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  1. Should I use denis chervysev and lucas silva to get schurrle/aubameyang/leno. Who should I get. In need of striker and gk position so getting either one is fine. And thanks for the ramos deal. The deal is going thru with bonucci and marchisio coming.
  2. Mate its me again. Ramos for marchiaso and bonucci? I'm leaning on this deal as both are playing pretty well and I'm in need of depth.
  3. Just received a bid for sergio ramos. The manager is giving me sahko and henderson. I know this deal is not the best but is in gold world and in need of depth. So am I making a correct decision? Thanks guy. On top of that I'm getting 9mil too.
  4. Bonucci and asamoah for ramos. I'm getting the both lad. Currently thinking of doing the deal. What you guys think? Thanks.
  5. Filipe anderson or lucas silva and denis cheryshev? Which side is better? Please help
  6. Daniel sturridge and jordan henderson for benzema. Who's getting the better side of the deal? Please help.
  7. Guys I have keylor navas and I can swap him for Mattia perin or get rodrigo caio(85). Who should I get?
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