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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread If anyone wants a friendly tonight, send an invitation to Sunderland.
  2. Re: The Official Serie A Thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=1913411&postcount=1164 http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=1887138&highlight=fiorentina#post1887138 I criticized La Viola's last mercatos and the management of the club in recent years a while ago through these two linked posts. It seems to have paid off, as they, in my opinion, easily has had one of the best mercato's out of the teams in Italy. It would have been the best should they not have lost out on Behrami and Gamberini. One can't complain though, as the team and management looks much more well balanced now under Montella. Perhaps not as well balansed as under Prandelli's time, but on paper, pretty neat indeed. One could have wished that they'd opt to go with Lo Monaco as sports director. At Catania, he and Montella did wonders with signing them and utilzising them. Given La Viola's economical strictions, Lo Monaco could have excelled under another summer tour in his beloved South America. Nonetheless, the Della Valle family seem to know what they're doing. This blend of talented youngsters emeringing (Seferovic, Camporese, Zohore and Nasatic) mixed with a fire powders (Cassani, Viviano, Roncaglia, El Hamadoui, Cuadarado, Jovetic and Matías) looks very, very interesting in my opnion. I can definitely see them hunting a top-5 finish if everything goes according to the plan.
  3. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I like it how you're after our youths. First Kakuta and now Hazard. English teams seem to have a fetish with messing with Lens - Assou-Ekotto, Abeid and Situ springs to mind.
  4. Re: The Official Serie A Thread So, Bertolacci has joined Genoa after being signed by Roma on a five-year deal. Infact, I think Genoa bought 50% of his contract. Anyway, that's irrelevant. I really think he is underrated and that he will flourish to the public eye at a bit more crowd-pleasing team. He was very effective at Lecce. Though he had to sacrifice his box-to-box play displays a play a more unnoticeable role at the team, which included focusing on protecting the back four. Either way, he is a class player. Definitely the player to watch at Genoa for me. I think Zeman knows the talent he posseses, as the five-year contract suggests. Hopefully, it'll be utilized by il giallorossi. Throwing away a talented academy-graduate (assuming he will have a successful loan spell at rossoblù), would be stupid. Almost vague by Zeman standards. In his specific tactics, there's a need for three centre-midfielders. One that acts virtually as ''a fourth striker'', one that exploits the midfield-area and covers up for ''the fourth striker'' and one that acts as an box-to-box player. I think the latter option is the best for Bertolacci. Looking at the current Roma squad, players that should be able of competing for the same spot as him, are Marquinho, Greco, Perrotta and possibly Pjanic. Perrotta hasn't had so much of a look-in in recent years and I doubt he will get so much this year as well given how his talent has gone down in a spiral. Greco will be offloaded to Pescara, most likely. Marquinho and Pjanic are the players that could hinder Bertolacci's progress, especially the first mentioned. I think it's a dead certainty he'll occupy that role. Why do I think so then? Well, first of all, given de Rossi's successes in the Euro's as a centre-back, I reckon he'll mantain his position there for Roma as well. A defender with a technique that's good enough to start an attacking-build up is generally considered favourable by coaches with an attacking-philosophy. Look at Barca: Piqué isn't too shabby, and Milan had Thiago whilst Martínez's does the same at Athletic Bilbao. All three clubs with an attacking-mentality. de Rossi at the defence should open up ''the exploiting midfielder position'' he intially would have had. A role I hope and think might go to Tachtsidis, actually. Acting ''as a fourth striker'', is what Lamela will be kept busy with under Zeman. I think it's a low odds on this one. That leaves out Marquinho, Lamela, Perrotta and Greco to compete for the last spot in the midfield. I've already expressed my thoughts on that matter, so there's no need to go further on that. So, let's just roll back and see how he evolves at Genoa...
  5. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Too slow. I cannot see him making the difference in a big game at that position. I'd rather have Boateng there in that case.
