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    Lensois reacted to cattermole4england in Need an RM   
    Re: Need an RM
    Shaun Wright-Phillips or Yossi Benayoun should both be around that price Id imagine and could possibly be in for rises come the next rating change.
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    Lensois got a reaction from Bail in 83-86 Rated Players   
    Re: 83-86 Rated Players
    Javier Pastore, Matias de Federico, Kwadwo Asamoah
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    Lensois reacted to Greener-09 in Charles Kaboré - l'om Starter   
    Re: Charles Kaboré - l'om Starter
    Patience is the key...
    Some people including myself put loads of effort in on threads,... and get no comments...
    But nice..
    How high do u think he can go in the future?
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    Lensois got a reaction from studge in Charles Kaboré - l'om Starter   
    Born: February 9, 1988
    Birth of Place: Bobo-Dioulasso
    Nationallity: Burkina Faso
    Position: Midfielder
    Shirt Number: 12
    Charles Kaboré began playing for the youthsides of Association Sportive SONABEL and Etoile Filante Ouagadougou. In 2006 the French club Libourne-Saint-Seurin signed him. After making an impression there the big french club Olympique de Marseille simply known as l'om signed him. For the first 1 and a half year he was mainly used as a sub but since Bonnart got injured he has been used as a right back even though he's a midfielder. He has started Marseille's first two matches this season and he has been playing well and has been given good critics. When Bonnart returns from his injury it doesn't mean that he will get his right back position back cuz Kaboré has made an big impression and could be in for a big rise if this keeps up. Kaboré is also a member of the Burkina Faso national team.
    He's on the database with a rating of 85

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    Lensois got a reaction from BD.Riach in Which players out of these!!!   
    Re: Which players out of these!!!
    Yeah you should go for it buy all the four you're getting alot mor potiental with those four and Toulalan will compete in the WC next year and he's getting much playind time in OL.
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    Lensois reacted to aero scizor in Who should I sign first?   
    Re: Who should I sign first?
    Cissiko-Though he is only 86 rated, he got the potential to become a top defender. He nearly went to Milan, if not for his failed medical. Fernando- He is a good player and with Lucho Oscar being sold. He has more first team chances and might make 90 soon.
    Verdict:Money is on Fernando.Buy Cissiko next season as he is long term prospect.
    Hope this helps you.
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    Lensois got a reaction from acrozier in Any recommendations on future 90+ rated DM's   
    Re: Any recommendations on future 90+ rated DM's
    Ramires, Marchisio, Moussa Sissoko, Cabaye, Francisco Fernando, Sami Khedira, Sergio Busquets.
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    Lensois reacted to Smartdoc in Need help with my squad!   
    Re: Need help with my squad!
    I would suggest the standard 4-4-2 would be best for your side although a 5-3-2 could be a nice option and would play to your teams strength - but I am no expert on this formation). this formation will mean you have at least one back up in each position so if one of your players gets injured or suspended whilst you are on holiday, he may be replaced with another.
    Another tip is to leave your better substitutes off the substitue bench as the AI does not use anyone from the bench to replace any suspended/injured players. It normally selects someone not in the match 16
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    Lensois reacted to PhilipM in Tactics or Players?   
    Re: Tactics or Players?
    In my opinion, tactics should be more important then players. Having a good set of tactics-knowing how to counter other tactics, pre-match, in-game instructions are more important. Only after you have a good grasp of these details should u begin to acquire good players. Or rather, u should do them both concurrently but tactics should be the priority when managing
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    Lensois reacted to AsianInvasian in Who to sign?   
    Re: Who to sign?
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    Lensois reacted to AlexMarlor in Who to sign?   
    Re: Who to sign?
    D'agostino will need to get a move to get a decent rise as udinese are not one of the top italian teams and only finished 7th. i think he will move sooner or later likely to juve which would help his rating. So he is the better long term prospect but Assuncao should keep his rating for a good while but is unlikely to rise more.
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    Lensois reacted to Gozzy in Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player,based on Nationality)   
    Ok,in this thread i will make another rating prediction. But, it's not like ordinary thread. In this thread, i will list all player's rating prediction based on their country. I will divide my players in two section, GENERAL n YOUTH. FYI, YOUTH section is for player who under 23 that has rating less than 87. So,the players like Walcott,Benzema,n Messi will be listed in GENERAL not YOUTH. This thread also will help you if u join custom setup that has the rules only can buy from same nationality.
    NOTES1)Player who have 2 position will be listed in his primary position. E.g.,Micah Ricards will be listed in CB,not RB.
    2)Sorry for any inconvenience because i make this thread from handphone and only 5000 characters allowed. So,if there are too much player i will make in 2 or 3 part.
    Ok,thx for reading. Hope it helped many people. I will start in England-->Goalkeepers

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    Lensois got a reaction from Hally in Which striker should i buy?   
    Re: Which striker should i buy?
    Bakary Kone of Marseille or if a good club already have taken him. Then you should buy Hugo Almeida:)
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