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  1. how do you find out all the new players? the 14 year old was Kreshnik KRASNIQI . trying to find more young players to buy and send on loan.
  2. Possibly the youngest player in the database at 14 years old, rated 65. Surely one to watch out for. Anyone else know any other players under 16 to look out for?
  3. Myself and my mates made a league and all signed up using Facebook login. One of my mates logged out and when he logged back in it's basically made a new account and has no clubs. A different username and reputation is 40. His original is still in our league with reputation 50 but can't log in to it.. it's the exact same facebook account .. whys this happened and how to fix it??
  4. Jamie1690


    Hi, My gold membership runs out in 11 days. I currently manage 5 clubs, will it go back to 3 and kick me out of 2 if I don't renew?
  5. 1- I play on android and have gold membership yet still get ADS .. I thought with gold you don't get them anymore? ? 2- how exactly does the player fitness work? On my team RVP has been at 70% for 2 or 3 days now and not regained any fitness . Thanks in advance
  6. Hi everyone. I already made a post in custom game worlds but I think that may be the wrong section. Me and my mates just started a league up and going from past experiences thought it would fill up quickly. About 10 games into the 1st season and no one had joined so came here to spread the word as we want it to be more competitive . The ID is 237885. (FIFA Thursdays) Everyone is welcome.
  7. Yeah I know, once we opened the league we thought the teams would have went quickly from going by past expierances! So when they never we just started bringing in transfers. Thats why I made the post because we want it to be more competitive and have more real managers playing. Thanks for joining though
  8. Hi everyone. Returning player to soccermanager and loving the new setup for apps on Android and apple. Me and some mates decided to make a league again and now we have our teams it's now open to the public. Noticing that it's not as popular as years ago I've came on here to spread the word. Game world ID = 237885 (FIFA Thursdays) Everyone is welcome.
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