  6. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Well' date=' one could argue about it if Robinho, Pato or Cassano would have an off-day. However, as a Milanista, I've noticed that Allegri prefers his defensive players to come up and join the attack. We've seen Nocerino scoring the odd goal every now and then, Emanuelson sweaping in crosses or add a touch to the midfield and even Ambrosini making the odd deep-running. All three are usually used as defensive players (though Emanulson makes the odd change up to CAM). Moreover, Allegri is making sure that his wide-defenders makes reaches the opponents defensive areas. Abate, who was originally a winger, is a product that Allegri has turned into a sucessful offensive wing-back. On the left, a limited technique is what has hindered Antonini from shining up as strongly as Abate has done. Though, with Didac, I wouldn't say that things could go wrong. I therefore would expect that the attacks starting from the wings will be equally balanced this year. This should enable Abate of having more fuel to the tank by the end of games - thus making sure he could use it have a go against tired opponents. The main issue is the trequarista role though. Without it: [list'] [*]How could we get that extra gunpowder? Kakà, Rui Costa, Boban and Savicevic etc. all had it. That could make it or break within a tight game. [*]All the players whose primary task is to defend, will only tire themselves off with running non-stop up and down. With a trequartista, the player in focus could only put himself in the creativity spot. Thus, leaving the others to their original job. [*]It would also add some stardom to the trequartista should he be successful. We all know how teams feared Kakà and placed two players to hold him, which enabled other attackers to use some more free space. [*]If a decent trequartista would have existed, a plan B would have always existed. Which is to stay the style of attacking we're using right now. So as you can see, I am not only hoping of getting replacements to Ibra and Thiago - I'd also like to see a trequartista arriving. We've been meaning to get one since Leo and his extreme 4-3-3 got sacked, which was two summers ago. It's been pretty clear that this hole has got to be fixed in some games and it's about it time it should. Main this is dineros, though. Ganso is outpriced for Milan and another potential arrivial - Kakà looks more likely to follow Ibra than to move back. A player I would have wanted is Diego: Got an Italian passport, had a decent at Atlético the little I saw and has everything to prove in Italy (he never really wanted to leave il Bianconeri, but got sold behind his back). I know those Werder Bremen displays can be seen again. The only problem is that he wishes to stay in Atlético, but if Atlético can't pay up those €15m, I can see Galliani doing something about it. I doubt it at €15m, but like I've said a million times, he's a master at dealing. Once thing that worries me regarding the Brazilian is that he didn't really cut it at Juve's 4-3-1-2 and we play the same formation. I know there was an awful lot behind the scenes that hindered his progress (and many others), but it's still a worrying sign.
  7. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Dzeko's favourite team is Milan, he loves Italian football and was on the hot track for Milan before City intervened. Put two and two together and it seems likely that he'll join us but for that to happen, he will need to: Lower his wage demands. And accept our situation and that we aren't ''la grande Milan'' at the moment Also, of course, economically-speaking, Galliani will have to press down City's demands for him. He'd be perfect. Pato, Cassano and Robinho are all flairy players. Dzeko, on the other hand though, is ''a killer''. He knows when it's time to hit the net. Start up with either one of the trio I mentioned before and alongside the Bosnian and I'd think his killer-insticts would be utilized superbly with the other strikers' creativity and acknowledge to split up the defence with it. In that way, I sense nothing could go wrong with him. Also, give it up for Ogbonna. The man is class. Granata should just sell him on after all he's done for them. I understand he's a gem, but the player in question must have some vision with his career. I think it's time for him to move up. Why? He was a Serie B-player that got selected to play for Italy earlier this summer. His attractiveness couldn't be much higher at this rate. He was one of the more stand out players in the Torino team that earned promotion. If he also succeeds in Serie A, not only will his price be higher then - Juve and Inter will for sure hunt him as well. He isn't looked by anyone except for potentially Milan. Galliani is a master at dealing, so a ''steal'' could happen by convincing Cairo that no one's really interested in Ogbonna. Of course, there's a down side with this: Coming up as a promoted team, Torino might want to hang on its side as neat as possible. Therefore, even though Cairo would accept a bid for Ogbonna, Ventura might object. Come to think about it, Torino, ever since getting relegated back in '09, has spent an awful lot of money (given Serie B-standard). Everytime it has failed... Well, up until now. Having said that, Ventura, the last time he gained controll over a newly-promoted Serie A-side (took over Bari after Conte during the summer of '09), changed its central-defence pair. We all remember the dynamic duo of Ranocchia and Bonucci, right?
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 If Roma does sign Nenê, then I think PSG is ''worser'' than City. I've never seen a top scorer getting replaced by so many star-filled players (which most likely indicates that he'll start from the bench should he stay). At least City believes and has given a chance for some of their youths (ie Guidetti and Boyata). PSG though, like Didi and I have said from time to time, is lying on a perfect place to fish up talents and utilize them. Yet, no one has been given a chance under Ancelotti. €6.5m does sign neat for a 30-year old though. I hope it's only for the reason to cash in on him they sell him. Once again though, money isn't exactly what the owners care about...
