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  1. Keep Weigl, younger, more perspective player, Dortmund is much better than Inter and Weigl is future of national team of Germany.
  2. In my opinion I would go for Gundogan but on the other hand, you have enough dmc mc players so miky could be a better option for your team.
  3. What happend with Gimenez last night? Why Savic was starter? I expected him in first XI.
  4. Hy, one tricky question! Higuain or Benzema? Can Benzema get 95 in this review?
  5. I just sold Yannick Carrasco for Max Meyer and Filipe Malcom. What do you think?
  6. You think Tah is better than Rugani? In the future?
  7. Hy, what do you think? Max Meyer and Jonathan Tah or Daniel Rugani and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco.
  8. I hope so, he was brilliant this season. If Real win CL, he will get +1
  9. If Banega hits +1 than Krychowiak should also get +1 But just becouse they won EL.
  10. I have Strootman and I will keep him. He has been out for lonf time due to injury but I have hopes he will return ro his level. Good news are he is back and he has all summer long to get back in good shape. There are a lot rumours about Nainggolan's and Pjanic's departure this summer, Keita is 36 years old, De Rossi 32. I think he will be starter next season if Pjanic or Nainggolan leave Roma. For now only Gerson in coming to town but he is more attacking midfielder. Thats my opinion on Strootmans situation )
  11. I told him to report bug. But then I opened club list and saw that club was offered to one of managers from my gw. Maybe after he rejects offer it can be offered external. But in the other hand, why is there button offer club and mail was sent?! No sense...
  12. Hy, I have one problem. One of managers left his club in my GW, so I clicked on his ex club, clicked on "offer club",mail, entered my friends e-mail. He recived invitation, registered, but when he opened link from his mail he can not manage that club, for that club says "Managed" and name of manager "unknown". Before this new interface I used to invite my friends for specific club in my GW. Why cant he take that club? And why its managed and unknown if I sent invitation to take it?
  13. I rotate my first 11 all the time, I used to play only with players with 100% or 99% condition. But what happend, now I have Modric, Ramos, Gotze, Neymar, Ronaldo, Higuain with level 1 concern. They all have more than 30 games(31, 32...)?!? Ok, than I should pick first team by rating not value...so mascherano should be starter not stones.
  14. Ok, here is my question... Should I pick players for my starting XI based on players value or rating? For exmaple who should be my starter Stones 89(24M) or Macsherano 93(18.8M)? I like to pick team by value but then why do ratings stand for? I hope someone knows the answer:D
  15. I see modric benzie and bale +1 if they win CL or LaLiga, casemiro also...
  16. Hy. Any chance Bonucci or Mascherano hitting 94? I have offer to change my Higuain for one of them. Imo Higuain will not get 95. I have also Griezman, Neymar, Ronaldo, Muller,Kane and Lukaku but only Ramos in defence. I think Bonucci is way better option but is he worth giving up on Higuain?
  17. Hy, I have one interesting offer. Dele Alli or Rulli + Boufal?
  18. Hy good people Can you order players, in your opinion, who is better talent for the future. Weigl, Dele Alli, Rabiot. Thak you!
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