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  1. Taaaaa daaaaaa its all for la liga! Carrasco closed terrible review of la liga...
  2. I think they all have Hazard in their teams...no one have godin or bale or alba or I cant even name them all
  3. Godin or Vitolo + Kouyate + A.Ayew + Inigo Martinez? I have fantastic 4:D No one of them are starters, but Godin would in pair with Ramos. I have also Mascherano and Gimenez as backup.
  4. Maybe because Vazquez is called in national team...
  5. Jesus, Mustafi 91, Gimenez 90?!? Benzema wont get +1, Neymar no way...he had bad last month in season, right?
  6. Really SM?!? No rise for Godin? Not even Gimenez?!?!?!?!
  7. Dude, after I read your topic I tried that 424, with Neymar on LW, Ronaldo on RW and Higuain and Muller on 9 and 10. I have Modric and Vidal as midfielders. I have 3W 0D 0L and goal difference +9 in 3 games in very competitive gw.
  8. Im pretty sure godin and gimenez will be reviewed tomorrow...
  9. Imo I would go for Griezmann. About the money, for example in my GW money means almost nothing. Almost all transfers between managers are p/e transfers. If money is an issue, try to look for maximum amount of money between values of both players
  10. Im playing SM for 5 years, goalkeeper never got injured, always at 100%, never got red card
  11. I tried diffrent variants with all my clubs( stronger and weaker) and is seems its just random...I cant find any pattern. I even wrote to SM and this is the answer I got: "To answer question 2 if you have two bids gone in for a player of the same value. The player will be assigned to the team he has a better chance of starting. Essentially the player makes the decision." Later: "The player will decide based on where he percieves to have more chance of first team football." Also: "We cannot give any advice as this could give you an unfair advantage over other members. You are welcome to sign up to the SM Forum - http://forum.soccermanager.comand ask for tactical advice from experienced members of our community who will be more than happy to answer your queries."
  12. Since Gimenez didnt play in CL finals I think he will get only +1
  13. Ok, this is my last post about Rugani and Tah. I got new offer for Rugani. He sent me Tah + 1 player from the list: Kondogbia Arnold Oliver Torres Aboubakar Ake Fischer Ibe El Haddadi Hendrix Werner Castillejo Stendera Kongolo Between Tah and Rugani, I'm still not sure, Tah will for sure be starter for Leverkusen, Rugani, it depends. Maybe its time for Barzagli to sit on bench:D In the future, I can see Rugani as 92, 93 in Juventus, he is great player. On the other hand Tah can reach it also but not in Leverkusen. Tah is 2,5 years younger, plus for him! And in my team I have Ramos, Mascherano, Gimenez and Mustafi for D© so both of them must work hard to be starters in my team. Its such easier to give advice for someone else
  14. No way, Mustafi to 91! I almost sold him I agree that Laporte should get +1 but also Gimenez +2. But as New Dawn Fades said applying logic to sm these days...just dont...
  15. Maybe but maybe Bale, Ozil, Isco, Verratti
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