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Well done. Forgot about the game though. Cheers. Took me a while to build! On topic of my youth team; Happy with that. Didn't get any competition. Nizza's got a revolution going on and Bosetti is the most talented youngester they have. He'll get his chance sooner or later for Nizza.
  10. Re: The Official Serie A Thread I hope not. I like him and think he could turn out to become a great defender' date=' but we need to think for now. If lo scudetto should be sealed in, then we need players who knows what it takes and players who are next to fully developed. Papa can be that player, but in like 2-3 years. Would be better than nothing, I guess... Anyone who says Juve won't take home the title is [.....']. It's pretty obvious now where the title will go. I'd just like to add that they'll do extremely well out in Europe. Semifinal at least! I read somewhere on here that the big teams in Italy will now have to rely on their youth teams a lot more and try to utilize it more. That's totally true. It's definitely the way to go. Therefore, my point from February still stands ~ LINK.
  11. Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  12. Re: The Official Serie A Thread It's irrelevant. Silva signed the papers by himself' date=' not Berlusconi or Galliani. It was Milan that wanted to sell him and that he got that feeling as well. However, the mistake he did was to say ''that he never wanted to leave Milan for PSG'' just days before leaving. Also, earlier this year, he said ''that he wanted to become a bandiera for Milan''. Both. Astori's signed a new contract with Cagliari, Silvestre's joined Inter, Lucio's joined Juve, Gamberini's joining Napoli and Benatia will cost us €18m. Knowing Berlusconi, he'd pay €9-10m tops at the moment for a player. That means we will have to find at least one new defender from a foreign league, who'll most likely take his time adapting to Serie A. Not to mention that Abbiati will have to learn three new defenders style of play (Didac, Silva's replacement and Acerbi) and that these new defenders will have to learn each other's games fluently. Brilliant. Ciao Scudetto! EDIT: Verratti will fly to Paris later this evening. Shame, he could have become a sensation this season. Most likely, he'll hit the bench, be played in the cup games, rot away as the time goes and join a low side Serie A or a Serie B team in a couple of years.
  13. Re: The Official Serie A Thread I know. The thing is, Serie A, who was previously the classic league, has been receiving a lot of stick in recent years despite having had players such as Kakà, Ibra, Sneijder, Sjevchenko, Cannavaro, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Lavezzi and so on.... Yet, I've always defended the league. Serie A is no doubt more wide open than La Liga or the EPL, and of course that's a positive thing. However, it doesn't have any superstar attraction now without Ibra - which Raiola (his agent) has already stated. Therefore, it's wide open for haters to drop by. I can't blame them. Also, I don't really particulary care about where Zlatan goes. Dhorasoo putted it in the best way possible: ''So much money for a 31-year old is outrageous''. I'm sure Dzeko will be the replacement of him despite Mancini denying it. Galliani is a transfer-guru in a good and bad meaning. I would have wanted Destro, but it seems Roma are nabbing. Dzeko is a good player though, and will replace Zlatan nicely should he join. What upsets me is the sale of Thiago Silva. He is the irreplaceable one. We made a good financial win on him, as he joined on a free one and now has been sold for €45m. However, the whole of him cannot be replaced at all. He is the best defender in the world. But he does have a lousy attitude - just a week ago, he signed a new deal with Milan ''and said that he never wanted to leave Milan for PSG''.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Awesome signing in Borini.
  15. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Grrr Serie A. I've been defending the league for ages, but now, within the space of a week, it's been destroyed. Zlatan and Silva to PSG and the easily best player of Roma last year - Borini - now gone for peanut fees. Juve to walk away with lo Scudetto is next to a certainty now. Yes, I know I may regret saying this, but I'm so annoyed at the moment.
  16. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 PSG is destroying the league. I'm still in shock and I hate Swedish media right now - they just bought over the rights for Ligue 1 to the biggest sports channel here and think they can all act experts on the league and especially PSG. Everything that I love about Ligue 1 has been destroyed over the space of a week. And it doesn't help that I'm a Milanista... Sorry, just needed to call it out somewhere.
  17. Re: The Official Serie A Thread True' date=' was just goning to say that. Either way, I'd be more worried of losing Thiago than Ibra. The latter can be replaced, the first mentioned can't. I hope we go for Destro and perhaps even Gameiro (one could hope we get him + cash for Ibra). They just signed Canini (good signing actually). Here's a link. I can't really shorten it down, as Genoa is like an airport - several departures and arrivals day and night.
