hyped players not geting their ratings up...few years ago no way auba, brandt, kimmich would get +1 at same situation...
  10. Bundesliga started this morning, finally this is the best part of game and its getting worse every year I have question, which players should I buy? I entered new GW and I have about 40M at the moment. I would like to buy biggest risers so I could double my money. I have some assumtions about players value. He should be at least +2 or +3 at this rewiev and should not have birthday next 3 months (while under transfer ban) because it will lower his value. I bought: Pulisic Ousmane Dembele Havertz
  11. I would go for Lukaku. I feel that Lukaku can achive more through NT of Belgium.
  12. I just want to know does value have any effect on performance? I hope not! Btw what a beautiful morning for my team: Varane +1 Bale +1 Kovacic +1 Casemiro +1 Asensio +2 To bad I dont have Kroos to par him with Modric in my team I think Real Madrid fans can be very happy...
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