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  1. Quick question: Manuel Neuer or Keylor Navas?
  2. I have max 9 mil to spend on a CB, can you tell me which one is most likely to stay at 90? - Howedes - Luiz Gustavo - Glik I know they are not great but they are only available now... I am looking for a player only for a half season (recently joined to the team full of transfer banned players). Or maybe some 89 rated, who is likely to get an upgrade (max 9 mil worth)
  3. Congrats to everyone who survived the first season. Next one will be even more competitive with Messi, Ronaldo and Hazard playing full season. Glad to take title and now manager of the season. Hopefully, we will be still at the top at the end of the next one. Good luck for everyone in season two!
  4. So... Tell me how you are not on the top of the table? Score how many you want, but if you can't get 3 points, then who cares?
  5. First time my player gets flop of the turn. Tbh I didn't even realize that Kasper played badly. Monreal again in team of the week. I wonder how many Melbourne City players will be in team of the season ­čĄö
  6. So I am probably not the only one struggling with economy... Many Melbourne City FC players will have to leave because of their too big wages
  7. Balotelli scoring goals and goals, perfect replacement for Aduriz. Saul playing great as well. Melbourne City on fire right now
  8. MATCHDAY 4 - RESULTS Vegalta Sendai - Gamba Osaka 0-3 FC Tokyo - Kashiwa Reysol 0-2 Nagoya Grampus - Kawasaki Frontale 2-1 Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo - Urawa Red Diamonds 0-1 Vissel Kobe - Matsumoto Yamaga 5-0 Shimizu S-Pulse - Omiya Ardija 1-1 Ventforet Kofu - Jubilo Iwata 2-2 Sanfrecce Hiroshima - Yokohama F. Marinos 0-3 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu 3-0 TEAM OF THE MATCHDAY 4: Langerak (Nagoya) - Barzagli (Yokohama), Pepe (Vissel), Luisao (Vissel) - Tanaka (Vissel), Schone (Gamba), Diego (Gamba), Valbuena (Gamba) - Aouar (Kashima) - Aduriz (Gamba), Ibrahimovic (C / Yokohama) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Yokohama F. Marinos) gets the player of the round 4 award. MOTM award, 2 goals and one assist in 3-0 win against Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Alex GT (Vissel Kobe) was rewarded manager of the round 4 award. He is fourth manager to get that award (currently there are 8 in this GW). His Vissel Kobe gets an impressive 5-0 win over Matsumoto Yamaga. This could be the last post here, can't see any feedback from anyone (just me posting...)
  9. Wait for his upgrade, maybe he will unblock himself after that
  10. Monreal and Aduriz again. Performing well all season long. Hopefully, they can stay on this level for a long time. Adelaide finally lost a game. It was just a matter of time with so many draws. Someone had to give that extra factor. And guess what, Aduriz deliveres
  11. I am an Arsenal fan but I don't think Arsenal was (is) on Juventus level. Juventus is top team in Europe, they were able to get into the UCL final twice in last couple of years. Juventus is the biggest team in Italy (the only one better than Arsenal IMO) and well... they can't do anything with that (Napoli and Roma are constantly messing up). And I think that -1 for him is fair enough. He was not as important as he was before, only 21 games and he is 34 years old. Good for a backup RB, maybe to give Bellerin competition. I would't take whoscored as a good source. According to them, Mustafi was one of the best CB in the league (but he was not - he is 90 right now). They are using an algorithm and sometimes its just not right
  12. Oh God no upgrade for Trippier... I bought him in my 5 teams or something... Why SM still didn't transfer it into the game... It would be really useful for me in today games
  13. Lucas Torreira or Lorenzo Pellegrini? Which one has bigger chance to go up? Or any other CM/CDM who can go w in the next weeks?
  14. MATCHDAY´╗┐ 3: Gamba´╗┐´╗┐ Osaka - FC Tokyo 3-0 Kashiwa Reysol´╗┐ - Nagoya Grampus 4-0 Kawasaki Frontale - Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo 3-3 Urawa Red Diamonds - Vissel Kobe 2-0 Matsumoto Yamaga´╗┐ - Shimizu S-Pulse 1-2 Omiya Ardija - Ventforet Kofu 3-2 Jubilo Iwata - Senfrecce´╗┐ Hiroshima 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinos - Kashima Antlers 0-1 Sagan Tosu - Vegalta Sendai 0-2 Excellent performance by Kashiwa Reysol, getting 3 points in 4-0 win. Great game between Kawasaki and Hokkaido, 6 goals thriller there. TEAM OF THE MATCHDAY 3: Langerak (Nagoya) - Sasaki (Sanfrecce), Terry (Gamba), Evra (Kashiwa) - Pereira (Gamba), Xavi (Kashiwa), Valdivia (Kashiwa), Alberto (Jubilo), Robinho (Kashiwa / C) - Aduriz (Gamba), Villa (Kashiwa). Robinho (Kashiwa) gets the player of the turn 3 award. Goal, asisst and MOTM award in excellent performance against Nagoya Grampus. Julio Vargas Salazar (Kashiwa) is crowned manager of the turn 3 for his team performance.
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