  18. Re: Official 2011 Formula 1 Thread Agreed. Pastor came of the pits with cold tyres and then tried to cope with Pérez's speed and blamed the tyres for the incident. That's just plain stupid. It's elementary-knowledge that cold tyres equals less grip. This isn't the first time he gets into a situation like this, so I hope he gets statued with a tough penalty for this forthcoming race. Others shouldn't take after his defending. On a side note, Red Bull came off with another good strategy for their drivers. Webber with better tyres than Santander in the closing stages of the race and Vettel driving past Massa thanks to an earlier pit-stop for the German. On the topic of Massa: What a race! Awesome job. I hope he can carry on this form.
  19. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Friendly anyone? I'm Sunderland...
  20. Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  21. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Short summary: Lyon's mercato looks interesting (rumors have it that Chantôme will join on loan and that Corgnet will be acquired for €5 m.). The latter even twittered ''that he's hopeful of playing for Lyon next season''. Will try to get back at this shortly...
  22. Re: The Official Serie A Thread I thought he looked solid at Almería' date=' which was before he joined Genoa. While in Genoa, like many player has been, he got shipped away from the club even before the club knew who they had signed (not literally of course). From his small time at Genoa, he looked quite decent once again. I suspect he'd be a good signing for you guys, as he's been rock solid time to time and has managed to play well in both the top leagues of Italy and Spain. Was exactly going to say that after I had read the recent posts on here. Couldn't have said it better. EDIT: I'm going to make a bold statement: Juve will make it to the CL-semifinals at least next season.
  23. Re: Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Zenit is the winner. Last time I checked' date=' Lukovic, at least in Serie A at Udinese, was a liability. Granqvist was one of the better defenders (and player) in Genoa last year. Of course it was not so hard to be that, but given the amount of quality players they have and the fact it was his first season in Italian football, I would have expected Genoa to hang onto him or at least sign a better replacement. Lukovic may have taken his game into a whole new level. I doubt it though. Just look at his value on [i']transfermarkt.com[/i]. He is a regular for Zenit, but has still lowered his value - that's got to say something about his ''quality''. Less expectations? I doubt it. Garrone ''wants a top 10 finish'' for Sampdoria the next season - that's why Ferrara replaced Iachini. That's a lot harder for a newly promoted side to reach in one of the biggest leagues than what it is for Juve to reach a CL-spot. Again, it's a bit stupid acting by Garrone. I seem to think that he's had a look over his shoulder on how his neighbours with Preziozi in the headlight is running his club.
  24. Re: Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread I'm not so sure about this. Ferrara couldn't handle the heat at Juventus and although a mentally-ill Felipe Meloand played a large part in their dire 09/10 campaign' date=' the coach always also have some kind of finger into it. With that being said, how could he handle the at Sampdoria if he couldn't do it at Juve? Juve is his second home, Sampdoria isn't. At Juve, he had the fans' backing, I doubt that will be the case at Sampdoria given how successful Iachini was with them. Also, why fire Iachini? I get that he's Serie A-record isn't all that great and supposedly that's the main reason to why Garrone wants to get rid of him. However, the last time Garrone acted selfishly, Sampdoria got relegated (ignoring Cassano, selling Pazzini and replacing them with Pozzi and Macheda). He is clueless. Besides, Corioni, the Brescia president, didn't give Iachini an awful lot of money to spend on players after he took them up back in '10. That was a major reason to why Brescia got relegated after a year - they did play good football, but couldn't cut it infront of the goal. I really hate what Genoa (read: Preziozi) are doing. Here you got without a doubt one of the most talented players in Italian football at the moment at your disposal. What do you do then? 9/10 would keep him. Genoa doesn't belong into ''that club'', though. They're the ''1''. One cannot say that they're a low-budget team that just wants to see profit. If that would be the case, how come they sign more players than a XI every summer? Preziozi is just stupid. In reality, they should have kept him. After coming through a heartbeating of a season, Preziozi's methods on the transfer market got a turn-around. A season like that shows that something is wrong at the club. In Genoa's case, it's most likely down to the huge amount of players arriving and departing every year. A big, big mistake. Not just for the relegation-threat's sake, but for the team on the pitch as well - Tachtisidis could have had his worldwide breakthrough at Genoa. It would be understable if they sold him after that, as I'm sure they'd receive a very good amount of cash then.
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